Friday, January 20, 2017

Just give me some truth… ...

Just give me some truth…  

( as John L… sang..)

u tube , last scene finding forrester ... at writing competition.. if u get the chance... watch this film.. 

FKCS  seniors ?

project "Spartak II" v GLOBAL disparity

The legend of the "Slaves general" , who broke free of the roman rule, and freed slaves into an army that challenged the establshed empire.

will be repeated again, the difference is, in that legendary story" the slves KNEW they were chained to a role by their masters,
2 thousand years on, the irony is that average person is fooled into thinking he/she is "free"

but is more cleverly enslaved.. whilst the "masters" exploit the planet, its riches,

and pollute the air , land, water, food and minds of children to continue their "matrix" whilst

the difference between the haves & have nots grows..

this is NO longer the dawning of the "age of Aquarius"

it is here...the time for IMPrOVED change in not a wish its a VITAL need of HUMANITY

natural evolution will reverse the cycle of power brokers, through kingdons, religion, industry and media

that enslaved the body now enslaves the mind..

Spartakus freed the slaves, made them into an army, which armed the people with the romans own weapons..

the same will happen now, the "social media" which used the interbet, which was free, to commercialize,

exploiting the users to enrch the owners and leaders and goverment agencies, wh spy upon you. is now being

used, to expose "fake2 in them , in their "mainscream" media, their inflated profit, their products unneeded,

communities , not government will take back ownership, of land, utilities and facilties,

on the followign dates May 23- may 29 2017 meetings are being held by over 30 million people , ordinary people,

who have woken and have taken the "red pill" :) join evolution (non violent, not "revolution" that encircles you)

or...if you prefer; stay a slave to "them".. its called "free will" and your Good gave it to you.


"what man can perceive , we will achieve!"

"reality" is now more ridiculous than a "python" sketch!

(I lost 25% income after "brexit" )

.....Us of A been going down the t oilet since the 60's

UK and major european nations not far behind chasing them there,,..

not sure can go much lower, but its always possible...

no one has any credibility anywhere in the world now, its all "fake"

u cant trust a word the media or govt tells you,

the only thing you can do is communicate with the people they tell you to hate

, or discredit and find out for yourselves..

TRump isnt in charge, none of yr presidents since Kennedy have been in charge,

and even he was removed because he went against the real leaders ,

,those ,whose business is war, and there is a sort of perverse karma in that trump

the biggest and most dangerous ego

may yet become a true dictator of the the most dangerous nation on the planet..

the sheeple have swallowed the "american dream" that is now OUR global nightmare ,

, but the other side must not deny that it was Obama ...

who allowed Na to to make the biggest build of miliary since WW2 along the borders of russia and china,

as usual those inside the USA dont see the "whole picture" :)

if you dont like the BS, IMPROVE the world you live in and stop "watching" the sheeple destroy it......!

as the award-winning reporter John Pilger stated recently "There are no proper reporters in the mainstream now", they just echo rumour and sponsored propaganda...

(this is about the ONLY time i agree with der Drump, that CNN is FAKE!)

.............the echo is just that = an "echo" 2nd hand news,

the footy "journos" are just fans with no particular original thought process

and the mainscream reporting , is stale..

post your TRUTH ....OR fake media..? @

Fake Fans ..

Lfc declared a record recent profit and made NUMBER 1 spot for NET profit (2015)
and is number 9 in the revenue (what the media calls the "money league" )

around a quarter of a million income per annum...

surely true RED Supporters want us to be top of the "footballing league"????

only ONE (2nd class) trophy achieved since the US infestors took over
..from G & H to J W Hnery/FakeS ports group) in TEN seasons...

however, the Lfctv and local/mainscream media hype Klopps progress on the field,
IGNORING how low we went with Woy & Brent.... removing the best manager we had since 1990,
in Rafa Benitez

Irony of sacking a legendary manager in Kenny , after HE WON that trophy and got us to another final
in the first/only full season in charge,..

but fans dont worry, " We are Rich"

I agree with a youth policy, but bear in mind there were 25 (TWENTY FIVE) international class youth players at Lfc when Rafa/Kenny/Rudplfo were together. Almost all gone and mostly sold at profit to the business company that ruins the club...

I have campaigned since before G & H and the moors betrayal,. for the 30 million + supporters and fans to set up a professional trust to manage Lfc in co-operation with Lp council...
I would even settle to share it with the current board, but with OUR choice at an EGM
of who should be in charge on and off the field,..

in the meantime, even with 8,000 new main stand fans,. Anfield is full..of middle class spectators

whilst OUR " socialist" core is priced out,...

I cant "dessent" any other way because daring to challenge anythign connected with the U S of A
means my facebook , emails and membership of supporters orgs, gets blocked..and blogs "censored"

anyone who watched Tonys "potemkin league" (you tube) .. and thought it was extreme..
probably breathed a sigh of relief when chelski man Broughton maneuvered the club to Henry & co.. (people who make profit from legalized fraud)

...well, that is the fake world that you want?

I want my "holy trinity " club of supporters the club I gave so much to and got from..

If any club in the world belongs to supporters IT MUST BE LIVERPOOL!


I would rather be top of the footballing league!

.... quarter of a million annual income from commercial/tv !! ?

that seems impressive..and certainly looks good to an accountant, or an investor, but please , 

how can a REd supporter, with one 2nd class trophy in the time of US A "ownership" be happy?

sure JK is a positive influence.. but , if we had held on to Rafa & world class players,

and perhaps acquired one or two more ,

IMO, we would have won the league and been european champs in this time !

too many fans have bought into the Lfc propaganda whilst our core "socialist" supporters are priced out....

Ltc board is well into May/Bush/Trump policies...

"football authorities cutting down on cheating" ???

Good, IF the refs and FA are UNbiased...

BUT, they have to be equal AND wouldnt it be GOOD if they stopped the "holding" that goes on at every game

at a corner , it can be stopped, if the REf went into the dressing rooms before the game and said ,

keep your arms down before the kick is taken,

if I see anyone obstructing a player with arms up above his waste I will book that player,

and may give a pen if it impedes the opponent .. !

(Ref Oliver didnt even "notice" Pogba virtually strangling Hendo last sundat at OT!!! ) .....btw

Ander Herrera is a typical manc sh&te!

watching the mancs v Lfc game again..

my notes,

* Pogba was wrapping his arms round Lovren at the start

could have got yellow/red hand ball & strangling Hendo ? , Roone, fellaine and Met shd have got yellow

and Herrera Red for pulling back Firmino..on the break..

* Can needs to be more precise in passing, put in more effort, doesnt win headers at corners for a big man

* Lfc left flank their right side was open in 2nd half, Wijn, Hendo or Can shd have seen Milly was alone..

Valencia offside for their goal . but saw too much of the ball 2nd hal;f//.

Trent failed to block cross from Rooney,

* Lfc pushed back into pen area due to loss of midfield control.

Passing desperate in 2nd half gave initiative away and imputus for the mancs to equalize

* Jk was looking to "see out" the 2nd half and keep the 0-1

if he was goign to risk and get 3 points he should have subbed Can instead of or And Origi

for me Phil should have come on for Can & Studge for Origi, as Can wasnt controlling midfield

and Origi not able to punish the weak utd defence .. Studge might have done better with a few

half chances and utd wouldnt be able to stream forward as much with Studge on shoulders of their back 4.

with a single goal lead, playing "safe" actually gave the game back to utd.


project "Spartak II" v GLOBAL disparity; protect the Red (pill)

the FAKEBOOK GUESTAPO BLOCKED A FRIEND , WHO USED ANON .I D TO AVOID BEING STALKED BY SOMEONE ,,,SO I AM FRIENDING ALMOST All 1000 FRIENDS of that person, is that ok with YOU? add ? .....Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017


Campaign event..

project "Spartak II" v GLOBAL disparity


chris N> (USofA)

Really? REALLY, Donald Trump? Someone reports a false story about you (aka, makes fun of you again or say something bad about you) and you have to GO THE FUCKING AIRWAVES, this time, AND HOLD AN HOUR LONG, LIVE, TV PRESS CONFERENCE about it?? That is so fucking absurd.

Every time someone calls you a name or says something bad (and untrue) about you, are you gonna hold a media press conference to denounce them? Good bye Freedom of Speech, I guess.

Nah, just kidding. All he can do is whine about it. And it's pretty fucking entertaining.

Well, it would be MORE entertaining if I knew he wasn't the one in charge of my country.

....W.M.D ("weapons of Male destruction") LINK:

Fake Fee-Male media ...
constipation not emanzipation?


the name of the tv channel should have me warned, when fee-males self promote ONE gender...
why is this "acceptable" in modern society..
after all I recall how fanatical the rightful indignation of women who protested about exclusion from "mens clubs"..
so the response is to make a "fee-male" club...

I would be more supportive if they didnt repeat the banal..
cliches like "be yourself" and "seize the day" are hammered into the minds of viewers..

and so are the fashion items in between programmes (the "Red Carpet" full of a&& kissing comments by
some bad-accented english girl who sounds liek she is reading parrot-(*fashion) from a teleprompter.

the constipated programming is without imagination, no creativity or originality...
but re=runs..

now I like(d) "Gilmore girls" ... but I whilst I also like strawberries and cream , if I ate it daily I might eventually hate it..
this series attracted me by "accident" due to som witty script and moments...however, 5/6 hours of repeated re-runs,
means the same episode seen FOUR times within a season.

and viewers are conned into watching the same fils, (Nothng hill, Bridget (3>)..a bridget too far!) time and again..
with the selling point , encouraging girlies nights, where probably the film content is almost irrelevant,
or to "veg out" alone or with GF ... which suits the commercial world they live in..on the sofa...

no wonder the west is no longer, "wild" is fat...!

is this REALLY what "women want" ???

CliTon H.

Thatcher, Merkel, and Hilary... and the mundane May... hopefully have killed off young girls from being in politics..
politics as highlighted by these few examples brings out the worst aspects of a human ; lying, cheating , killing
destruction and pollution of the planet ; these 4 examples will do nothing for the "emancipation" of the "softer sex"
(any man who has experience of conflict with the other gender knows, that cruelty becomes an art form, if a woman is your enemy..


My mother taught me to respect girls, "treat them like they are your sister" she said, my mother was a great activist, with a big energy that I inherited...

for the community and our family..I got a lot of loVe from my parents.. but she didn't warn me that my "sister"
could be the one stabbing my back as i look forward..

"M" promised to help set up a girls/ladies football, sports & community club and teams
in a region which has traditionally expected "barbie girls" to seek a husband, not get involved in sweaty team games..

Promised me then disappeared ....and amongst so many who lose their enthusiasm... and then find excuses..

to be just like the stupid men they hated,...
they sell out too.....

the "american dream" is now Y-OUR GLOBAL NIGHTMARE..