Wednesday, November 4, 2015

the "BalCANTs",, why,,,,,NOT!??

         Nikola Tesla , a genius , whose life was sabotaged..  ... by the "ev ill" that permeated through YOUR world, the "dark side" that is within and without us...  


If, rather than allow the Us of A ... to promote the business of war, and profit , and market every single product for gain rather than seek to solve the needs of humanity with our humanity our creativeness.. the darkness in and out of us, was enforced by greed and fear..  

as it has been for tens of thousands of years,,, what prople wrongly blame as "human nature",.,,has been polluted by the poison..
and the lies and cheats, the propaganda and sometimes simply lazy aspects of media allow the negative to be "popular"  

this could be a simple "gossip" amongst bored villagers or the fear-mongering of military generals, religious or political leaders,,, and in recent decades the people supposedly charged with your "security"...

for whatever reason, which i would gladly explain another time, my "R E d miss1ON" placed me here in the region covering the former Yugo from Trieste to Istanbul...

i have tested the people over 5 years,,, because this is the darkest of the dark, in one of natures twists that place the ugliest mentalities in arguably  the most wildly beautiful natural region in the World..still muCh of it unspoiled and unpolluted, shame that cant be said of 99,9% of the people in the "BalCANTs",,

Every positive idea, every project, every single  initiative I have started here to bring GOOD is sabiotaged, creativity SUFFOCATED , Social JUSTICE denied and commitment to community  is persecuted, by the negatives, and the apathetc who allow this status quo. their EXTREME prejudice against anyone or anything "different" is mirrored by the obsession with "fashion" 

...the image rather than the content is what counts.. FOR THEm ,

they are not even "village people" but zombie-like, who are stubborn, and that initself is ok, because here in Monty they also refuse "macdonalds" and "starbucks" BS.... ,

well, burgers here are freshly made with salad and cost 1 euro and a REAL coffee can cost as little as ,50 cents... but in SO many cases there are fools who buy imported fruit and veggies etc that are so easy to grow here. Its virtually a pERFECT climate,

.. and yet they sell off land to business interests and the rich to be polluted.

IF THEY HAD ANY COURAGE TO THROW OFF THE SHACKLES OF thirty or so years of bad and selfish mis-management, MONTENEGRO , could be an "export-rich" economy, for get NA TO, stay friends with anyone who deserves it and especially neighbours OF ANY creed, colour or belIEf.,

..the COLLECTIVE richness is lost in dispute and DISCRIMINATION..

OPEN THE FRONTIERS, now, Montenegrins could earn a GLOBAL REPUTATION by allowing MIGRANTS here, fill the empty hotels and hostels etc with them  (send the bill to the USA/UN/EU for they caused the sh*te with their political and business motives and selfish ambitions.,

the world is a mess, I was "lucky" that thanks to a coma 20 years ago, I was stopped, and had time to reflect on the state of this mad planet, it is WRONG, everything is wrong. EVERYthing... the way you live.... the motivations, the greed, the slavery to system, the "education" , business, politics, religIon, the dissection of the planet by walls and fences and flags,

!... pollution of air , water, food, mind and bodies of your children as they swallow more of the BS! that you didnt change,.,  thousands of years of "following" like sheep in a negative cycle ,,,

needs more than just "change" when politicians talk of 10 year targets they are stupid...we may already be too late to avoid a completion of hell on eath,,,

BUT I am sure what "man" has done, can be UNdone ...too late for talk,  so you can use that as another "excuse" to blame someone else or do nothing and feed the monster,,

off the face of this planet...,
....oR your life, your house, your land, your relationships, your community with GOOD intentions and CARE for others, if you dont .... NATURE may soon wipe YOU "clean" off the face of this planet...,

Nature has warned you many times....its up to you, NOW! to BE or not to no lomger a question..its not a choice of "God" its a choice to be GOOD... ... and dont forget to smile .. as u go....


   this is "dedicated to "DaX"..THE ULTIMATE BAL cANT LADY...I LoVE....