Sunday, October 13, 2013

MoNtV alternative to the BS!

131013  MoNtV is closed from its audio - visual production because of "Borg-type" interference 

the c1a & its various "poodles" block intelligence opposition to the "system" .. and the sheeple comply .. so this is the "alternative" 

ChRiS>Saturday evening, and I am “in between” probably the last visitors of this Year, and its raining in the centar between sunny days (expected up to 30 degrees C., tomorrow!) 

had a great time @ the international party in Tirana (@ friends albanian hostel) last week so I felt I’d rather have a “pause” this evening & watch a couple of films, 

the first ; epitomises the sad state of senior and young graduates in the “system”(in this story learning how to “fire” people effeciently with the usual bullsh*te… )

the 2nd ..the classic “Shawshank” ..which needs NO explanation if u have any sensibity about what makes this a classic and gREAT story…(especially relevant for me, perhaps)

… then I get an FB notice from a girl whom I hosted last year and who I visited in march during my only majot excursion this year, to boast about some “famous” bar (I’ve mever heard of) in the “good ol’ US of A that she is proud of visiting, my reaction is to almost choke that in a time when there are fantastic tarvelling opportunities and still many valuabel people to share that with,

….that ANYONE of “intelligence & sensitivity” could choose the USA , a plastic society full of BS and people scared of their own opinions fast becoming the “nightmare” they infected the rest of the world with, that we are escaping from.. poor girl! I feel sorry for her and the sheeple that havent learnt ..and who probably wont.. sad!

Still theres only so much room on the Spiritual “ark” ???

Gemini > Just when you thought you couldn't take this intensity for much longer, your reprieve has arrived. Expect merry conversation courtesy of lighthearted friends who absolutely won't let you refuse to go out.

    Compatibility: Aries
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    Lucky Time of Day: 3pm

This morning could be a bit tricky, mostly because you probably stayed up way too late last night -- but for wonderful reasons. Hang tough, though. 

the TEA..bags of Virpazar... ! :)

so why dont we own LFC? 

The Balkan REdS  now @ Tolosi .....tREdS

U "MUST SEE" ...this film... :)
with Raech's friend @ Virpazar  

+ SWEET & SOUR images of Prizren and "Dani" and a blond b*tch too..

10/12, 10:29pm
Bill Stevens >By leaders, I meant in History. In colonial times and during our fight for independence from England much of the money and talent came from Virginia . We didn't kill off the indians and rape the land till latter;of course if we hadn't, we'd all be speaking German by now.I believe it was all Virginia back then without the West Virginia. As far as "American" history and natural beauty goes, it has much to offer. We can never compete with Europeans as far as history goes, or genocide for that matter; but I think Gi is much more into beauty than history.


? ..what is your point? do u think I am "english"? , some fairly violent people planted a flag in the continent where U live and eventually claimed it as the U S of A! so what? 

G?  or Gi or is she now " wow Geeee" ?;)
u obviously dont see the irony in claiming "independence" for a land that wasnt yours or for stealing the natives land, I am as equally critical of europeans criminal acts and of colonization , u cant credibly claim owners of "american history" when u only have a couple of hundreds years to argue about, and when CNN cant even report accurately and without bias what happened last week its all too ridiculous for words.. 

i have been to New York, for the experience, I wouldnt want to visit the rest of the U S of A, and believe me , you wouldnt want me there, either because u have no justification for being "proud" of anything titled "america" now... (and incredible u justify genocide to avoid speaking german?) if your "nation state" did speak german it would probably reflect your mentality much more accurately.. the "american dream" has become the "global nightmare" .. but we aRE NOW learning to dis-infect oursleves..again.. C1a0


CNN , BBC and most mainstream media....

Marija V..i.would like to see, Vidi! :)
BEautiful face from Beautiful place..

great many ways... 

some funny times HERE too!

ChRiS with the REdS @ Wembley '86 , double season..great TIME!

Rome 77 = Great Time

Random PIcs......

Stevies smile........

when I was a boy.........

Chris East-west Invest Ursun>


dont imagine, make it so, everyone talks, likes the song...but its everyones responsibility to DO it, dont just write on Fb..dont just chat, BE the change..

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    If the sheeple constantly give power to governments & “leaders” … and depend on “technology” for communications & “intelligence” ..this WILL become “reality” …
    (FB already blocks many of my messages...)

    Eagle Eye is a 2008 American actionthriller film directed by D. J. Caruso and starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan. The two portray a young man and a single mother who are brought together and coerced by an anonymous caller (Julianne Moore) into carrying out a plan by a possible terrorist org...

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  • as the mainstream (CNN/BBC and most "national media") is full of manipulated BS, its morally fair for her to make her own version 

  • ...Played with the “burn” on my Leg, and with Fab we were about twice the age of the lads , but we battered them, and with our teams joint top of the league, experience over youth… like life itself,
  • tREdS "Internazionale" with argentinian Agus & Luci
    Football isn’t complicated , pass to the player nearest , pick up any opponent near your goal t who is unmarked when they have the ball, and support each other in defence or attack.. When team-mate has ball, move into space.. oh and score more goals than the other team! 
    "What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?" ~George Eliot —

    Timeline Photos 

  • Unknown Artist City: Köln Foto sent by Isabel Großer #Classics 

    Warning: If you are pissed off easily, don't read this post. Although plenty of (American) commenters agree with me, 

    he Novi Sad community for over 3 years now, a business owner, a volunteer, artist & designer. I’m married to Evdoxia Seitanidou (Greek age 32) now for 8 years & we have 3 children Nathaniel age 6, William age 4 & Juliet age 2. My wife and I are some of the founders of the Culture Exchange, a cultural center & Bike Kitchen here in Novi Sad. The Culture Exchange has been very active in the community offering a free Bike Kitchen, free workshops on bikes, art, crafts, sewing etc. free language courses in Serbian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, German & English. We are also a venue for live music supporting many local artists. The concept of culture exchange is to create a community space geared towards social work that can run by itself without the need for government grants or other such support. So far the concept has worked well due to help from many volunteers & in the first year has reached a level of sustainability. I’m writing this now as a member of the Novi Sad community which I believe has a wonderful, rich history of tolerance, openness & multiculturalism. I, my wife & children would love to see this continue & we hope to live in Novi Sad for many years to come as we continue to work to make this city a better place to live in. The problem is now, for whatever reason, we have been targeted by factions in Novi Sad who are less open minded than most, who want to keep Serbia in the dark ages, through fear, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, fascism & the like. We have been accused of the most random & ridiculous things, & have received threats on our person & our lives. Despite complete transparency & openness in our dealings with the authorities & besides being a tax paying citizen of Novi Sad, with one of my kids going to public school here we have been given till the end of October to leave the country.

     With everyone from the police to our lawyers lying to us & bullying us, changing their story every day & trying their utmost to force us out of the country. I have dedicated the last 4 years of my life towards Serbia & Novi Sad, living on next to nothing & working for free to help the peoples of Novi Sad. My business pays taxes & is a local Serbian business with a goal towards export creating a stronger Serbian economy & keeping the money local. I have fought with foreign companies & media to improve the Serbian name in the eyes of the west, defending Serbia at every opportunity. I have traveled around the world to some 30-40 countries & lived in at least 10 & I have never previously experienced the corruption & intolerance that I have experienced here now in the last few months. We live in a troubling time in Serbia & the choice is yours every day to fight for your rights or to submit to fascism & intolerance. Recently a professor, husband & father was brutally beaten in our city by a group of homophobic youth. There is presently a trend in Novi Sad heading in a very bad direction, down a very dark path. Please spread the word & fight with us to keep Novi Sad the free & tolerant place we all hope in our hearts she is. We salute & appreciate any & all people in the police & media who are fighting to make their community a free & wonderful place to live. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”
    Nicos Andreou
    Our choices become our character ... Our character becomes our destiny ... Beware!
    He portrays himself as an average family man in touch with the concerns of recession-hit voters - but the truth is very different

    Photos from Joseph Harry's post in UK Civil Disobedience