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The 2nd channel, without video because C 1/a BANNED it

"MonTV2" is the 2nd "media experiment" 
of transferring the subversive & ironic 
contents of "Mc5" " UnSuB (&-B)", journals, 
blogs, sclogs , free radio 
& FB "discussions" etc, etc..
..into visual media ;)

..however "they" don’t want YOU to "get it" 

…so take time to read and learn an alternative 
to the madness you think you "live" in….

* Creative Media

* bREdS

* Article

* Alien Diary

* Mass-debating..

To be yourself, in a world that tries, night & day, to make you just like everybody else -is to fight the greatest battle there ever is to fight & never stop fighting"- Cummings -

"Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are" -Theodore Roosevelt

- "Don't let school interfere with your education" - Mark Twain-

"The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatsoever that it is not entirely absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more than likely false.."


*exception being the Big REds Global family x

Media ; Music & clips & creative prose? 


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
 And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
 And lose, and start again at your beginnings
 And never breath a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
 To serve your turn long after they are gone,
 And so hold on when there is nothing in you
 Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on";

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
 Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch;
 If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
 If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute t sixty seconds' worth of distance run -

 Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,  And
 - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

Pasted from <>

"REdAlien"  :-

" Eyes better without tears
heart isnot meant for fear,
get upset but always cheer
you are the one who can make me smile for years."


[28/06/2011 :
.. the end???

[28/06/2011 23:25:31] Chris Smith: 

"Challenges are high, the dreams are new, 
the world out there,is waiting for you,dare to dream, 
dare to fly,no goal is too distant, no star too high..!"

[28/06/2011 23:27:23] Chris Smith: 

Like a rolling stone

Looking back over my shoulder

My fathers eyes

Tune in turn on, cop out

Sweet harmony
[29/06/2011 09:21:25] Chris Smith: 11629 morning

"Open our memories when y-our alone,
open y-our heart when you're sad,
U don't need to open your palm
when u need a soul/sole mate.
i'm already holding you're hand...."

"If it seems Life Closes Doors
and Windows for You,
During these Times, i am with you....
because there is a STORM outside
and You are SAFE within  my soul"... !

[29/06/2011 18:19:35] Chris Smith:
( a dedication for an alien alone on this cold cold planet…)

 "A Smile is true When it begins With your  lips,
Reflects in Your eyes, Gladden our hearts
And brings A glow on your face.
So, Don’t sneer at my care
Be  a 'smiling and caring' part of this "human race
I may no longer be here, so Be good, & be fair,"

Van ..into the mystic..

Over my shoulder

You got a..........

(rem - hbold on)

Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know  WHO I am when I lay my vengeance upon you."

(Lfc Fan Sam Jackson as Jules in "Pulp fiction") .."I been sayin' that shit for years. And if you ever heard it, it meant your ass. I never really questioned what it meant. I thought it was just a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before you popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin' made me think twice. Now I'm thinkin': it could mean you're the evil man. And I'm the righteous man. And Mr. .45 here, he's the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could be you're the righteous man and I'm the shepherd and it's the world that's evil and selfish. I'd like that. But that shit ain't the truth. The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin, Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd." ;)

[01/07/2011] Chris Smith:
"Another day ends with you away
and we welcome a new day
with anticipation. & some frustration
But this mate is always with you
whatever the passage of time, i am true"

[01/07/2011 ]
Chris Smith: "Night can end worries & fears
from that day & leave behind all tears
focus on the good & prepare
Another day to dare
Have a peaceful night
&  do what is right.. x"

"Theres is no Promise…of...
...Days Without Pain,
You have to give to gain
...Laughter Without Sorrow,
If you strive for a better tomorrow

Sun Without Rain,  no day without night
You get Strength For A Day, if you fight
Comfort For The Tears,' if u hide those fears
and Light For The Way if U say
" I will care & dare to be better" .."

When it all falls apart..

(not yet "My girl Friday")

I'm not in love, so don't forget it
It's just a silly phase I'm going through
And just because I call you up
Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made
I'm not in love, no-no

(It's because...)
I like to see you, but then again
That doesn't mean you mean that much to me
So if I call you, don't make a fuss
Don't tell your friends about the two of us
I'm not in love, no-no

(It's because...)
(Be quiet, big boys don't cry)
(Big boys don't cry)
(Big boys don't cry)
(Big boys don't cry)
(Big boys don't cry)

(Big boys don't cry)
(Big boys don't cry)

I keep your picture upon the wall
It hides a nasty stain that's lyin' there
So don't you ask me to give it back
I know you know it doesn't mean that much to me
I'm not in love, no-no

(It's because...)
Ooh, you'll wait a long time for me
Ooh, you'll wait a long time
Ooh, you'll wait a long time for me
Ooh, you'll wait a long time

I'm not in love, so don't forget it
It's just a silly phase I'm going through
And just because I call you up
Don't get me wrong, don't think you've got it made, ooh
I'm not in love, I'm not in love... BE or not to BE…Red
(being RED is not just a colour..its a lifestyle)

Why? Be a Red?.....if you believe this is only about Football ("footy") then you only "get" part of it, its a mentality, as Shanks would say "all working together, and all sharing the rewards" its socialism BUT without the political party..replacing that with "party" ("craic")<SMILE>..having fun but also looking out for each other, regardless of origin, ethnicity, colour, creed, gender, age or a good (GLobal) family, like the best TEAM should be where everyone CARES about the collective goals BUT where individuals still could easily enjoy our company and feel this without understanding, we sing, we care , we support our team, but also each other, if someone is in trouble or needs protection and support WE are there, for him or her..we "party" sing & dance at any opportunity...and I will fight to the last breath to keep this UNIQUE SPIRIT intact in a world of "cool" & selfish commercialism. (ChriS)

In My Life.. (upload)


Euro Not without me Cup weekend (upload)

Recommended Links
Kenny effect

(but only watch the clips UNcensored by yankers) - ignore shameful photoshop of SG in the blue-sh*te&white 3rd kit..!

Redmen Tv (sometimes its really great, but too often "bitching" by viewers is given too much airtime..not only the "bitter Red" <smile> is bitter..)

Picture thread.on RAWK
e.l.s.u.n. (club on FB)

Lady in red

& lady in action..

About LP...  

And ("Its all greek to me" …)

07 July
Συνεχιζονται οι εγγραφες στο καμπ που διοργανωνει η Liverpool fc,σε συνεργασια με τις ακαδημιες της στην Ελλαδα και το LFC-Thessaloniki branch,στις 1,2 3 και 4 Σεπτεμβρη στις εγκαταστασεις των Αργυροπουλου-Παρασκευοπουλου στην Θεσσαλονικη...Όσοι γονείς θέλουν, να συμμετασχουν τα παιδακια τους, μπορουν να επικοινωνησουν με το 6944 157717 ή να περάσουν από το συνδεσμο (Καλαβρυτων 11,Σταυρουπολη),Δευτερα και Τεταρτη από τις 8μ.μ. μέχρι τις 10 μ.μ.(e-mails επικοινωνιας kai


one of the most worrying things is that (some) so called "Lfc fans" are buying the BLUE -sh*te &white 3rd kit online..i'd burn it .. its says everything about "franchise" and nothing about being RED! no TRUE RED buys a blue coloured shirt!!

  • Adam B>They're not. Lfc are claiming they are as propoganda
  • Ste RodgerI don't like the idea of blue on lfc kit & won't be buying one but.... BUT... It has the liverbird, the flames of justice... U wear that u are still wearing liverpool on Ur chest. Money from kits sold still help LFC, our players will be wearing it with pride. Let's not forget this... Even if we don't like, let's not be disrespectful to fans who do, else I feel we are being disrespectful to club. Just a thought?
  • Jules L B> bit much that lad
  • ChriS SmiTH >give over Ste...thats just "sponsors propganda" so I=as long as they stick our badge on it we buy it, uh uh, we opposed Hicks (Purslow) & hodgson because they betrayed our soul, thats exactly what the marketing boys want tu to do, to be like sheep and buy anything they stick a badge on..we have never "toed the line" the times we have "been quiet" the yankers nearly destroyed the club, if WE dont speak up for what is right, the players wont..did they protest against Hicks & co.?no! its OUR club...our colour IS RED , and when we must change its ANY other colour than Blue,

dont get carried away ,,, the club has massive profits from kit & tv , theres plenty of money made by fans, to be spent..and Aquilani, wasnt even given a chance by media/explayers favourite (fool) hodgson....the xenophobic aspect is noted,,maybe the reason Lfc are only buying brits is because the media , some fickle fans & ex players dont give foreign players the same credit..;) I trust Kenny..but not the yankers.. 

Sean O'Cleirigh>​me.php?sk=group_1129589121​21382

Stu Lfc W> what happened to 1 big red family ? Sean i know u are 100 per cent Liverpool fc and wqant JUSTICE whats wrong with people whoever it was ? YNWA JFT96
  • ChriS SmiTH >sean bring this link to my U.r.s.u.n. group please, id like those "selected few" to see it, discuss t AND debate the subject of standing..


  • Sean> yes but she seems to think i was against or that i was in contact with her on thursday or friday trying to involve her with some petty dispute and lies... i never mailed this woman... until i seen the comments made by her. i have had to set up this account to report the nasty crap shes been saying. i have also now contacted my solicitor, she has blocked herself, gone on her page and she has slated this very comment and insulted me some more. she is a very stubborn woman and to be honest i have no other option to report her to facebook and speak to my solicitor. i am tired of the loopers on fb.
    barbara lfc king has now gone around the net saying shes called the police... probably cause i told her i called my solicitor... the only thing... is i have. i have a clear conscience, i welcome anyone on this page to look at the screen sho...
    See more
  • ChriS SmiTH > Sean, my dear old departed ma , bless her cotton socks, would say something like this to me when I got into arguments with fools & liars..."ChriS when you start to argue with fools or unreasonable ppl, others wont see the difference, climb above them and just maintain and clarify your own beliefs" ...but I respect yr choice mate, i personally bite back, then move on, I live here in the Balkans , and they are only now starting to recover relationships from a their "conflict" which pitted neighbours aginst neighbours and had vendettas without end much bitternes..which u know about in your land too..IMO say what U have to say, keep yr head up, stay true to your position (dont follow anyone else) and move on mate....oh and P.s. I have never met a lawyer yet, that solved anything...

(see also "mass-debating"//scroll down)

Adam Arrives (pics) .   (Adam; my deceased son's  name about the same age…………)

flanno Signs

FuTuREDS ..we have ther potential to dominate European Footy in years to come..

And Liverpool people should NEVER forget the community


Whose life? ..I have written about this before, and any intelligent being trapped in this madness would or could consider an "escape" I feel for "Ken" in this (based on a real person) story, the frustration of people made "powerless" by "LIlliput"  a society of billions governed by MIDGETS , not physically small, but often faceless ppl that make decisions about y-our lives often you are no more than a "number" (remember the Tv series "The Prisoner" ??  ....I am not a number I 'm a man! ? )

ARE YOU?...a human.....BEing??? what are you BEing?? a slave??

 its easy to call someone "Mad" or "Insane" or the nice & convenient "trouble-maker" ..when we DARE to challenge the robotic process of dumbing people down (see also "Mass-debating " ..scroll down this page!  ) all you have to do, is breath, buy the products, so the few can live THEIR lives as THEY want .

do you LIVE ? or do exist just to serve the....."matrix" ?  <SMILE>  Lfc Fan Brian (who i once argued with in "The Albert" for failing to Support Rafa Benitez, during the "bad times" ) ...

you cant "stop" wupert - but you can DENY him, by NOT subscribing to the "sky-washing" TV or the scum newspapers ..(lets face it if you WANT "porn" YOU can get it on the net!!! ) ;) ==

Independence (from the USA) day UnSUB-B FREE

This is a special day

On behalf of the people of the free world and the rest of the UNIVERSE I hereby declare today INDEPENDENCE DAY..

We are now unoffically INDEPENDENT from the U.S. of A

Since many decades, they sold us everything
Music, weapons, ham-burgers  & coffee
But after they killed their Kenny (Kennedies)
The real "south park" we now do see

A monster dictatorship, that even  funds a fascist
That hates anyone who dares oppose their regime & army
Commies, islam, maybe buddha is now on their list?
Anything is sold as american "biz" made us all barmy

But those days are gone
We see who you are
Voting for George W. twice no one can condone
Its obvious, idiots , even from afar.

The world don’t need what U have got
You pollute the atmosphere
And ignore quite a lot
Of people we revere

So bye bye the american dream
It turned out a nightmare ,
So it would seem
Without YOU better the world will fare.. (fair)

CS> 4th july 2011

04/07/2011, 13:44

equality for all ..

there are parts of western society where women (such as in family custody) receive bias in their favour, the UDHR is clear, we should be anti-discrimination in EVERY sense, gender, age,ethnicity not make more & more rules in an attempt to compensate for ignorance..

We seem to agree, whilst almost every "group" (even me) can claim to be victims..of some sort of prejudice, I wonder WHY, considering most of them are mothers why women are not angrily campaigning for equal rights … for around 25,000 children that die daily due to greed and obsessive consumerism, military expenditure and basic mis-management by politicans..put the children first, because they have no "lobby"..?

You have again reminded us that Nato (and even more so the UN) are misguided, mis-used  representations of the current/recent rise of the hypocritical "New World Order" ..when its oil..send in the troups,& everything behind it,  when its European Asia or north African "violations of human rights etc" try selective bombing & token "police actions") .when its black people…(Rwanda) do sweet NOTHING…but over all make sure "business" continues,,

Debated peaceful fans being treated like "terrorists"
and its necessary to hold on to "y-our values" &not SELL out..

("when football was footy - muddy pitches, Saturday 3 pm kick offs & a mans game?" before "fans" got sky(tv) - washed and got sold out to the money men ) !!!!

& Being Creative ….is Alien….?
Alien Diary

Close encounters of the 5th kind......sometimes…

And EuRED..crazy gnarls

 A Smile is true When it begins With yr  lips,
Reflects in Your eyes, Gladden our hearts
And brings A glow on your face.
So, Don’t sneer at my care
Be  a 'smiling and caring' part of this "human race"
I may no longer be here, so Be good, & be fair,....................

[29/06/2011 19:01:31] 
Chris Smith: (have a good eve.) Cx

[30/06/2011 02:32:11] 
Chris Smith: Dobro! if think Ldn is crazy, u havent experienced ANYthing yet! Lp is x10..!  miss u , a very v ery little bit, .book written  by Geroges Mikes,   ulica dejevica 25/2 ..or postcard 2 ragina glava, wen to another sanja concert 2night with "esoteric Mari" Love C x goodnight!

[30/06/2011 08:28:08] Chris Smith: 11630 08.26
Another day ends with you away
and we welcome a new day
with anticipation. & some frustration
But this mate is always with you
whatever the passage of time, i am true

[30/06/2011 17:00:00] Chris Smith: (meet FRIDAYs @  20-21h on terrace of "tropicana caffe" Boceska 16, Pg, then...the first "close encouters caffe/bar/pub-music/dance tour..crawl starts ..  ;)  (nags head ; BokeSka 12) enjoy your THURSday in London! C

[30/06/2011 20:46:44] *** Call to ana_m duration 00:12. ***
[30/06/2011 20:47:38] Chris Smith: i just tried to phone u, but u did not answer?????????
[30/06/2011 20:49:24] *** Call to ana_m answer. ***
[30/06/2011 20:51:50] Chris Smith: ????????? i only wanted to say "hello"  i trust u are having such a good time ..! no time to sms me ..hmmmmm, thats a pity, had news to share..

[30/06/2011 21:06:23] *** Call to ana_m duration 03:31. ***
[30/06/2011 21:14:36] Chris Smith: I was a "big angry", just like the other day, i had to have an arguement with the receptionist , even though this time I told her that u were with the brit council group and she insisted u were not there, so when she found u i got cut off, so thats why i was "annoyed" connection was not good, but anyway good to hear yr voice, take care, safe jouney..x

[01/07/2011 15:16:18] Chris Smith:
good MOAning, ;) hope u are awake, i am just going running now, r u travelling back alone, or in group?. anyone meeting u @ airport?,:) then u go directly to B.P? safe return to monty! C.

11701 (on ana 7 wall) some people are amazed at the words that come spontaneously on to this wall, yet "koko" knows it all, she doesnt like to be fed, only seems to admire writers...who are dead! lol x

10.15 h AM (sms) > i'm at gatwick, travelling with the group, i'm going home right after landing. (answers!)

[01/07/2011 15:21:34] Chris Smith: Hope U arrived safe, my "crazy dance gang" plan to meet 20-21h on the tropicana terrace, then go to make "party atmosphere" ..maybe@harrisons, Berlin, tito, NH or wherever it feels right....have a gd w/end

[02/07/2011 10:57:58] Chris Smith:

"no Promise of..Days"sans"pain,
have to give to gain-no Laughter Without Sorrow,
strive for a better tomorrow,Sun Without Rain
,no day without night
You get Strength For A Day, if you fight
- Comfort For The Tears,
& u hide those fears,
& light the way,
If U say"I care"& do C.

[02/07/2011 20:58:02] Chris Smith: 

"I'd rather be hurt by the truth, than protected by a lie. FFS dont lie!!, if you cant get someone out of your head, maybe theyre meant  to be there!!!!, .. Sorry about those texts last night. My phone was drunk." :D :D :D :D :D

[02/07/2011 22:42:25] Chris Smith: wine invitation forwarded to you, ...........
[02/07/2011 22:43:21] Chris Smith: maybe u want take yr brother & ivana
[03/07/2011 13:20:22] Chris Smith: "sunday MOURNing"

I'm in a funny mood 2night, but this is not much fun,
cant think of a rhyme, so make it a "pun"
phone is getting drunk
,& all i hear is "punk"

(projects taking shape now, but koko is always gone
what good is winning all monty, If i am on my own? )

I go to my bed tonight, tired of yr weak-ness
you only see age, u dont see ME or the bliss
so i search in my dreams for THE woman
who cares about me as we burn up the sun..
I  shall conquer this world - yet nothing compares to My one..

sunday morn laying in bed
cant remember what you said
wonder if I have to go
dont seem like a mate more like a foe

only takes a minute for U  to say "hy"
takes me forever to say "good-bye"
"cool" is the reason why
only when I am gone will you cry!

have to let you go?
who will ever know
the love & support i gave her
"always too busy"  came the answer"

AM(sms) hey C! how are you?. Sto Ima? ;) hope to see you these days..i'm not sure about tomorrow, but on tuesday definately!  enjoy the sun?day..;)

CS>:P Sigurno,i play footy later.;),i WILL cook @"home" tuesday,(4us), I'm occupied  the other days, the weather follows my mood,Naravno, cu-tuesday;)
[03/07/2011 13:22:37] Chris Smith: koko lives!,:p Sigurno,i play footy 2night :) i WILL cook@"home" tues.(4 us), I'm occupied the other days, the weather follows my mood,Naravno, cu-tuesday ;) C.
[01:28:58] Chris Smith: 11704

independence day sclog ^ blog?

U prefer "dead poets society" ..i put this pic on my FB wall ... *waiting for perfect man"
and got a lot of female resonse..

one engish girl (similar to your age)  

wrote on her wall "Well had a great chat with an extremely gorgeous, funny, witty, charming, intelligent, clever man who seems to get me. Not married or gay and a true gent! Not naming names, you put a much needed smile on my face, thank you darling. I will take u up on that offer and visit as soon as i can. Talk soon gorgeous!! xxx" it seems SOME one appreciates me...


[14:09:42] Chris Smith: Dobro dan, i think U tried to send me an sms today, but it was disrupted, I cant read it..?? please re-send it..hvala, CS

[14:14:18] ana_m: i didn't .. but here is an answer: yes, u send me an invoice and i 'll do my best to reimburse every penny i owe u. goodbye.

[14:16:58] Chris Smith: the 2nd part of the question was "when"..?  but from experience I know that u wont dom what U promise anyway,, good be with you too..

[14:18:43] ana_m>i can't say when because i can't reimburse the whole amount immediately.. i have to split it.. so i will call u when i have the first rate

[14:20:10] Chris Smith: "rate" (?) i wont hold my breath, enjoy "exit" the name fits this week, (i am sure u have enough money for that though,,,)

Also chat with anam that day about writers?? And stuff with Tan (edit it down to some "comments"
(talk about "economy - sized guys" ..)

HLM> Napolean eh?! its better than some things ive been called i can tell u! hugs x
ChriS SmiTH ‎"all good things come in small packages" ? lol, ;)
  • H L M >and all good things come to those who wait... x
  • ChriS SmiTH >only......the good die young.. ;) x
  • H L M> i'll get back to u on that... have to think ;o) u mightve got that one lol

05 July at 22:37 chatting with "REDsis"

RS>hiya Chris! how are you?

i wish I knew¬ !im drunk, its the onle way i can escpape my hunger for some1who cares..sorry, its not fair to tell u that but my daysb are numbered i have no time to be "diplomatic" ,,,x i love u kid, take care, and be who u are only more so, every day i s worth the fight..

RS>i didn't ask that to hear diplomatic answer, i really want to know how are you. really don't care about "diplomacy"... we have paste those chats and you know you can tell me everything.
i have done that kind of escaping few years ago (only person with ms can understand other one with ms) but it hunt me, still do but with sober mind i can confront with it. and i needed to be drunk in that time... so i understand.
but take care and talk to me, maybe it will be easier for you. XX

ChriS SmiTH >  need to hug u ! :D b ut u arent here!

RS> a nice, big pillow :))

ChriS SmiTH> no no no, u taught me pillows are for hitting! , I need to hug my (RS) - fighter! ;0
really love you, in a way thats hard to explain..u live in my heart , be good , sweet dreams..x
i know ms, alhtough I have something completely different..,i know when I will go..but you and me will have time to party and dance, that was one of the nicest nights of this year to dance in the cavern with U x goodnight!

RS>no no, sometimes are for hitting :)
you know, i'm a big child, i love teddy bears and have a lot of them, my favourite is Rafael :D so i tell him when i'm sad, i cry and he watches games with me :)) Rafa must know everything :D
yu are in my heart too, sweet dreams to you to, hope you're not feeling dizzy :)
yea, it was great time in cavern, hope we'll do it again. both drunk :)

u know my sister died 1992 ..u are closer to me than she was..i wabt to gert drunk with u in YOUR oub, in front of all those "others" ...// an wipe them out verbally ..because U and me, we are stronger than them all x goodnight x i already have a hangover, mind u i played footy for the first time in 2 years last sunday, showed them 20-year old kids ;) xup with my fitness...i still have it ! '-x

RS>haha glad you showed them what is football :)
they are already scared of me, imagine how scared they will be with two of us :D
i'm sorry about your sister, i can't imagine that... what happened with her? was she ill? (you don't have to answer if you don't want talk about that) 

ChriS SmiTH> cancer, took her into hospital within 2 weeks she was gone, 1992 same year as my father died, my mum never recovered from losing them both....go to sleep anita, i will niw, i have headache and my knee is sore, i took the skin off it make a carra-like tackle.. lol!

i can't imagine that, i can't imagine most of things you have to put up in your life and i admire you and your spirit. only you know how hard it was...
thank god it wasnt my carra-tackle :D
good night Chris,sweet dreams XX

ChriS SmiTH 06 July at 01:10

RS> actually, you have :)
but with this song sounds much better, love you too

i think this one is great for both of us :)

© 2007 WMG Stayin' Alive [Version 1] (Video)

ChriS SmiTH> would U like to go to Lp in september...u need 3 days off work..and about 100 euros (total!) ?

you know i would love to, but it's not possible to go in Lp for 100 E, not from croatia. only ticket from zg to london and back would cost more than 150 E :(
you're planning to go for a game?

i already planned it and booked it, its paid for apart from some small costs in Lp, (you would need MAXIMUM 100 e) only 2 nights there but travel covers maybe 3 working days, from beograd, are u interested?
(someone looks to be backing out of the trip)

i have checked now, flight from zg to bg would cost me more than 200 E!!? crist! (i remember last year, flight from zg to dubrovnik cost us moe than dubrovnik-lp.)
thank you for offer, but i have to turn it down. i appreciate it a lot.

ChriS SmiTH 06 July at 12:27
Ok !

RS>how are you today? headache? :)
i have to tell you this: in monday i went on my regular car service in Varaždin, while i was waiting i went on a drink in one bar. i was sitting there and one englishman came! :) i wanted to talk with him, but he was talking with some kids (about 20-25 years) abot some bussines, office they open in Varaždin; on the cell phone the rest of time so i couldn't reach him. damn! i was so happy when i have heard him but he didn't mention any town from england, and i don't know the accents (at first he sounded like some manc fan :)) last fall i have met some english (retired) people in the line for cashier, also in Varaždin, the guy was arsenal supporter :)

ChriS SmiTH> i forgot to tell u I saw Anam outside a caffe in town last night, had another fight..made my mood worse..anyway, i need a siesta, as I get my first invite from a local singer-songwriter tonight. to eat in a local family home (only 16 months after arrival in Pg...). ;)
what about the "REdS meeting" ?? any ideas?
p.s. REdS speak brit-scouse .. "fall" is american for autumn !

RS> i thought something happened yesterday... what did she say?
but great you'll go tonight with that local singer, hope you'll have a great time :)
thanks for that warning about "fall", didn't know that. i will not use it anymore :)
as for reds meeting, we can't arrange anything until autumn. everybody is going somewhere for hollidays so nothing yet.
i know Reds speak brit-scouse, some words he said was scouse (while he was speaking on the mobile phone). maybe he was trying to speak "real" british so they can understand him. don't know.
i hope i'll see him again and check it :D

er, she (the singer) is married , we are eating with her husband and kids, dont get excited! ;) .(and) I.dont want to talk about AnaM.....same old same old..

ChriS SmiTH 06 July at 15:23
i wonder if there is a bus between zagreb & podgorica, u could visit ? or alternatively I could visit you..obviously there is the "wild beauty" scenery and etc here ..and me ..wild, & angry rather than beautiful lol x

i can explain a bit about AnaM now, she has gone to "exit"..(ironic ALSO as we have Lfc fans in NS that she could have stayed with FREE but , and shes always complaining about lack of money) but "they" (her clique) are staying in B & Ns..

anyway, when WE were in Lp, I sent AnaMa postcard (things were "ok" then..2 months ago) , and recently the card arrived , she was very pleased, as it never happened before, despite the problems between us, she asked to meet, and we had a good evening, and ..anyway she was going to London, so we met again and i gave her tips..we talked and more promises were made by her, (take me to the coast , etc etc)  we have only ever been a PLATONIC relationship  (we never kissed or anything)she  let me down badly last night, she was going to bring me things back from Ldn blah blah, she wanted to go with me to Lp, (!) as she was impressed by a girl scouser she met in Ldn..

anyway, despite having agreed to eat, drink and talk everything through, past present and future, she told me that she had "chores" because she was leaving today to go to "exit" ...

and left our meeting early, to meet someone else, it was her girlfriend, it wasn’t the fact that she was meeting her, but that she hadnt told me that she had to leave early, apart from me preparing a great meal and wine, i wanted to talk though a lot of things, she had been in london on business, and I had booked flights (my cost) & planned to show her Lp, stadium, beatles tour the lot, and apart from annoying me with a couple of "petty" things, i also wanted to talk about my feelings about you, mainly to hear my own voice (if that makes sense?) she was the only one i could talk to, (apart from you "on/off line)

anyway we drunk a bottle of wine or so, she left and I had an uneasy feeling, I decided to go to my "local" and (instead of attending to her "cores" as she had told me)  there she was drinking and laughing (at me!) with the girl (who just to make life worse is a lying manc fan)  i exploded , and well, we wont be meeting again..

it wasnt thAT she met her "friend" but that she had told me somethign different so that i wouldnt be please dont EVER hold anything back from me, even if we dont disagree..i made a vow to be honest when i woke up from meningitis coma in 1995..and i expect the same from anyone who wants to be close to me ..

ChriS x

hope we can organise a "visit" .. there or here.. (i must say I am a bit "tired" of travelling and my budget is "tight" as I paid out for Anam and left a hole in my if i come there, i need "zero cost" accomodation....

take care..

Gemini (stars) "you are feeling good about yourself today, and your energy is glowing and positive. People may comment and compliment you on your physical appearance or the "aura" you generate right now. You will have a lot of energy and may make new friends today. "

REdAlien creative...

Feel the pleasure of life in every second.
be angry or sad, or happy, Because
Failure is a single paper in a part of life.
But Success is a book of dictionary.
Don't loose a full book
for a single paper.(even money)

When you don't have money
it ay seem the world forgets who you are..
when You've money in your hand,
you can Forget who you are ..!

Don't forget your self and your close friends."
True wealth is not a matter
of bank accounts and assets.
It's in the values we live and share
as well as the persons we keep

in touch with and care for.

I am now supporting…...



Alien view, of ChriS on (T)his planet?

"to whom it may concern"

 I suppose people read my stuff , or don’t, and think that "  that Crazy Red Alien" whats he on about now?

But you see, for me that exactly how I feel about you..

Its madness …....….this planet , yet you all run about it, like the "rakija Ants" in my kitchen, I all directions, busy , busy doing what? // tell me , why , for what?

Are you creating a better place? A better society for children to grow in, clean , with good values??  .. Are U F**K!

C.N.N or any other mind-numbing media is  hardly going to convince me as I watch your governments spending billions on weapons and security, against whom?

Terrorists? You may say… but isnt it the uniformed that kill or maime most people on this planet? Think about it, Isnt it?  And why are there any terrorists? At all? Because you made a society that rewards the selfish, and RAREly , if ever, provides true justice?

Who cares?

From the first king, to that latest media controller, always someone has distracted you from improvements to y-our World, I say that as I am waiting for my spaceship to come and take me away from this madness, but I wont be in shock if they land me back here!, why?

Because, it seems more like you, yes, YOU the 6 billion or so of the "human race-rs" going nowhere so fast that you have " no time" for the importance of LIFE , of Living……………… DON’T BELONG on MY planet! So please (in the words of "the King" P*SS OFF!


You risk the continued pollution of the air your kids breathe, by building more polluting industry, and thanks to the yankers selfish example, more and more cars.(2 cars each??) .which can't reach their "high speeds" (oh sorry Jeremy, you are a funny and clever guy, but a w*anker…because your followers cant get into "top gear"..LMAO..) in fact the movement of people is getting slower, instead of building canals using water  to transport heavy goods, you clog the roads and fill the lungs with more poison..

You moan about governments, local national or global, ruining your lives (as if this was "new") whilst paying the millions of politicians & lawyers, and other liars to complicate everythign , to ensure they retains THEIR jobs (and those of their friends) making so many rules & regulations that a) your kids wont even know what is  right or wrong, and b) your lawyers wont ever know all the rules they contradict each other with..ensurign justice remian sa distant ideaology

My kids were killed or stolen through neglect, and violation of my/their rights, and yet I mourn more the 25,000 or so kids who die daily because….lets face it YOU are selfish, sure you can write a cheque or put some money in the box to soothe your conscience, but YOU feed the capitalist monster that is ruining their lives, and your own..IF, you care about your kids, then just stop, I mean stop, because, however important you think you are, you are actually a piece of the poisonous machine? Arent you???

Just stop..

I have had a "go" at the bullies, the mobbing by some so-called "fans" in my club, we have over 6 million who call themselves "Lfc fans" on facebook, yet how many understand our ethics, woould really support, through wind & rain, or would put their hand in their pockets and pay the price of a match ticket to ensure our club retains our core values (what Bill Shankly insisted was the "Liverpool way" 40 + years ago)

People never learn? Well it seems they do learn, to be me me me….mean! , to only care about their own ..not love.. Money, not value, what they wear , not care..

I was editing "UnSub" last night , and half watching a local TV prog. With the sound off..they were showing special police "anti-riot" tactics..and I thought to myself, what the hell did my fathers generation fight fascism for, when now its part of the "establishment" put down any public dissent?, to stop that basic right of protest, to use the media, to either block or discredit "activists" to question the sanity of "crazies" like me  who DARE to challenge the stupidity of you all??

I mean, your "high tech civilization" cant even get it right with the simple use of energy, had you applied solar, hydro and wind technology when they first became available you wouldn’t have had to risk radiation and the japanese must be complete fools to do so, after suffering at the end of WW2 from atomic mutilation of their people.

TV pundits, armchair "experts", writers & comedians who pat themselves on the back with their "insight"  and often nasty critique of their fellow human-racers (in their competitive human race) , in some ways , are as bad or worse than the true enemies of the people ; the people themselves, because although the "elite" leach, exploit and screw you all so they can live a "rich" ( if never secure) "Life" through your efforts, you are to blame, because you are not happy, "if ignorance is bliss then why are so many unhappy" ?..

The fictional "matrix" is not far wrong, is it?  Aren't you ALL hooked up to feed the machine…the  monster machine you made possible, and the machine will drain you, and all that follows you into the abyss unless you break free..

Hey, I died already, 16 years ago, in a coma, so maybe ALL of this, all of you , is a nightmare, and I can wake up in a dream planet, where you don’t exist, but then again if you didn’t exist, I would not be "special" would I <SMILE>

An Alien (?)

p.s. please forgive any insults, I probably used the wrong words..(I meant to suggest you all work for the "cia" ..;)

Ironic..this planet…close encounters with "koko"..

In the last 3 months or so here, I have spent a lot of time, with a younger lass ("ko/ko")
We have talked, well, I have, mostly exchanged stories, we have got (almost) drunk together , been to concerts , I have cooked for her, bought her souvenirs back from Lp, given her brother ideas for his busines, bought an Lfc shirt for her young cousin etc, taken her to nice restaurants and sent her cards & roses…

But she's blind, she bangs on about writers, yet I get compliments from strangers about my "stuff"  I dance well, and some girls comment about that..i get compliments about my company and that I organise things for other people , but getting a nice word out of "koko" is like getting arsene to spend money! ;0

The old saying "familiarity breeds contempt"…?  It’s a common factor here in "Monty" like kids who are in the "trots phase" this state is similar..they don’t accept anyone to tell them anything but are almost totally naïve ..

Recently I met "H.L.M." on line, though regular facebook contacts, she told me she wanted to flirt months ago, but I apparently ignored HER?...I prefer to think that FB's constant failed system and the general comms interference I get from the c 1/a etc has the reason she didn’t get a "proper" response..

 CS> I know I am "small"  5ft 8" but great! (Napoleon, Alexander, Nelson Etc...I wont mention Adolf!) ha ha , but at the same time, i feel its somehow "wrong" for me to "bang my own drum" the contradictiction for someone like me, (is there anyone "like me" any more>?) is that I know how much i can do, what i can achieve and all that is possible for me and others, yet I am constantly confined by the limits of people,and the opposing negative of the "d'evil" (sandra?)  local or global, and when someone writes..

"Well had a great chat with an extremely gorgeous, funny, witty, charming, intelligent, clever man who seems to get me. Not married or gay and a true gent! Not naming names, you put a much needed smile on my face, thank you darling. I will take u up on that offer and visit as soon as i can. Talk soon gorgeous!! xxx"

.. it seems SOME one appreciates me...

but i am NOT a fool, we are all manipulated by circumstances , we often dont see the value of others in our lives, until they are gone..and I will be gone..soon, sooner than u think..but, also, as we all will some day, which is why i am "fanatical" about BEing "now"...the system has made people focus  only on  image...its a virtual "miracle" to contact someone on a basis beyond age, gender, religion, nationaity, ethnicity, etc, because the modern biased media BOMBARD us with images sell their products,,,to control the masses,, media is now the drug of the ppl...

and we(u/they) follow like sheep or rather lemmings...over the cliff into nothing,,...

one recent "exchange" I had with "Carol" a marseille fan who incidentally has a feeling for Lp because of her time in Ireland...

I simply want to be "Understood" (song by the animals "dont let me be mis-understood") and have honesty (song by Billy Joel) for who I am , and not for who anyone wants me to be ..

under the "waiting for mr perfect" pic//...

CS> all those ladies...waiting, & waiting... i'm only 99,9999%, sorry

ChriS SmiTH>a long time ago, when I first started travelling (& living) "abroad" I use to crack jokes, or make ironic remarks that would be "understood" in Lp/GB ..(then!) when I am serious, (discussing my obvious intent to take over this planet etc, etc) ppl NOW think I am joking! LMAO x ;)

ChriS SmiTH needs your help!

Who would you rather work with? ChriS SmiTH or ... Cast your vote!  via BranchOut · 

ChriS SmiTH do i ??? these automatic networks worry me! ;)

Carol> I never answer to any of these questions/survey ... it's a lot of bollox. Eventually there's always a page where they ask u to buy credits. By the way what the f*** are these credits for? I just don't know....

ChriS SmiTH>  its all linked to business/dating services , and if i want to get rejected I can do it directly with U, I dont have go through all that sh*te L MAO

Carol> Glad I can help somehow!!! U f**** idiot!
Sorry about the swearing but that was so funny, what you've just said. Very you! your kinda humour, deadly!

ChriS SmiTH glad someone gets my humour! :D
...i just wish i was joking .... ;)

Tan …another alien>?

Morning my gorgeous and very very sexy scouser! hope it went well last night, hows knee? hugs xxx tall are u? i read ur blog and i was flattered u mentioned me! N.A.G?..... hmmm shes a bitch and has caused myself and some friends problems in past! i dont want her knowing anything about us as she will start and prob say ive trapped u etc. i can drive- no car atm. i like the rain. i dont expect u to be interested in my kids but at least u have some and u like them! now ive screw ur head up for the morning, i shall bid u adieu and look forward to talking to u soon and meeting u properly to give u--

(waiting for…)

all those ladies...waiting, & waiting... i'm only 99,9999%, sorry

  • H L MThe perfect man doesnt exist! in my case theyre all gay or married... i gave up!
    Yesterday at 13:33·Like
  • ChriS SmiTH I'm neither ! ;) ..and I never give up! :D
  • H L M> Chris, u r my perfect man, a true honest red with a great personality! ;o)
  • Paul J M>‎:d
  • Ken PangbornAnd the perfect woman?? Where do we find her?
  • H L M> Perfect woman?!?! i would say im here.... but nah she dont exist either!
  • ChriS SmiTH> Ken, go start yr own thread ;)

  • Ken P> SEXIST!
  • H L M > haha
  • ChriS SmiTHhope fully Ken, If I can remember how...take yr heart, THIS is my chatup thread.. ha h
  • Ken P> Oooosorry.
  • ChriS SmiTH‎:D
  • H L M> Now now boys! .... chat up thread eh?! maybe i should get one
  • ChriS SmiTHthis IS it , kid ! ;)
  •  H L M This is THE chat up thread?! hmmmm expected more, no one liners?! no,if i told u u had abeautiful body would u hold it against me rubbish?! awwww take away the fun and naffness :o(
  • Ken P> Perfect man/women? Hell hath frozen over.
  • ChriS SmiTH Ken U require a sense of humour injection...try this..
  • Ken P> Women have whines about the men being imperfect forever, but aseven the Bible says, worry less about the speck in the eyes of men and the forest in your own.................. :-)))))
  • H L M Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! its all about perception and standards and expectations- what do u perceive and require to be perfect or perfection?
  • ChriS SmiTH ken i the bible that has 4 gospels?... ;)
    bye bye "american pie" ;)
     ‎(no wonder kids dont understand the bible...)
    21 hours ago · Like
  • Ken P> I love my wife dearly - but even SHE doesn't walk on water. Neither do I, but we are one of the most bonded couples you will ever meet. Perfection? I think THAT would be a bad thing. BORING! No room for growth.

  • H.L m As i said- perfection is what u make of it!

  • Ken P> And I said that looking for it is a fools errand.

  • ChriS SmiTH
    hmm i should be keeping my knee up, but u have decide to keep throwing in your "pennys worth" ken,, YOU obviousuly know a lot about being foolish Ken! ;) u come on a casual humourous and "chat up" thread started by me, ..and bring bib
    ...See more
    20 hours ago · Like
  • Barbara W>actually I am almost perfect. Self delusion being my only fault!! .and vanity!!
  • ChriS SmiTH ha ha I used to be perfect but now i am cured ;)

Sent via Facebook Mobile

- reading the blog! i know,little things please little minds eh! u make me think and i like thinking, ppl are too boring these days and in their own bubble. u make me laugh which is much needed and u really make me smile, and so far its all me me me tut! i like experience in a person its safe, someone who has walked the walked and has good memories not just the usual who drown in self pity!-

Subject: Morning matey
Well still havent slept, ok i got about an hour, then i got restless and it wasnt enough to keep me asleep! i hope the leg is better or getting there. i hope i didnt offend u with being sarcastic about u adding jane, it wasnt intended! when i said i would i meant (being blunt now) i would give u one as in- definitely wouldnt kick u out of bed! look on it this way if i didnt like u id just talk but not go to efforts of getting to know u. ur lovely and i look forward to the CS messages and also reading the-

Re: Perfect Thread
Nope honey, just wondered cos of what u said about what had i told jane. i just wanted to be sure i hadnt upset u or offended u in anyway cos i dont like upsetting ppl. i hope ur leg feels better tomorrow, i'll check in when im up. got to see doc tomorrow as not feeling great! sleep well gorgeous and speak tomorrow. oh and remember what?! im confused now! night night u xxx

Vesna - STaRwOmAN

(meet FRIDAYs @  20-21h on terrace of "tropicana caffe" BokeSka 16, Pg, then...the first "close encouters caffe/bar/pub-music/dance tour..crawl starts ..  ;) (MAYbe "afters" @ nags head ; BokeSka 12)

..When the going gets tough, the people MASS-debate!

(argument clinic)

You can call me al ……...quiaida?

Paula & friends ..mass-debating?

It is time Cameron was REMOVED FROM OFFICE.
I vote "NO CONFIDENCE" in this Government and call for IMPEACHMENT of the entire Cabinet for misleading the People and wholesale FRAUD.

Free Bird > ME! I hate Cameron! Freebird

Nigel B>Is Impeachment something to do with throwing rotten fruit at them? If so count me in.
  • James M> traditionally, impeachment involves the removal from office of one or more officials and their subsequent prosecution under Common Law for anything from fraud to trafficking to genocide. Oh, look. That's three right off the
  • Nigel Beckwith Yes but after that we should be able to throw rotten fruit at them.... and not just peaches.
  • James M> I have evidence of no less than five counts of trafficking in my possession. No less than fifteen counts of kidnap. No less than forty counts of fraud. No less than eight counts of genocide.
  • Alex Fraser> wont happen....Pissing in the wind....
  • James Moore and the current Government is intimate with ALL OF IT.
  • Nigel Beckwith The problem is that it is an issue of scale and contrast. We often make the false assumption that there was a "golden age" when governments were true and the courts fair and balanced. Sadly that is a myth. So that is why expecting the powers that be to impeach and deal with pissing in the wind. The people will have to take a stance in due course, it may be the only way.
  • James Moore never say die, Alex. Enough people stand up to this Government and say "NO" in one voice, they will do one of two things: show their true colours and order what's left of our armed forces to fire on their own people, or use their hired mercenaries to do it; or run for the hills….
  • the courts in this country don't operate by common law. We don't prosecute in their place of business. We must use our own courts, under common law. BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE. America did the same in the 18th Century, and they threw the shackles of the British monarchy (OK, they traded for the shackles of the British banks, but that's by-the-by).

  • Nigel B> There is a danger in using words and phrases and assuming they do what they say on the tin, whilst Common Law is supposed to be for the people by the people, can you really give any examples of a time when the people had control of the law? Injustice has been going on since the Magna Carta. For anything to be truly of the people, the people have to take back their power and stop handing it over to an elite/
  • James M> Petition of Rights, 1629. Signed by Charles I. British Constitution and The Rights of the Subject, 1688. Signed by William of Orange. UK Bill of Rights, 1688. Signed by William of Orange.
  • Ngozi A.G> yes Paula who voted him into office in the first instance...... no one!
  • Nigel. Signing a worded document is not evidence that the people lived free from the yoke of terrorism of the elite. That is my point. There is no words in the US constitution or our law that says "the powerful shall treat the less powerful with contempt" yet they do. Can you see what I am saying?
  • ChriS SmiTH
    Paula, apart from the humour, the biggest enemy is not the ppl we have always knopwn to be useless , but the masses that vote for them, the global population has allowed itself to get "dumbed down" and then an ocassional scream is heard for
  • Nigel Beckwith
    Yes Chris, and the answer therefore cannot lie in the changing of the words in some legislation or the changing of the puppet head. The people have to wake up and become what they might be, as what they are now in mindless controlled slaves

ChriS SmiTH Yes Nigel, the biggest mistake, as we head for the abyss is to think that joing the "debate" will change anything theres , what?, 6 ppl commenting on this thread, how many of US, will from this moment on defy, not on Fb, not in "letters or petition" but in real life?..if we refused taxes, filled the courts with appeals against everything and anything.fill the streets with strikes and non - violent protest/..could be a start, but not if they only choose another "hero" to take responsibility for y-our lives..I have spent 24 months in "investigative detention" for opposing violations of UDHR in europe (and for opposing the USA "new world order" ) I paid the price, being allien-hated by those around me, losing my family and so on, why? because as I always found since i was a lad, others are willing to let the "few" it..well I want to see all the ppl that come on here with fine words DO something...and no more "mass-debating" PLEASE!


Hillsborough & the Ban on standing debate??

( Sean started this on my Univeral REdS ; u.r.s.u.n. group, I tried to remain objective whilst he and Anita debated , but it wasn’t what I consider a FAIR debate, because factors were introduced from other sources not relevant to the issue, I could have died too, and it my generation that suffered from the crime by authorities AGAINST OUR PEOPLE that day, most youth…) but we have to be FAIR or we are as bad as the scum that violated our friends, Write something…true.!_)

  • Sean O'Cleirigh Barbara LFC King. shes making my life a living hell with her remarks bout me
  • ChriS SmiTH in everything there is a risk, i dont see yr point?
    so dont get in a car, dont have a drink, dont fly in a plane, dont smoke
  • - u can be killed on the road by another persons negligence too
    Sean O'Cleirigh> think we are over analysing things here.  in a stadium you could have anywhere in the regions of 40,000 people safety and the comfort of those people to go see a match should be priority
    if you bring standing back, it is more of a risk
  • ChriS SmiTH sure,BUT that is not the point, i am suggesting that section of slected, registered adult supporters could stand and sing as we did hundreds of times without problems...but u still arent getting that are u?

  • Sean O'Cleirigh i am a numbers man chris... the incidents/disasters that i have made reference to could all have been avoided had there been seating and not standing

  • ChriS SmiTH btw how can something important be over analysed? ;)
  • Sean O'Cleirigh so who decides on who gets to be selected to stand then? and why would we want that after hillsborough chris?
  •  good point... but i am talking bout your comment about banning driving and smoking and drinking etc etc

  • ChriS SmiTH want?. a) standing itself didnt cause hillsborough, my point is that we stood on the Kop hundreds of times without such a problem,
    - supporters can apply for a small section of the group properly made for standing and singing, safely
    ticketing only for season ticket holders, adult or members, that is easy to organise, not 40,000 maybe a a few thousand of true REDs get the "honour"..
    - all problems of this world have intelligent solutions, too many ppl think the answer has to be one or other , black or white because there is a lack of quality management..

  • Sean O'Cleirigh chris... i dont think the majority of people... liverpool fans in particular want standing to be brought back simply cause if the leppings lane terrace was not a stand and it was seated... then it would not have happened - packing people up like sardines is not right... not safe...
  • (editors note; there's hardly any room between seats either)13 hours ago ·

  • ChriS SmiTH btw Ibrox had nothing to do with standing nor gate 7 at olympiakos, the deaths occured during ppl departing from the stadium
    wake up sean , ever been to a modern stadium where they have proper terraces??
    moenchen gladbach or schalke?

  • ChriS SmiTH and if there is a panic exit, its more difficult to escape from a seating area than a (safe) terraced area!
    the moscow incident also had nothing to do with standing
  • -bradford was caused by a fire, how quick can ppl run from seats compared with terraces sean??

    • Sean O'Cleirigh chris... i am not convinced mate. sorry. hillsborough was and is enough for me and most people to say never again. we are campaigning for justice for the 96 and the huge cover up there, this would be injustice for the 96 even more so... bringing stands back to football stadiums
    • ChriS SmiTH bolton caused by letting 20,000 ppl too many into the stadium?
    • Sean O'Cleirigh I have been to hill 16 in croke park in dublin... not somewhere i would like it trouble arose or if it was over crowded
    • ChriS SmiTH the Lima incident doesn't say anything about standing either?
       u have used irrelevant "examples" to back up yr argument sean..that doesnt help the HJC , I have organised campaigns for that cause..but dont muddy the waters with the wrong arguements,.,..
      -blaming standing for hillsborough lets police and the government and the stadium management  (which had a safety certificate 10 years out of date!) off the hook! u actually harm the case by making it all about standing./.
      if anyone argues about probably the most emotive event in our history, they better make sure they consider all aspects before stating an opinion?????

    • Anita Migles ok, i understand you'r point Chris. First of all we should separate reasons why those tragedies have happened from standing. I was not on the Kop or any standing terraces but i was in Budapest at a game against Debrezen. We're standing on sitting places (everybody was) and behind us were lads from England, drunk. They were jumping around chairs and they fell on my sister and me, thank good none was in front of us and we could catch chairs to stop us from falling further and none get injured. In these area of Eureope is normal to stand on sitting places, to smoke at grounds, no stewards to calm people down and i don't feel safe. When we come at Anfield we feel safe and we can enjoy the game. For the sake of Justice campaign we should separate standing from the real reasons whay that happened. I would never go on standing area, but there are people who would and i think clubs should ask members about that. But i still don't understand who will decide which members would be allowed to go on standing area and on what criteria would they be chosen? It will always be many of members who will be unsatisfied. And who can convince us they will not let more people on that area than it's build for?! You don't know how much we admire England because you've achieved everyone can sit and enjoy the game and it's safe, i don't think that should be changed. I don't have that knowledge you have and i can't debate with anyone, this is just my opinion.

      • ChriS SmiTH i understand yr point Anita..but, i dont accept in LIFE that its a reason to pick out a symptom, rather than lack of intelligence as a cause for people suffering.. I was of the hillsborough generation it could easly have been 96 + me..
        - as i say otherwise we have to ban smoking, driving, flying and alchohol, and is it "ridiculous to mention "ban the bomb" because my generations slogan WAS that!!!!!
        - i am amazed ..however closely tied i am to Lp of the immense discussions that go on about this..but no one talks about 25,000 kids DYINg every day ..Sean go do something about that??
        - and not from their choice of smoking driving,flying alchohol or "sport".. but because WE the ppl, have done NOTHING to stop the erosion of humanity through greedy capitalism..
        -as u dont seem to know the "workings" of Lfc, theres exists a position on the KOP for each season ticket holder, thers NO reason why a middle section could not be made for those who want to stand and SING nd IMO its harder to get ppl singing when sitting 
        -its typical of society, instead of finding an intelligent solution, and treating each "situation" on its own merits, the lack of managerial skill, and the ignorance of the public requires ppl (especially in govt.) to make "rules" and the people become increasingly impotent and robotic..human rights are eroded daily, and ppl just act like sheep..

      • Sean O'Cleirigh > ah hold up chris... just cause we don't agree with returning of stands and you do, doesn't mean we are wrong. In an ideal world we could have stands and we could stand and sing you'll never walk alone etc etc. Human rights? the right to go to a football match and be safe watching it... thats a right, isnt it? you talk about people acting like sheep... been directed into these pens, or stands is like treating us like sheep. the thing is with these stands is... we had years when they were there and they WERENT managed well. the authorities didnt manage hillsborough with any level of professionalism hence people died.
      • ChriS SmiTH the problem u have and many have, is that you dont take the time to read what i am saying thoroughly, I have said what should be done, and you haven't made a correct arguement,a) using disasters that have NOTHING to do with standing and ) implying that standing caused Hillsborough,

      we have seen also how in modern stadiums properly organised terracing can be safe, and IF my idea of "season ticket/club members " (with picture ID) were ticketed ONLY for a specific section of the stadium WOULD work

      ..its also not right to get in a car, and get killed by a drunk, but i dont see U campaigning for banning alchohol?

      ..2 of my family my sister and my 2nd wife died through smoking directly related to ciggies, I don't
      Say they should be banned, and this is the danger, emotive issues make ppl illogical,

      I have a proposal for anfield, and thats ALL ive done and yet YOU keep saying I want stands back, NOT ONCE did I say that, but i did delete the irrelevance of large parts of your arguement,,because it does the HJC no favours to load on stuff that is not relevant,

      we should keep  to the core aspects of that day. and that is PLOICE & stadium neglect and government corruption ( losing the CCtv cameras etc after the game..) otherwise YOU "muddy the waters" and dilute a campaign that deserves JUSTICE , my friend,..think about it, slowly and VERY VERY carefully before reply..

      • ChriS SmiTH
        just a word Sean, IMO a lot of the reason ppl get "upset" and start insults is because few ppl learnt how to "debate" (not in a mass! ;) ) ..I agree with a lot of the emotional isue, but yr biggest error is to quote several disasters at foo
        ty games which were NOTHING to do with standing...fires and stampedes on leaving the ground etc, you "commented" that I go into depth

      ..why? because I know that there are 100's of ppl  just waiting to shoot holes in my opinion, i dont let them because i dont fight unless i am right..;) and..I only accept ONE "sean" on here! ok?

      "HOME parties, & being SOCIAL" …?

      Anita>sorry i didn't contact you yestreday and i completely forgot to call about busses. but i did it this morning. so, i called bus station in dubrovnik you didn't answer my question, i think it would be better for you to come here when we organize that reds meeting so you'll not have to travel 2 times in short time?

      ChriS SmiTH> Hiya Anita , nema problema , I am "editing MonTV2" at the moment , so excuse the quick response, I agree about zagreb, although I am hungry to meet you <SMILE> its a small "possibility" that i will get a visitor from GB, in august, as social links here are so difficult, i hope so, ...U see, i get a bit "peeved" that i travel around the world visiting ppl. and they almost never come to MY invitations..its in our nature & culture to have "home parties" whereas in the ex Ugo its a "caffe society".

      ..and add the "clique" mentality here ppl of close fanily & friends circle, and its no wonder i have only been inside someones home once since I came here 16 months ago..and they dont seem to like to come to mine (theres the "maybe" mentality too, waiting to see if theres something better before committing to an invitation... i discussed the project ( ) with someone Friday and they said its "difficult" getting the info of exactly when the connections pg-dub-Zg u later, ciao x

      Anita>wow,(snip)over here home parties have only kids, as soon you're in your 15th-16th everybody run out and we don't come back home to party :D
      no, seriously, i think it has something to do with the fact that people my age (and older) are still living with parents with their families. here it's usual that one kid stays at home (like me), sometimes you have more generations under one roof and it's hard to party in that situation. difficult to get the info? why??

      ChriS SmiTH> because its difficult! lol ;)

      Anita> thEn Chris, my brother, you have to accept you're stuck there, c-i-a is in control!! :D

      ChriS SmiTH> ;) NEVER! ....there is no info at the station, but on that link u gave there was a direct bus (i think bus line was "bozur" or similar)

      as for (being) "partied", i understand but ppl in Liverpool wouldnt stop making parties at home(*) for any of those excuses, my opinion now after living here and having contact with most of the x-Ugo (former SOCIAList) regions ppl is that , ironically ppl are anti-social, generally (!) although the trend is global as ppl become more selfish and self - serving..

      NOTE* (even mixing between generations, although often youth have sent the "oldies" out to the pub, OR VICE verca, often In my community the adults have sent the Kids to cinema so that WE could "home party!!"  Ha ha ha)


      War against system..

      Ngozi A>G> commented on your Wall post.  "we need research. this is the only way policy is formulated and arguements presented. We do know the problem, do you not think so Chris, maybe not everyone does?"

      CS> Policy? We don’t need "policy" we need ppl with guts who will contest the governments that are ruining our world, ppl do KNOW the problems, what they don’t HAV is courage!

      Talking of "policy" . I have the John Grisham book "Rainmaker" at home.. …and the film of the same story was on TV last night,  .taking on the might of the crooked Insurance "policies" …ppl put up with these and the banks legalised fraudsters.. Great line in the book/film when Rudy asks the lawyer acting for the Insurance company

      "Just when did you sell your soul" ??

      And you??????????????


      • Everything In Life Has A Beautiful Ending.
        If Its Not Beautiful, Then Believe and Its Not Ended,
        Its Just  Beginning Of Something More than you.
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      • G-Go 2 bed
        O-Off d light
        O-Out of tension
        D-Dreams come
        N-Nice sleep
        I-Ignore worry
        G-Get fresh
        H-Hav a nice night
        T-Think GOOD things

      What does "UnSuB" mean to others??

      a reader  ask?
      Mr x "I watch "Criminal Minds" every week, ands they always use the term ...Unsub
      is a law-enforcement slang acronym for "Unknown Subject Of An...........

      Life may make or break you..
      But y-our mentality descides the route
      Don’t  hesitate, if you feel low
      Tajke a few breaths, wear a smile 
      get on with showing what you know..