Saturday, February 18, 2017

contiued clearing the inbox of at the full monty (fake)

clearing the inbox of 


question rhetorical :  how to  get those who have interupted, obstructed and "pro filed" me since rebelled (probably as far back as 1986 )???


all i have to do is to state that I will do  :such and such"   

and they rush to do it instead of me,..... :p

the nazty smell of UKIPPERS who dislike Liverpool, because scousers mostly voted to "stay" ??  JP in Lp ... "dangling democracy"

and defending the NHS against tory/fascism of the May-Boris mad govt of Uk!

I think the mainSCREAM media now should surprise me and inform the world  if their president actually states something NOT intended to get a headline...:p

if you "bounce" th wrong way u might have a PONG of a headache! ha ha

FROM fake news to FANTASY<<????  
cbusiness Magazine
Fulham Signs Official Fantasy Sports Partner 

Sports Industry Network
FIFA World Cup expansion
By Jesse Ghiorzi
FIFA to bump the 2026 World Cup from 32 to 48 teams Upside: it gives many countries a chance to compete for the first time

CS> at this rate , the INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC of LIVERPOOL will be able to qualify...

Z claim v FSCG 170120 (CS 161103 Momo ref business league MonteREDS claim ) FSCG fake liga

Note  Momo Saveljic FSC Monenegro

according to G.Zizic President of FK Crvena Stijena the 125 euros paid to him last summer has passed to Momo Saveljic
however NO youth players of MonteREDS had been registered..

please note we have recorded this fraud, and will name both parties in the eventual international tribunal  (ECHR-anon v UK/MNE)
unless this amount in refunded IMMEDIATELY with your apologies! 


n.b to CS : we will be pleased to play friendly match next week.


the evolution awakes again! :   THIS written FIVE years ago..after 5 years of USA infestors (now 10!)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

the missionary position : /a.k.a.fakebook UNcontinued.... the "full@fake Monty"

from :

clearing the inbox of  

and with compliments to : (BANNED or censored)
and this....written almost a YEAR ago.,,, a few words about "media and political perception" during "global knee - Jerking" week
sympathy for victims ANYWHERE; London, Paris, Brussels; Beirut, Palestine and kids in afghan or syrian towns killed by "allied errors"

...... there are still more people killed every year in the USA by guns than in all of the european "attacks" !!!


& more than 20 THOUSAND kids dying daily because if the greedy business/political distribution of resources by new world order

treating migrants and refugees as criminals ???


because the average person is bombarded with mis-leading information about the world you live in, when US media people ask why Europe is not on "high security shut down mode" ?? 

...ask them how many people are MURDERED by GUNs daily in USA (as many as 90!) thats more than killed In Paris AND year 2015 the USA murdered about 12000 AMERICANS! ... by making guns easy to acquire and use..and a violent society! Intelligent people should come together and WISE up the sheeple! .. do not trust the media! (nor ANY politicians)  ,,,,(they "co-incidentally" arrested a "leader"  called "allah Ab De Slam" (?) on the SAME day of the incident in Bruss els..??? hmmmmm)

Without Prejudice 

Christopher Richard Smith v United Kingdom & others

cc: media ; Human rights watch ( * & others) 

.... this is considered as an "Anonymous action" (within the ECHR protocol) v the U.K thus the details shall only be released should the ECHR fail to act upon it OR should CRS be further damaged, disabled, disappeared or cease life (according to the terms of his will.) 

Details have been lodged at the British Embassy Podgorica (who also refused the extension of the plaintiffs passport) and with varous government officials and the ECHR via email and "snail-mail" 

Articles violated by the United Kingdom or its Ministers, officials, officers, agents and/or citizens: 

Article 5 - Liberty ; - at various times between 1986 - 2016. Article 8 - privacy ; - various instances between 1986 - 2016. 
Article 9 - freedom of thought, conscience and religion ; obstructed between 1995 -2016. 
Article 10 - freedom of expression ; obstructed between 1995 -2016. Article 11 - freedom of assembly and association, including the right to form trade unions ; - obstructed between 1995 -2016. 
Article 12 - marry and establish a family. Obstructed at various times between 1986 - 2016. 
Article 13 - effective remedy = Failure to compensate for violations between 1986 - 2016. 
Article 14 - prohibition of discrimination; violated repeatedly on numerous ocassions between 1986 - 2016. 
Article 16 - treatment of aliens, despite holding Brit. Passport, treated as "Alien" by UK offcials and their departments. 

The Article 17 - abuse of rights & Article 18 - permitted restrictions , the abuses of articles by the state and the inclusion of MNE state and its citizens as witnesses to verify the plaintiff claims shall be included should CRS deem it necessary to correct the violations committed by the United Kingdon or its servants, ministers, officals, officers and/or citizens. Christopher R, Smith Montenegro email  =====
end 160323

UNfake UNsub, FUBAR ..UNcontinued...


 its all SO fake, that I struggle to find Any believable media :  so I make my own...  

Brian " dont follow anyone:  .... sheeple;  "we are all individuals"

even FB groups that appear to be "anti establishment" are infiltrated with goons who distract and divert honest opposition... get them to moan about one or other  politician,  (including  the accepted clever comedy comment of Oliver )or business leader, nation or religion, when  they are ALL, repeat ALL fake..  

 by the way,,,,Net guest apo ? why is this image banned?? (guy fawkes mask)

??????  the much maligned, and sometimes biased (but nothing near CNN!) RT s Larry KING keeps telling you : QUESTION MORE!


some MORE......

a former military adviser confirms that USA WASTED around ONE HUNDRED BILLION USD on unused weapons, aircraft, & abandoned projects and think we could save the twenty FIVE  THOUSAND kids that die daily worldwide ..instead!

 interesting there has been a greater increase of white nationalists(Nazties)  than IS is  followers online??


 ??? Did you know, that your governments ARE duty bound to allow you FREEDOM of movement? (UDHR / ECHR article text) ??? careful,  as they have now "marketed" the original articles to fit the "new world order" s media...

WHY a ir B n B*llox? 

a corrupted org, who decide who you host, who they allow to host, and "control" payments to make their profit?  
instead ; make a Fakebook group and exchange contacts and info about your spare room, and avoid the sharks who spoilt the original idea???? (i delisted but that dont stop them SPAMMING my inbox with offers and bogus enquiries)

? same  with "trip advisor"  I have 6,728 "followers" who have read my advices about  places to go, visit , enjoy.... tripadvisor want me to stay online so keep offering me bogus "award status"  working on my ego  to become some special top advisor for the balkan region etc , blah blah..

? you have a brain?  do you use it to communicate?  or have you got a SMARTER PHONE THAN YOU? 
..JP is having a moan....

Barca fans claim THIS is fake result,.? :)

(If Liverpool improve their playing unit ,...  can beat anyone..too..:)

as we arent playing have to say its funny to see some of rivals get brought down to earth ,,, i said so many times every team has a cycle , that comes to an end (or at least a dip) barca fans will probably say this is "fake news"

more clearing out the inbox..

Jonathan PiePie HUNT: JP defending the UK National health service, damaged by the latest fascistory govt.  yes..problems in USA with drump/Cliton but UK PM May is unelected and "mad boris" is their foreign sec?  ha ha ha , the world resembles the worst "python " sketch! 

people (especially parents) should support local community and grass routes events , not help the big boys monopolize all aspects of your kids sports life? "Sir Richard Branson's new company Virgin Sport to run festivals centred on fun exercise" MORON!

.....$4.5 Billion Will Be Wagered Illegally On Super Bowl 51. ... so what?  its just another "drug" ..better, (legal) is everywhere, i am disgusted to see it promoted on some of the Lfco. training kit,  distract the sheeple, get them wasting their time and money on betting,  the money they could use on "backing their own ideas"  make that a group....! . (in a mall town called Spuz with a few thousand inhabitants,, they have 1 baker no state sports facility but FOUR betting shops!)

JP" almost live from "Lp" (the "pool of life"

keep supplying fake stuff (and the occasional truth) to

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

a.k.a. fakebook update? not really 170214

not really updating, just clearing my inbox, as its highly unlikely i will be doping anything remotely "romantic" today..   the absence of a GF , is not mourned, although campaigning to celebrate the other 300+ days of the year which arent yet fully commerzialized (expect them top celebrate MONday, tuesday, thursday & etc soon and sell you a happ day card every day!   with our slogan "bah Hamburg er"    and as everything is now "monitored" .

..i repeat the comment

NOTE, fb (again) disrupt censor and repeat photos and info on this and all "global Reds" (and my personal) sites,, 

seems they are scared that the global RED army is another "commie uprising"
mind u until i investigate I would alos suspect drump or the fakebook guest APe oh! ha ha ho ho!

why would i risk sharing my "spiriitual-genetic essence"  with a modern FEE male...they all seem as mad as rabid dogs...the younger full of "cool" & "awesome" .....  "totally"    hearing this inability to describe something using ANY other word, could drive me to "total" someone...! but i can always fall back on my alien-scouse-balkan humour.. and smile at the sheeple...

so In no order , random stuff..



Aussies criticised for not improving the lifes of the aboriginees, that like criticizing the USA for killing or displacing all theoriginal natives of the Americas or Adolf for "not improving the jewish community"  or Drumpf for being president..

 replied to an article " "  .NO we dont need to teach them to code or dream,  stop being slaves to technology YES!  but, just stop filling their heads with irrelevant "education system"   after 1000's of (D)evolution....years  a planet that puts the power of the world biggest and maddest nation in the hands (soem could say , logically, the hands of another madman,,,,not a surprise when  I considerthe declining Johnson .. tricky Nixo, ex actor Reagan, nutty Carter, Bush, ClITon , bush buch & Obomber ...

"Combined revenue for top 20 Deloitte Football Money League clubs in the 2015/16 season gr ew 12% to €7.4bn, a new record"  

 Yeah, whilst community and FREE grass roots, non league and youth football faciltiies decline and state cut sport budgets so that BIZNIS wins,, and more & more kids become social misfits by their love-in with their mobile, smarter phone, and PC! killing physical fitness and original thought!    more sheeple born every day!

 a russian couchsurfer suffers from Podgorica

poor Oleksii Lavrynenko posted a comment in Reci it loud! Linguistic exchange  asking for the address : ignored by trump paranoia and anti-ruski media ?


this guy is wrong..

Trump's travel ban is blunt and counterproductive

Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz
it gets him exactly what he wants : , the publcity and following of the sheeple!

to be continued....