Monday, April 22, 2013

13422 i am 18 again, and have already had enough ..of you! (the general public; sheeple!) dont happy? I am FINE..but you??

13422 i am 18 again, 
and have already had enough 

..of you! 
(the general public; sheeple!)  
dont worry happy?

i am fine,,,  but the rest of  you need THERAPY, or  a few million volts to wake you up???  you , the general public, the "sheeple" are BONKERS..mucking fad, full of "fannies"  and cupid stunts...

18 years ago today, i had an almost "spiritual"  awakening.. on easter 21/22 april , after a week (!) in a meningitis - coma, the doc of a belgian hospital (@ Veurne, de panne meaning "breakdown" !) told me they did not expect me to survive or wake up... it had an effect, I made a "pact" to never again do anythign for money or material gain.. and test anythign and everything that is nothing to do with money! (although i "mentored" some people , mostly young during the time, and shared my experience..such is the madness of the world that no one cares about what i know, apart from govt agencies who love to "investigate" what their limited brains dont understand..
Yes, today I am 18 (again) and as an adult i chose to say "enough is enough" i am done with you...


Luis , fiitting,  scored for the 96? but bit off more than he could chew
last night and this morning 2 things confirmed my decision that I was anyway virtually sure of.. the "wife elect" of someone i considered my closest friend had obviously spread some displeasure  concerning a charity project I am proposing, 

and the "media reaction" to a certain footballer.. ..........
amazing, without justification of his good or bad aspects, the nation forgives a ruthless dictator called Tahtcher , whose policies KILLED people..and THEY honoured the witch last week.. "out of balance"? ..calm down knee-jerkers!

 My "solo" performance at a party, when a number of personal losses got to me (I am the sole survivor of my family and the social network of my youth ) stirred a mixture of sadness and anger, and caused self-pity, never an "attractive picture" sparked off by a casual remark by said woman, and the recent betrayal of promises by someone i called "Dax" who I met last year in Budva, who should have been an important part of my projects and who "promised" to be in my life...

 I suppose in many ways it a viscious circle and whilst I KNOW "forgiveness" is divine...I cant keep emptying my self in the hope of people responding like human beings should, they dont, I dont give up on anything or anyone, but U have to protect myself, I have been so much in recent years ; losing everyone i loved one way or another that my "image must look like a piece of toast, charcoaled...
I gave T-shirts to Leader Julieta & Mexican Penny, who had few summer clothes
 some disturbing complaint by neighbours , because i had a surprise visit , from THIRTEEN "hippy-style cyclists"...I have to say that the neighbours english translation was very confusing, google is a very inefficient system and it could lead to mis-understanding...... I apologised on their behalf, they are mostly young but I feel they had good intent. They are a group making a bicycle trip from Balkans to Paris ; Amongst them french, spanish, austrian, iranian, albanian  & even a mexican volunteer..

I did NOT ask them to pay for sleeping in the garden, I was asked spontaneously if they  could "rest" after they crossed  on bicycle from albanian/macedonian mountains etc ..I felt it was right..

also Natella; the girl who should have come to promote / clean the white house as a family hostel, etc is sick.. and did not travel to MNE, so, unless i find another person who wants to co-operate, the website will be "quiet" I will continue to have personal guests from time to time, this was an unusual , spontaneous and extreme situation.  I hope we can continue an atmosphere of tolerance..

I dont complain all the time, about tv/internet interuptions, of the neighbour using noisy machines, or the dog always barking ; or neighbour's children screaming when I wanted to nap, as happened today, so I hope we continue "give and take" I really want to maintain a friendly relation. (although I do want to  know what the neighbours did with my Liverpool fc flag?)

Then there is the CAMPAIGN v the "Infestors" , yankers and "fannies"

reports claim that John  Henry talked to Directors of the mancs  ("old toilet" pic on the right) ...
(f-way!)whatever th basis of this article WE KNOW that Henry & Werner (& Ayre) dont Know how to manage LIVERPOOL or understand our culture
Ayre didnt defend Rafa or Kenny (a greater man than them all!)
Henry;s USA "empire" has collapsed and we want management that represents the Supporters
not a "franchise" for their benefit!
IF ever there was a club that MUST be owned by its supporters it is LIVERPOOL Footbal club!



   I have respect for (Justice campaigner) Anne Williams , no other english woman at this time neither thatcher nor aunty liz!  royalty stole the land from the people!

  Anger also @ the sheeple because ....they have no realisation just what an achievement it was for Liverpool to have been so consistent for so long...  and often when we were cast as criminals when the TRUTH is that politicians and authorities and police ARE CRIMINAL 13421

This time, 21/22 April could be best described as my "alternative birthday" :)
I woke up from a week-long (meningitis induced) COMA @ easter 1995 ,
so I maybe have the spirit of an 18 year old! but i have the memory of an older man who has survived extremes, and seen and done a lot of good (and sometimes "bad")

MY lifetime passion ; LIVERPOOL ; the club , the music (along with the lyrics of Lennon) and witty CULTURE helped form my character.. and stayed with me, worldwide; it was always there, even when everyone and everything else was not.

I have campaigned for supporters ownership and people power in the local and global society ; because I have been a leader or instigator (and in the opinion of some a "troublemaker" .. i have also opposed many leaders, and the few I respect are either no longer alive or have been discredited by an often evil media manipulated by the few and "empowered" by the many.. 

best this view my face is showing the strain..of this,...too///...

96 legally murdered by Thatchers govt/police, if not for OUR people it could have been 200 more!
when the word "legend" fits a GREAT man!
NOt off side... biased refs/FA!

Winning Cups with Stevie G, needs Rafa or Kenny...

In a week where one TRUe campaigner for Justice Anne Williams died ; 2 others ; Thatcher (a dictator) and the english queen (whose family stole their power) are "honured"
i am reminded of the apathy of sheeple and the ignorance of so many! WHEN WILL YOU "WAke up"????
it is NOT enough to "chat" on FB, or talk about or complain you must CAMPAIGN, if YOU really care!

I look 10 years older now than this photo 7 years ago before the Yankers INFESTED us

I am content that the system has been sufficiently exposed, that IT IS KNOWN that John Henry and F S G (who with previous "Infestors" since 2007) .. have eroded the best of our club. 

 ..that it is now up to YOU, dont wait for people like sean or myself to make videos that remind you what you should already know

.. I place my faith in karma and believe you will all get the society you deserve, whatever that may be,  may goodness go with you!

Sunday 21 April I watched the game LIVERPOOL v RAFAs team (strangely in Blue) I knew Rafa would get a result...we watched at the "Monty boys" caffe, with Hugo and Veli and later got "sauced" when Marko, Stefan, Alek (thats almost "the Team" ) joined us at the Irish pub and another bar.. congrats to Rafa, showed BR how to win @Anfield!!!!!!
    ChriS SmiTH>  moral victory folks! BR is a schoolkid compared to Rafa! F S G OUT and take the novice with u!
... read this...
    ChriS SmiTH >
    UnSUB-B: LOVE Rafa (Global REdS & Kenny) , Hate Thatcher (F S G & Fergie...)


 There isn't enough ENTHUSIASM>>


more evidence of stupidity... when you do good they do bad... 

and some birthday greetings...

 Vita, that is a LIVE-ly name
i am told you will play our game
i hope u will have the same
feeling as i do!

please to meet you in Vilnius
hope its not the last meeting f us
and sorry I licked your neck
too temping, i could not check ;)

have a special day
in every way
so i say..
happy birthday...

and my only "hostess" ! ;)

have a great time "Saule GI"
now a footy girl i see
is this some influence from me?
lets have a cup of ginger tea!

wish u all that u deserve
even when life sends u a curve
be strong be clear and honest too
and i will always support U!

x ChRiS

for you... GI and the 13 visitors to Toloshi!!!  scared the neighbours!


and ChRiS .... if the sheeple dont block the view!