Thursday, November 27, 2014

Serbian Rocky, the non-flying chicken connection, (RESCUE) and Shanks in Dani?

141127 TODAY i PLANNED to go to visit the "Rocky Statue"  quite a story, near to Novi Sad..but a late start, MOOd and an emotional day, (see below) decided otherwise, (see link) ..The pride of Zitiste...ROCKY!

Documentary film about statue of Rocky Balboa in Zitiste, Serbia 2007
The irony of the people in this small Serbian town , and the people in Philidelphia using "Rocky" as an idol, the attitude of some jealous and narrow minded people who opposed the idea, and missed the "point" that the "message" of the films was (IS) to NEVER give up! reminded me again of "MY MENTOR"  ..Shanks....

 One certain aspect that I learned early on whilst a boy from Shanks and other "ideals" that MENTALITY is so everything, whether relationships, Teams, enterprise, career, or simple everday life, the attitude of be HUMAN, to care, to have EMPATHY and invest in others, whether local community and / or global society is VITAL if we are NOT to be ROBOTS, "sheeple"  or "CHICKENS"  (and I also refer to the use of this word as a term regarding COWARDS..because so many people take the cowards way out, even if they are up to their ears in SH*TE..) its incredible that SO MANY people of this planet, who are shown a dream, (it could be THEIR dream..) an alternative life, a GOOD way, prefer to stay in the swamp, made for them by the few with power, simply accept to SPEND (in the negative sense) their life, without using all their efforts & energy to make something worthy of the miracle given to them by "the universe" "nature" "GOD" or whatever created this think we find outselves In,..simply amazing , yet I suppose my "ego" says... "well, it they had taken their chances, then I would have not had such a full LIFE "and still looking to make some new adventures and improve THEIRs...

ah, well, lets look at the humourous aspect of this week, perhaps you should first read ; (link) 

Rocky the chicken?
I was joking about the "arrival" (the last time I was here in NS) of the "infamous" chicken, being flown in by her colleague, and that it could be "delayed by air trafic control"... so ID found out that the ex colleague couldnt deliver it yesterday, and decided to go to their nearby house to pick up the WHOLE thing, (our "planned" diet for the days I am here) ...she told me how she had to "hammer" away at the freezer, to get it out, it sounded funny, and how the ladys Dog came and looked her in the face as she was struggling to get the frozen chicken out" ..I imagined a news headline "chicken operation ; RESCUED from the freezer by local girl"  or (for those of you who like spy novels ) "The CHICKEN that came in from the cold.."  and whilst I was considering this, the next "strange chicken connection" happened.... whilst watching the above Rocky documntary we learned that the sponsor of the statue is the largest supplier of.....Yes,  CHICKENS, in Voyvodina (the Serbian region closest to the Hungarian frontier)

for INFO:  
It is located in the northern part of the country, in the Pannonian Plain of Central Europe. It has a population of about 2 million (about 27% of Serbia's total). The region is divided by the Danube and Tisa rivers into: Bačka in the northwest, Banat in the east and Syrmia (Srem) in the southwest. A small part of the Mačva region is also located in Vojvodina, in the Srem District. Today, the western part of Syrmia is in Croatia, the northern part of Bačka is in Hungary, the eastern part of Banat is in Romania (with a small piece in Hungary), while Baranja (which is between the Danube and the Drava) is in Hungary and Croatia. Vojvodina has a total surface area of 21,500 km2 (8,300 sq mi).[11] Vojvodina is also part of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa euroregion.

I wonder whether the people of Dani. would react positively to such an idea (they already have a permanent OPEN museum where people from all around the world come to carve statues..)

It was a rare escape from many emotions at this time; My estranged (13 year old) daughters birthday Tomorrow ... My deceased wife Jacqui's birthday on MONDAY (1 December) who was cremated on my birthday in 05, and the Birthday of my deceased son Adam, who died mysteriously in an english hospital in is perhaps better for me to be alone, because I dont feel that its possible for anyone to understand me at any time, let alone, THIS time...

MY Noela will be 13 years old thursday 28 november... .stolen at age of 30 months by a selfish & perverted mother ..(margit streifeneder) 

to Noela

at 13 years
I cant forget your tears
the last time
I held you in my arms

AS I remember her , aged 2 yrs + 6 months 
you are now a teen
so many years in between

who are you now?
my love is buried
deep inside
and search for a place to hide

my own .................

I love you
Dad xxxxx
  • Chris Smith-I have no Info about where, or more important, HOW she is… her german mother (Margit Streifeneder) disappeared 5 years ago, (after i found them after a 5 year international campaign ) and a policeman in Dublin is the last person to know where she is… IF
    you WANT to help me put pressure on to at least get some form of contact
    (so she might know that i dont forget her) send a birthday card to Noela 
    Sgt. SEXTON
    (ref Noela)
    "Garda Station"
    Clontarf Road,
    Dublin 3
    Ireland (Eire)
    Thank you in advance
    ChriS SMITH x
    Network of Estranged Parents and Abused Kids (FB link) created an event.
    (Message /Birthday card for stolen Noela )