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ChriS>  Sorry I put the wrong "LiverBird" pic here ...still no videos allowed by the net bizzies...but for those who dont know the "Alternative" to LFC is ; 

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The 2011 FARE Action Weeks have been launched online. We want to encourage activities that challenge discrimination and celebrate the contribution we all make to football, wherever we live, regardless of our background, whatever our connection to the game.
Football can be inclusive is our message. Join the FARE family and get active in organising activities, building relationships and helping to educate.
The call is now open for applications for small grants of 400€ to help activities, download the application and find out more.

CS>our project ; LetS-Be

looking back to a month ago...Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Liverpool FC call for calm after night of disturbances

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish today joined players at the club in appealing for calm and an immediate end to the incidents seen in Liverpool over the last couple of days.

Said the Reds boss: "The city has made incredible progress over the past few years and no-one wants to see our restored reputation damaged by what we have witnessed over the last couple of days. For everyone's sake let's stop this now and pull together for the benefit of the whole community

Anwar KopsLiv11 August 13:11
We've got better things to do starting this coming message to ALL Rioters,Looters and Trouble Makers anywhere in England, BACKK OFFFF!!..get yourself 'ChilleD and PrepareD' as We people,around the world,are feeling Ecstatic&ThriLLeD for upcoming BPL new season in just couple of days away..PEACE,ThIS Is AnFieLD!!...

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ChriS>However, we must ensure that whilst respect for other people remains in the local & global community, the polticially motivated "security measures" and global erosion of the individual rights cannot continue -the "new world order" and its mainstream media twists & "spins" every situation and the people must learn to form their own opinion, EVERYone knows what is right or wrong..   (and i am not sorry if i say something thats not "popular" )  

More media "WARNINGS"

 Lfc chairman Werner claims the iconic images from Liverpool's Istanbul glory have fuelled his desire to drive the club towards further success. The Liverpool Chairman admits the scenes of joy which followed the Reds' 2005 Champions League heroics have served as an inspiration as he and John Henry set about helping shape the club for a brighter future. In a CONTRIVED interview, conducted by Managing Director Ian Ayre in Boston, recently screened for the first time on LFC TV, Werner discusses how the lessons he has learned during his tenure in charge of the Boston Red Sox - during which he helped end an 86-year wait to land the World Series - should benefit Liverpool, he CLAIMS he has already developed a deep bond with Reds' fans and why Kenny Dalglish is the man to lead the charge for silverware.

do you "get it" FSG?? really??? only true REdS do!
CS>The only worthy comment is that last sentence (but even so, it took 3 months & 10,000 fans NOT to turn up to watch that fool hodgson's "tactics" before FSG gave rightfully gave Kenny Rafa's job), its really amazing that having achieved a massive bargain, which conveniently EXCLUDED global supporters from the buy in (out) process..Werner is "believed" by so many gullible (sky-washed) fans..Footy is so far removed from the (USA confined culture of "franchise") its almost insulting that a man who has been "in the game" less than a year spouts opinions about a culture WE created. Cant imagine how Werner woudl cope with "REdS army away days" in London or's simply....condesending! hype (by our OWN "channel")
Ugo posted > Fans Committee meet at Anfield - Liverpool FC The "Liverpool FC Supporters Committee" today met each other for the first time at Anfield ahead of agreeing a set of questions to put to senior club officials in their inaugural meeting on Saturday before the opening game of the season.

    ChriS SmiTHwe shall see....;)  ...since this (13th august) a month ago I have consistently asked (as an LFC member & life - long supporter) to see the "minutes" (recorded notes) of this initial meeting (which should set the style for whatever follows) ..Karen told me she saw no far???  is it any wonder I constantly challenge the (LFC) "office" ??

      Ugo> this is great idea.. and its hard to organize, but not impossible! ;)

      CS>Very possible  and (with "will" & LFC "office" promoting it) much much easier than you think!

      Ugo>13 August 10:27

      watch it to the end!
      European night at Anfield
      Liverpool-Inter 2008. atmosphere at Anfield on European nights

      I wrote to Triskel pub , Madrid (but maybe one of you know>>??) 
      "Hiya, I was in yr pub caverna when a film was made of us watching man utd v Liverpool 14 march 2009? do u have a link to a site on the web where I can see that again? YNWA"


      The First ever "Balkan (ex Yugo-YOU GO?) REdS" party @ a Liverpool Bar in BAR! ;)
      Лука Грчић 18 July 01:04
      What do you think about the gathering for the start of the season?
      In Belgrade. We can call Romanian, Macedonian, Montenegro, Bosnian Reds...and make some party.
      Лука Грчић
      Лука Грчић 18 July 01:04
      What do you think about the gathering for the start of the season?
      In Belgrade. We can call Romanian, Macedonian, Montenegro, Bosnian Reds...and make some party.
      ChriS SmiTH
      ChriS SmiTH 18 July 01:50
      well you should do something, but I am tired of saying, they (so called "Lfc fans" in the region of Balkans etc). dont want me involved in organising, but then NOBODY else organises!! its up to you, Luk(e)a...and "beware of the dark side" ;) ............ -> 


      .........Hicks & co nearly sunk OUR club, like hes known in the USA for his "problems" with Texas Rangers, our "office" ignored his ties with george W***er Bush and allowed him into ownership our club, yet there are times when SUPPORTERS cant even get a ticket for Anfield!! ;)  the new Yankers (from NESV to FSG) John Henry & Tom Werner may seem a lot better BUT they are business, they dont have an emotional bond with us, no matter what BS the media or our own Lfc Tv and the blinded fans think, they were introduced by the same broker as Hicks & co, have loaded credit on Anfield & Melwood and took more than enough time to remove Hicks's buddies (Purslow & Hodgson etc) should have re-instated Rafa, but at least King Kenny has charge..  

      so whaT is a "yanker" some sort of mix, between yanks ; bankers & W***ers ... ;) NO apologies what so EVER!  

      ChriS SmiTH > just because u got the club at a bargain, dont mean u know anything more than a 1 year old baby about footy John, u are an average businessman, thats all! and certainly no expert on footy! if u dont know, isnt it wiser for you to keep quiet - just focus on the financial please (oh and publish the minutes, of the committee????please!!! ;)
        • Nane Reds He said we are years behind.. What a funny guy LOL

        • ChriS SmiTH its our own fault , we could have had the club last year if we had put enough pressure on..the net spend of FSG is well with the global income of our 7 million registered fans.. ppl were worried about losing 9 point if we had been "administered" hodgson took 2 months to WIN that many!!

      Open Letter to Nasser Aboobakar from Singapore,
      claiming to be representing the International Supporters, of Lfc
      I have to correct you!
      we ALWAYS had & have a voice, when it counts,  Global REdS have a network of unofficial supporters & fan clubs connecting several Millions, but you currently have the (apparent) advantage of being "sanctioned" by Lfc officially, but I feel you should have waited (if you are as wise as we wish you to be) to see the actual RESULTS of meeting with Henry & Werner, before congratulating the board or commending your own benfited position on the committee..
      If you are that comfortable with the english lanaguage you will know the saying "the proof of the pudding is in the eating"..well the menu looks inviting but we dont know any more than you, whether FSG's business team are just so much better than the previous "suits" at placating the globals fans..
      IMO they have obtained a global entity , worth several times the 200 Million+ they paid for. It  was sad that due to the distractions of the SoS/SL fund concept not being "sold" to our global members , and that failing to materialise through "prolonged committee discussion" etc, (and Lfc failing to sanction the supporter action!) that WE (the global Reds supporters) do not own the club, on paper.
      Although LIVERPOOL FC is morally and actually OURS, should anyone ever attempt to "con" our global members again, we shall act, radically, however, in the meantime, we shall obviously give you & your colleagues the opportunity to earn the privaledge you seem to have gained. Quite candidly, I am highly suspicious of the mechanics that placed you and 17 others in such a position. (You were selected by people selected by Lfc, were you not?)
      p.s. only 17 arrived - one absent through ill-health (get well soon!) isnt there a "back-up" (substitute) for each member in case of emergency/sickness??
      p.p.s why werent the global membership canvassed for THEIR viewpoint/questions prior tot his meeting , or have you a "system" worked out to do this in future?
      (otherwise the committee will only be representing 18 people?)            

      The Redmen TV bring you the UNCENSORED reactions of Liverpool fans from around the world. New for this season: The post match Video Reactions of LFC fans outside Anfield... CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

      CS>personally I think too much tendence on sky-washed knee-jerking fans who often insult our players - for my belief of how supporters should be or (sometimes) withiout wit or my taste but all credit to their initiative..(not yet banned!!)
      John Skotidas 21 August 18:31
      Neville said to Gerrard ::
      "'Come play for United,’ I said one day to Steven when we were in the hotel. 'The fans will take to you in no time.' He just laughed, and said: 'I’ll do it if you go to Anfield.'"
       ;) that little rat would be strung up by his balls!


      Maxi song.... runs down the wing /  ?  (well he scores goals for us too!!)

      Keep Aquilani @ LFC @KeepAquilaniLFC replied to you:

      @RedAlieNeT I'd give KK the benefit of the doubt in the short term. But there is NO logic that a Brit spine is best (Hamann, Alonso,   Molby ?)
      In reply to…
      @KeepAquilaniLFC too much of the xenophobic lobby (media * ex players/pundits") are actually LYing through their teeth about the AA "story"!
      Aug 23, 3:01 AM via web 

      Indian Adventure?

      ON FEBRUARY 26 this year, a 50-year-old Liverpool FC fan stepped in front of a speeding train.Twenty-two years earlier this fan had sold his FA Cup semi-final ticket to a friend, a pal who died the next day in the Hillsborough tragedy. We can only guess at the levels of guilt and torment which must have wracked poor Stephen ....

      Monika Schneider I wished I'd been there !!! I't so great to be live at Anfield ! YNWA
      Seán Ó Cléirigh (in their opinion!)
      In the proud 119 year history of Liverpool FC, the club have won the league title on 18 occasions, the FA Cup seven times, the League Cup seven times, the European Cup five times and the UEFA Cup three times...
      • ChriS SmiTHlooks to be written by a "younger fan" ....others come to mind .Emlyn signing, Keegan or Kenny signing, the 2nd League of Shanks in 73 , the final when we "matured" as a team combining Brit & european style in 74 @ wembley cup final.. Bobs title @ wolve '76 ..retaining the champions cup in 78, etc etc..Gerrard? ..

        I Recommend the blogs of Paul Tomkins, usually talks sense, although a bit over-analytical (he got sold on Henrys numbers, though! ha ha) and the greek Reds do some good articles and have their own "channel" now..  and (if you understand it...about Tommo) and you might like "the end" 

        some fans think footy only started with the "premiereship" 

        Theres a call for a song for Lucas..i like "Brazil" simply humming the tune and repeating "Lucas Leiva, Luca...Leiva, la la " is easy we can add words later

        Talking of the latin influence...We have a new relationship with south american club "Nacional" maybe bring in the next "Suarez or Coates" ...come to the balkans too??

        Having lived abroad instigating numerous international networking projects since leaving GB more than 25 years ago I have always promoted Liverpool; the people, the culture, the music ; the city and Lfc.. I have volunteered in many charities, coached kids "the Liverpool way" had my own  version of a show similar to John Peel on a german free radio station, constantly promoting all things LIverpool, I tell everyone I meet that this is the place to be, because of the freindly people, culture , its music and football.(being a supporter of Lfc since the 60's) .
        I am currently experimenting with youth and local SME/entrepreneurs in a creative enterprise (see "under construction") .. and  ask you to inform me how you think "Its Liverpool" could co-operate with this concept and myself, as Montenegro ("Wild Beauty" and the Balkans is becoming increasingly important as a Strategic location for eastern europe and mediteranean regions and certain other areas of the World
        ChriS SMITH

        more at
        and if u are a true RED..go to..