Monday, March 14, 2016

MonTV series : The Missionary position; The Global Nightmare (a.k.a the american dream)

This is a continuation of the series "The Missionary position" 

an alien view of the madness of your planet

... and this particular programme set (videos have been "virus bombed by various agents "of the new world order" who obviously do not believe they are required to respect your or my freedom to state opinion without state , or other oppression,  discrimination of persecution..) IS IN TEXT FORM..


to think my parents generation saw their families, neighbours and friends killed , to stop this sort of modern fascism... "when will they ever learn" ...
Pete Seeger: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
On July 26, 1956, the House of Representatives voted 373 to 9 to cite Pete Seeger and seven others (including playwright Arthur Miller) for contempt, 

so SIXTY years later, the most powerful "democracy" still fosters FACISM!  ..welcome to the US(eless) of A......s

The UK follows like poodles.... in england now, schoolteachers are now INSRUCTED to REPORT;
kids who "disbelieve with mainstream media" or "get angry with govt. policies" 

are YOU Funding US of A terrorism??

150 somalian (people) exactly?? killed by US(elrss) drone, OBAMAs men say "all militants" no other casualties! .. ?? considering the drones employed since '09 have only hit between 5-10% of their "targets" and the US fail to identify who else they hit...(no surprise!) I suggest anyone who pays tax to the USA govt, FUNDS a TEAR A WRIST ORG?????    based on the true story.... (Judith Miller...."the truth hurts") ...   about how the US(eless) Govt. and with C1 a covert activities persecuted a REPORTER for exposing a C1a agent...  these things are "done in the name of the SHEEPLE" ....

"Mengele" of the US(eless) of A......S experiments (a la Nazi s) 

"land of the free. BUT only...if you are rich or a member of the security agencies (who isnt?) , they all voluntarily spying for the US(eless) states of A.......s   ... because you are all hacked!! ; the "american dream that became a global nightmare" ;


Chr16> there will always be those who are jealous and try to sabotage, but "karma" is my friend, if they hurt me and my "brothers" the pain returns to the enemy many times..

i suggested to a US embassy wife to find a GOOD alternative practitioner, modern "chemical" medicine is a business and you are only their " customer" for legalised drugs ,THEREFORE its better to find a homeopathic solution is ) attacking the cause, not "symptoms" and b) cheap... in the last 25 years I have rarely had sickness other than a mild cold, and i do not take standard medicine or pills, any colds or virus I got was usually caused by my own fault, getting tired or weak form my own stress.. take care of your body, excercise (the "5 tibetans" is an easy method that gets energy to all of your system in about 5-10 mins ) u can do in your home..

 i am 10,000 years old and i only look like 50 ! (except after a night out! ) smile :p

it is part of the continual movement away from personal responsibility , you give the power over your person to someone else (who is "quaified as an expert" by the sytem who are slave to)  and its so neandathal..

 the education system teaches you massive amounts of "knowledge " that you will never use but if someone were to teach you how to know your self, its labelled "voodoo" or "witchcraft"  civilization?  no its an IDIOCRACY that you depend upon...! (enslaved by)

ha ha yes, they "practice " on you and your family and bill you for the priviledge! the meaning of the word "disease" = not at ease... so make yourself  at ease with nature , not chemical "solutions"

really Heat her, the first few words of your posting epitomises the problem, you address to science and professionals, 

whereas personal  health should be a common sense factor, not an "elite " subject

Goodness save us from technical stupidity, already humans rely FAR too much on technology
rather than developing artificial "intelligence" as the local and global society becomes more stupid.
man should develop natural abilities and become stronger instead ....

Human empathy is being lost, in the "fast food, commercial obsession, stop feeding the monster that will kill you.

drop out of the system, work less and take care of your fellow human being dont give power to machines or the madmen that invent more of them 

... ! its madness!
Life of Brian..

+The Boss Stage1 > some one said that previously, but the "political correct" brigade would anyway moan.. and apart from the Python team there are fewmodern comedians who could match the irony to make anything quite as brilliant, 

...maybe John Oliver could do it, as a "political parody" .. titled " the life of Donald chump, ...oops, trump" but in another 30 years time (if theres anyone still alive on this planet) they would say that its too unrealistic , that so many people could vote for the "wall builder" ha ha ha ..

19 trillion US(eless)_ dollars debt


.. yeT , they still preach the "american nightmare" to the rest of the world! ... but who is really stupid?  I suggest it is you, if you are those who follow the "US(eless) preachers"  smile emoticon ..................btw ,  "get out of our club" (u greedy b'stards) :p/

The insider..

recommended viewing ; "the insider" ...accurate recount of a TRUE story of the "whistleblower" who dared to expose the ADDICTIVE POISON within cigarettes... & the USofA tobacco industry making profit out of killing YOU! 

... (oh when will they censor me permanently?) :)

 educated people are making canabis LEGAL in THEIR countries , 

but those who dont simply want to TAX you on the poison you voluntarily consume
... ha ha 

..intelligent Life on this planet?// ?? unlikely...and rare....

CS> Thanks to the US(eless) INFESTORS ;  from top of the UEFA club rankings to...46th (FORTY - SIXTH!)
...  "the 9th richest club in Europe" but its a club for profit,....NOT for football success!

"Rodgers put his finger on the challenge at Liverpool: “The club needs to decide whether they want a business model or a winning model. Some will think it is about buying a player, developing and improving them and then selling them for a much greater fee; as opposed to getting the best possible player, irrelevant of his age, in order to win.”

To be fair, Liverpool have spent significant sums on bringing players in, but the recruits have often been of dubious quality. Some of this has been attributed to the FSG model, featuring a transfer committee, but it is unclear whether this “Moneyball” approach still holds sway."

 Liverpool comfortably retained ninth place in the Deloitte Money League, though the gap to Juventus in 10th place increased from £22 million to £52 million, partly due to the strengthening of Sterling against the Euro. However, even excluding currency movements, Liverpool enjoyed the second highest revenue growth in the Money League last season, only beaten by Barcelona."

CS> no real surprise. the US INFESTORS can make money, but cant manage a succesful FOOTBALL club, the "money ball" example made Lfc 9th richest in Europe, doesnt fill me with joy, when the football team fell from TOP to 46th in the UEFA rankings. Klopp obviously hired due to henrys expectation that he will make squad palyers into champions ; Maybe Atletico and Leicester give hope on that score. True REds would rather be more in debt , and top of the league!  we shall see!

UEFA= U sual E scape by F ecking (Fergie) A **holes ..…/liverpool-fc-manchester-un… ..................Echo writes "UEfa decides not to punish (pyscho fellaini) for his "challenge" 

..why use that word? , it was an elbow and a straight RED card in any other game.. why do Lfc just accept such BS! ??? everyone that has seen it, (and surely everyone at UEFA has seen it too) knows that Fellaini should NOT be playing in the next game thursday!! ... UEFA are a corrupt org... always have been, and nothing will change with new people , it stinks!

as for the chants, of course they are wrong, but there are far too many ignorant Lfc "fans" who also think its ok to do the same (re Munich 58)

Remember when Markovic got a 3 match ban for touching someone?

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