Monday, January 12, 2015

MOnTV Dani Love this year?

for 2015 programme start of D. I. S. C.   GO!!!

"The founder members of D.I.S.C org (a not for profit association) met @ "Obala" 9th January 2015 

DaniLOVgrad International Social & Culture Community Club, Montenegro ("Monty")

The aims are stated at :

Events are being planned...  

to give you a "taste" here are some pictures taken by and of happy visitors..."

to this "wild beauty" region...

We also plan the first great "REd nose days" ever in  Europe... to raise funds for charitable initiatives

and for the community to have fun together with visitors and guests.. and introduce plans to renovate ruins

and begin the "eco village"...(link)

WE are the CLUb..

Even if you are not a sports person or fan.. theres fun for all the family ...rafting, footy tournir, music, dance, barbeque and party

here and abroad....
we shall also organise fun events, concerts and more..

and "Liverpool night"..and thats a surprise..

Join now by completing the cut out on the brochure, become a member and get a chance of a special weekend prize."

for more info email DANI LOVE or add yourself at the facebook group. produced and edited (e & o e) by ChRiS...your local Alien :) now will you start to improve your local and global community??