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11111111 = Fire and rain, still searching for Intelligence ; a brief "alien" hiStory..

11h of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th Year...
Me? then, Now &...? 

Fire and rain, still searching for Intelligence ; 

& a brief "alien" hiStory.. 

  I like this ......

("Fire and Rain"  link ) and "you ve got a friend…" (also BY James Taylor  - You've Got AFriend link  ) the lyrics contain the extremes of emotions, and little "stories" of those feelings about women, about (true) "friendship" …yet the opposites usually apply...Fire and rain, SUN and dark, day and night, Black or white, Men and Women, Dogs & cats…………...

The Extremes of Life

We are almost at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th Year..shall we go for "elevenses" ?? ;)  EVERYONE here in "Monty" does , out of about half a million inhabitants you will find about 200,000 in street caffes around 11h (any day, and especially whilst we are having a "jokers autumn" as the temperature is still above 20 degrees Centigrade) , I was "sunbathing" on Sunday…and yet we are also approaching…….the darkest month of the year!

 NEED, WE need …. a human touch! (attached)

..below are some links that I hope u feel ...a young lad in Tolosi, who i met, his Mum committed suicide the other week....

"The more you practice
the less you bleed
in the conflict of life, fight against wrong
let y-our energy be so strong,
That the way to your goal is more than "winning"
Because the Challenges are high, just to bE
 is enough,
the dreamers are few, it can be tough
the universe  is all for you,
Be a giver, to no matter who,
& yet, dare to dream, dare to FEEL and to SEE ,
no goal is too far, no star is greater than "me"..! 

I will not be "here" unless some dramatic event and positive changes are made, I cant see another year on this planet and suffer its "cool" madness..people worried about what fashion they wear, car they drive, job they have, whilst others around are so desperate to end their own lives..

"she" gave the impression she wanted me to stay
( in Monty,)
BUT, then does the most to drive me away //
/........."and NOW  you insult me by saying i dont "deserve" your time 
....WHAT an ignorant ARROGANCE!! ..I cant make that "rhyme" <smile>

IF You, and the rest of the ppl dont improve things NOW , not next year or after, but NOW, there will be NO life , for anyone.. during next year it will go one way, or the other (alternative)

 if you dont share emotions then YOU become an inhuman "robot" like the remainder of the sheep, and victims, that just follow until death, a slow death that takes many years, but if U dont wake up now and FEEL,  then you wont even "enjoy" that..

IF YOU are NOT honest with  yourself..OF COURSE YOU DONT want to explain yourself, because THEN you would have to admit that you are WRONG about me , about you and about life,,.,and that would challenge you into doing something positive, and YOU think its "easier" to stay as you are  ????????????? 

and  YOU ARE ALL WRONG// , and I mean ALL(with perhaps the exception of one person in a thousand,) day you will realise what IS TRULY important..too late, maybe... BUT ..of course, that u want (but not really)  to keep "cool" and distant, ...  you could share ... actually in the warm HUMAN way, ......... I want from "some one like you", who can do that,.....but IF you  are pretending be cool .& cold-hearted....because …that’s what you are made to think that the society demands, because people think you are weak if you show care for others then you aren't being who you should be. and that's "why i dont accept anyone because YOU are HARMING yourselves and each other  And the planet y-our children have to live in…

 YOU wont understand about my children...of course you cant, (HOW COULD YOU? Unless your children had been lost to you ?), and IF you had taken the  time to UNDERSTAND how i feel about you, and "Monty" &  the whole world even if you CANT FEEL anything for me!!!!


lets have another arguement...

..i have been a......round ..and about, too many times..
Yes - Roundabout

Yardbirds - "Shape of things"

Sting (Feat. Eric Clapton) - It's Probably Me

Van Morrison - Someone Like You??????

(without taking the TIME, you SURELY cant read properly what I wrote, EVER, or understand ANYTHING!....vital!)

Conflicts, challenges and "the system"

Jacqui, my lovely deceased wife, who died several years ago, from cancer, once did a full "reading" of my life for my birthday, and the single conclusion was that I would always be "in conflict" with the universe, swimming against the stream of the masses, but that my messages would have an effect…IF….

The conflict…………...Started with the glass bottle going through my eye, when I fell into a dry "dyke" (not a lesbian, a ditch! ) ..when I was only 5 years old…spending 6 months in a special eye hospital in London, (is that why Dad got a job as general foreman at Heathrow?..) in a mens ward, 3 months "blind" with me eyes bandaged , and 3 months with my "bad eye" covered, they saved my life, a piece of glass fractions from my brain, was it always my "destiny to survive" ?..

Latest "drama" just missing a car taking off the wing mirror and a "near miss" whilst landing on a wizz plane (pilot nearly "wizzed" his pants?) @ Luton, and a fire that came close to burning the house I previously stayed in Pg??? And the "system" blocking "LetS Be FAIR" communications has brought me into a daily struggle that I have known all my life…

I 'd had a fight on my first day at school, when a big bully pushed a polio kid (you know, looking like "Forrest Gump" in callipers) into me and I laid him out with a punch I had obviously (and incrediblly copied from a Pro-fighter) I never had to fight again, almost all my school days, well, those that I attended..because of ….

Heavy bouts of MIGRAIN ; severe headaches as a child were painful, I would have to rest in a dark room, all day, sometimes throwing up with the pain. But was also an "excuse" to stay home, and "bunk" school so I could play footy  in the back field with the neighbourhood "scallies"..this at least meant I Was teenage captain of my local football (footy) team!

I was a quiet studious kid at school excellent at mental maths and english, art & sport (well, at footy!)  were also my favourites, until the art teacher "put me down" (but I still used drawing in my career to explain various projects) ..

I was in love with football and music, it was the time of "The Beatles" and the beginning of Liverpool dominating football and the world of music…it was THE "centre of the Universe"  and as much as I would have loved to have had a job there, I got the first job I interviewed for as a "boy" (16) learning everything about office work, import / exports etc , "learning by doing" ….I had a small "argument" with the miserable co. secretary when I dirtied my first business suit, but 3 years later it was My "boss" who lost an argument. My employers sacked HIM and gave ME his job after I did it during his summer holiday…

MY Dad was "conflicted" about me marrying my first woman (well the first that I'd had a real sexual relationship with!) ..and despite adopting her daughter and having a son a year after marrying at only 19, the CONFLICT was with her, as I was "married" to working 6 days a week as a "wizz-kid" SHE ended our disputes by leaving with the 2 kids and finding a YOUNGER man..she was happy to be able to claim a third of my income for her and the kids, my Dad had been right (when he called her a "Gold-digger")

… A problem at my 2nd job, as I threw myself into work to compensate for the pain of losing my new family (although the 2 kids, and their step-brother from another of my ex's relationships later spent time with me) when I couldn’t work one Saturday morning, Led me to CONFLICTING with the owner-Directors,(Isis) but their reaction was to make me chairman (at 21) of the Staff association I founded!!..

But,  My first brand new company car…I spun and "rolled" it when I took it on holiday (working as commercial manager, abourt 23 yrs old) in brittany …led to a CONFLICT with the owner-directors (Isis) and I walked out , I met Jacqui…and then I wrote off another car, belonging to my neighbours on the way back from my next job interview (luckily seat-belts had just been introduced), and whilst BOTH cars had been WRITTEN off, I had hardly a scratch on me!

I was later head-hunted again whilst working f0r the largest logistics co. in Europe (Calberson International) a young man developing new wine-shipping & transport services…and was conflicted in my choice…and then after re-organising the office of my new employers, the then youngish general manager (mike seabrook) and I "considered" our own service…which led to our bosses sacking US…so I said "lets have a go".. With only 500 pounds!!

But….our own company moved 6 million bottles of mostly Italian wines in OUR first 2 years , making a million pounds clear profit, until mike's wife pushed him into a conflict with me, (I made all the major negociations and decisions) so I left….

Free lance Strategist….

After a HIGH court BATTLE with mike S, who couldn’t stand to lose, having "back-stabbed"  (as I took most of OUR business to MY own companies) I moved on into general Strategic management of enterprises and creative networks , in Europe , Asias & n. America,…and still maintained wine businesses (8) employing Linda (see "blondes" on uNSUB LINK!!!) cost me that 2nd "fortune" and a CONFLICT with my family......

That conflict was never resolved and damaged my parents and resulted in my sister being buried after a short term in hospital through cancer.. (she smoked 2 packs of ciggies a day!)

Those wounds go too deep…to deep to relate to in this "briefing"….

Jacqui and I re-invented our marriage after the holocaust and high court battles that split our families and I started again to build an "empire" in various investment projects & services And became "freelance strategist" re-building JLP electronics for John P. then taking over CES environmental/security/electronics Etc creating SALUS and the relationship with Uwe Bischke GmbH who then conflicted with me And we "buried" the group, more conflicts with people I had made "rich"…

By now (1990's) I was virtually full time abroad and Jacqui cut from me, as the hamburger bank falsely claimed her (our) house! The UK govt. had cheated me of 8 companies, (a judge making a ridiculous "anton pillar/morava injunction-ruling! )The germans monetary policy ruining the market. Killing both the group contracts and its potential and the property in Stansted village (another million pounds down the drain…) I should have stayed with Jacqui, or better, taken her with me… but I was still being " a lad abroad" ..

Relationships with Sabina, (Bielefeld) Franziska (sommerhausen,) …who I took on the carribean cruise after we had already split once, just to make sure, she was unhappy on the white sands of barbados, "if I said "u cant smile now….!" that conflict ended, a short fling with sth african Tanya.. Then came my "Freiburg fan club" another Sabina, Tanya, Angelika and …Margit, then developing "GemNet" ; the "anti-MS(microsoft) let's stuff mr W. Gates project!" to develop an intranet via ex-soviet satellite defence system from Ukraine - connecting more than 500 services with 300+ business partners through 45 countries - a seven year project that would keep me busy and powerful, for the rest of my the very last week of completion after 7 years of personal investment 24/7/365

I Came into conflict….with a meningitis coma...

More to follow..??

Govt.,& Biz "vendettas" 
& losing both my sons.....

After a week in the coma, I woke up to realise no one CARED if I had died as I laid in the hospital bed, I had visions of global solutions and  I decided to do EVERYthing I had NOT done previously… however, after I "resigned" from the business world and "dropped out" of the system, some people got very angry, and jealous, and didn’t believe me, so they caused problems…(as MY name was on ALL contracts, they, legally, couldn’t do a thing without ME!)

Michael Sadlo in Dresden, was "disappointed" and an estate agent in Freiburg, (Borgbohmer?) threatened my new family (Annika & Leon) and others started rumours that I was "continuing" without them, or that I was in the mafia, or a cult leader.. ..or I was 007! …(same as now in Monty?) the property owner of Freiburg's construction companies , who also expected to be rich from my project, tried to evict me, and eventually succeeded,  when my lawyer capitulated..Gaby Matt..

She took hours to get from her office nearby when the "gestapo" raided my penthouse apartment (ex-office) - I had left the family house in wasenweiler because of a conflict..
I had agreed with Annika to move back from berlin to Freiburg because of the environment for the baby (Leon) we conceived in Prenzlauer Berg! …but the old landlord was a "fussy = (das darf man nicht, herr schmitt! ) " german… and told me I wasn’t "allowed" to cut wood on the CONCRETE  patio! Etc etc…so ..

After the first gestapo, (when they took HALF my files!! In a "fishing exercise") I expected Annika to be sympathetic, but as I held 3 month old Leon in my arms..she said "they don’t do that without reason" …then I knew I was alone…again..
I shared Leon with her, whilst she continued her theatre and concerts, I was happy to be a hippy-dad, it worked well, until Leon was about 30 months old, Angelika invited me to live at her house, after the "raids" continued (they also visited a friends office in Berlin!! …Annika began to show up late for appointments and then took Leon away on holiday without telling me, the disputes increased. She couldn’t accept, even if I only had a "platonic" relation, ich bringing another woman in contact with OUR son,,, so..being german (favourite saying "trust is ok, but CONTROL is better") she abducted him…"with the legal acceptance of the german state"…

One Monday when I went to collect him..early in 1999, they had moved, and the town hall "beamte" refused me any "info" then Margit (who had also been with me when I looked after Leon) , had become my "girlfriend" .& wanted to have a family with me..and when I went looking for Annika and my son, distraught at losing him from my daily life (I had even gotten him "clean" at just 1 year old!) I will never forget Margit saying " ChriS - I want to be with you, you are a good father, a good man…..I would never do such a thing to you" …!
(she later did WORSE!)

We tracked Annika down once but she climbed out of a woman's toilet window at a "fair" ..
I Poured a glass of wine over one of her friends who refused to tell me where my son was..and eventually after organising a "woodstock/eclipse/beatles/estranged kids awareness" nostalgia concert at the freiburg beer garden with 5 different music groups and visitors from europe, asia and america.. Next morn. they arrested me, without charge…for "investigation" the District attorney lied to the friends of margit and the brit consulate, saying It was a "misdemeanour" and I would be "released within a week" (IF I "co-operated") 

And THAT’S whats wrong with >YOUR SYSTEM< we "the people" (they claim to be acting in "the name of the people" ?) are treated (badly) as "GUILTY UNTIL proven innocent" UNLESS RICH enough , "politically connected" or media attractive.. BY DEVIOUS "tricks" (such as denying me my own english lawyer, by changing the judge every time I appealed against the "detention", by "censorship" and restricted visits, by refusing me my own files, (that they had taken, withOUT a search warrant) , refusing me my evidence in defence, they EXTENDED this "week-long investigation" to 16 months, during which my son Adam & my mother both passed without being "allowed" attendance or mourning.

Ghandi-Robin Hood, 
& my little Noela .........stolen!

Well, I know they wanted to PUNISH me (anyway they could!) as had "campaigned" against the system distributing flyers exposing mayor Bohme's corruption, and lodged the first of FIFTY - FOUR complaints (mostly against german citizens, lawyers, judges, police and other state "beamte" ) at the (invalid) "Court of Human Rights" in Strasbourg ; where GERMAN lawyers decide if COMPLAINTS v "germoney" go ahead… they ruined the life of my "spy in the town hall" (Angelika) and I moved together with margit, even though she cheated during the last phase of the "detention" ..I had negociated a release by agreeing to stop my "paper war"  v the germans so I could regain contact with my son, and Margit (I had dreamt of her betrayal) ..

 ..I wanted so much to forgive her and try for another family, and after a turbulent pregnancy during which she constantly changed her mind whilst I had another conflict with her nazi parents and the hitler youth yuppies who infected her life, I had cleaned, cooked, shopped and held her hands though the long birth at a clinic…result, a month later, (after I was caring for our little girl) when she was stronger she told me "didn’t need me" ..BUT this time I was more prepared ; and had negociated the purchase of an old alsatian farmhouse on the french side of the nearby Rhine river..(near Breisach, not reisbach, oberhausen! …..a private "joke")

I demanded my share of custody, and soon Noela was spending more time with me than Margit… and we got an agreement drawn up in english & german witnessed by her lawyer friend sauer (who then "lost it" when she betrayed that too…) margit's family hired thugs to ambush 30 month old Noela and myself when we were walking in the forest near our home, & broke my finger in the struggle, but they jumped into waiting car and over the nearby frontier into german territory..

After several actions, via children's NGO's & friends in Freiburg, I got in contact with Margit and Noela, and yet they arrested me again, and even deported me to London (AFTER I went "public" involving a journlalist in the farce, when they kept me six weeks, a pathetic attempt by the germans, accusing mE of attacking the ambushers!! ) …in 2006 they held me again for another 6 months after I went looking for Noela at her kindergarten, until I confronted them in their own court, they went from accusing me of brutal violence, to letting me walk out the door within a few hours of farce..!!!!!!!!!!!!

OF course "the system" wasn’t going to help me…I had joined in various anti-establishment activities ; "arbeitslos, nicht wehrlos" (unemployed protest group) "Linksruck" "lefty students group")  ..and My own "subversive" radio programme (Mc5) & my yournal "UNSuB ) confronting & challenging poltical and social hypocrisy with music, comment and humour, (the germans called me "SUBversive" ;) and being co-instigator of the FIRST "human shields project" sending bus-loads of people to Baghdad pre-invasion (which apparently got me on the C1/A anti-american List - I had been caring for Noela, but having sent my passport back to Tony Blair, I wasn’t actually going to Baghdad myself! ;)

BUT when I got more and more support from NGO's individuals, activists ,alternative media and human rights organisations from around the world, and told the germans that I was going to expose this VIOLATION of my children and my rights ..Margit disappeared.. I last saw Noela when I found her and margit  in a Dublin terrace, 3 years ago, (29 nov 2008) I took my (then) dutch girlfriend (Josee Duiker) as "wtiness" but margit kicked the bag of birthday presents out of my hand in front of Noela…the police refused to act and I have no knowledge of where or HOW my little girl is now..
and the "alien(h)ating"

(..DELIBERATELY contrived by modern politics/media?)

Since I was a teenager, I had not had a "local social network" like most people of family and friends, I knew people all over the world, through football; round table; (I was International "round tabler of europe" in 1989/1990 ) enterprise and later NGO's or human rights networks etc.. But steadily and especially after "9/11" the political and media "hype" spreading DELIBERATE MISTRUST of the "stranger" has made it less attractive to be a "universal gypsy/no-mad  …

The first time I really felt it, was c, 1993 in freiburg, the mentality of local businessmen who didn’t want a "stranger" in their version of oUR "international round table" and who twisted our ethics to suit themselves, (cronyisms are everywhere) and neighbours who didn’t mind foreign tourists spendiing money of visiting or investing but didn’t want an "Alien" living next door,..

"They" in power do not want YOU, the people" to get on,  despite any "rhetoric" , to live in co-operation and together, "they" only exist if CONFLICT continues between religious, political or other groups.. Because they become obselete in a society that John describes in "Imagine"..( )   

In the alsatian region, (germanic influenced communities) I was rarely encouraged by my neighbours, only the 2 families directly neighbouring my property had any contact, and when one young french couple left a german arrived, who cut my maturing vine from the fence, because a few centemeres were on "his side" … he poisoned plants on my side by spraying chemicals all along the open mesh fence and the locals cut my tree, because a bus had to drive a few centimetres to go around the beautiful flowing branches in spring…and in the "liberal" dutch region of zwolle, no one , not even the family of my live-in girlfriend invited me to private/family events..

IN the flemish belgian region, I was invited early on, to one young couple in Zondereigen, and the manager of the football team whom I took (in a party of 20+ people for a weekend in Liverpool) were the only ones who showed any "familiarity" and invites in their home.(one silly woman virtually accused me of "stalking" because I DARED to ask her to dinner! YEt that germanic mentality seems "mild" compared to this "monty-land".. I have seen no more that 2 black faces in 18 months…. And the lads I played footy with rejected 2 foreigners and were pretty p*ssed at losing the final to "romas"…(the "thieves & beggars" stigma was more important that accepting that the street kids were simply better that day)...

The gypsies have to beg or rummage through dustbins and habitate in a slum-shack "konyck city" in the suburbs, whilst NGO's pretending to help spend 90% of their time applying for eu grants to pay for an office full of employees. I offered fREE, english lessons and footy coaching (as I did in the dutch community for street kids that are comparitively rich) I offered to help with events, camping and such…but the "social workers" etc REFUSE the FREE
foreign help, probably because it would water down their claims for foreign "aid…

The men here, get violently protective If I invite a local fee-male to dance, or talk with them, even though some of the girls dress like Italian "prossies" ..many young people have to live with their parents because property costs are inflated by the corrupted "rich class" and yet the "image-conscious" creates a sort of fascism, sneering at any one who isn't wearing or driving "the latest"… the kids study 24/7 impressively ..bUT are not allowed to enjoy life by their own society…and there is no "rebellion" …media & politics have suffocated any of that..

The media images and the american "barbie & ken" nightmare permeates throughout the world violating the whole local & global community, not just this "village" but  also the chance for people to really understand what social justice means…consumerism perverts their minds and 99,9% of people are "lost" - poisoned in their minds and hearts and damaging the once beautiful planet with the rubbish that "money is god" has done..

Humanity, sustainable ecology, care in the community and respect for Nature…where?.on this planet?....i am still searching for Intelligence!


see wanted for a "happy Chrismith " ;)

ChriS SmiTH created an event.

just because I am a little "older" ? ;)

Thursday, 15 December 2011 at 00:00 -> 14th January 2012 24:00 (Planet earth.)

URGENT WANTED; a good lady, of no special age, but who has a feeling for life, who cares, not just about herself, but who can laugh at life, SHARE good and bad; sensitivity, stories and the essence of life ; love all emotions..And who will make this a "Happy Chrismith" ;)

Event 1 N.E.P.A.K

"My little girl Noela , Kidnapped following a violent ambush in the Alsatian forest near our home several years ago, shall be 10 Years old on 28th November 2011, I have no Info about where, or more important, HOW she is… her german mother (Margit Streifeneder) disappeared and a policeman in Dunblin is the last person to know where she is… IF you WANT to help me put pressure on to at least get some form of contact send a birthday card to Noela ;


(ref Noela)
"Garda Station"
Clontarf Road,
Dublin 3
Ireland (Eire)

Thank you in advance

Having lived abroad instigating numerous international networking projects since leaving GB more than 25 years ago I have always promoted Liverpool; the people, the culture, the music ; the city and Lfc.. I have volunteered in many charities, coached kids "the Liverpool way" had my own  version of a show similar to John Peel on a german free radio station, constantly promoting all things LIverpool, I tell everyone I meet that this is the place to be, because of the friendly people, culture , its music and football.(being a supporter of Lfc since the 60's) .

I am currently experimenting with youth and local SME/entrepreneurs in a creative enterprise (see "under construction") .. and  ask you to inform me how you think "Its Liverpool" could co-operate with this concept and myself, as Montenegro ("Wild Beauty" ) & the Balkans is becoming increasingly important as a Strategic location for eastern europe and mediteranean regions and certain other areas of the World


the interference continues....