Sunday, April 29, 2012

12429 ants, Borg & "fannies"

12429  ants, 
& "fannies"

I should probably have posted this on "UNSUB"

but thank the fascist censors of y-our enemies on the internet who "bounce" almost every blog link & content I post on there!

 -- its SUBVERSIVE to have your own opinion today, dont you know??? ;)

its Sunday morn, and again 30 degrees c. and the irritating ants are out in force on my patio, , I gave them a fighting chance by a slow flood so that they might be able to swim away, but like the "fannies" in all aspects of life, we have to go to the cause..and not the "symptoms" (which is what the "fannies" are) of an INFECTION, and dont ever believe it is anything other than a diseased mentality 

.. because these people can be different IF the environment changes..

But,  I have to find where the ants infesting my patio & kitchen have their nest, if i am to stop them 'irritating" me all year..

much is the same with "fannies" who infest our club...IMO (and backed by evidence, which will be known) the cause is found by confronting those in the "office" through to FSG/NESV, and "the american way"

.....which has too much influence on the minds of the with,,,,,,the....

the BORG

even the best captains can be...B.....!

"They" are almost certainly beyond saving and 

they only have one aim = a programme to "assimilate"...

they even use SEX to seduce U ;), me and everyone to be the same, conditioned by the "new world order" and its computerised, robotic, group, intending to take over y-our universe!..enough said?  you have been warned.!


"fannies" are those modern ants who are on their way to becoming "BORG" but who decided to "follow" a football club

... they moan, they whinge, they act like spoilt brats, they dote on sky tv (and are thus "sky-washed" they repeat most of the scum media's "experts" & "pundits" & "journos" (none of whom have ever suceeded to manage a top club..

(its not the way ; the merican game is "american rugby" because the players CARRY it , its not "FOOTBALL" football is the British - invented game enjoyed by the REST of the World (that exists, surprisingly, OUTSIDE of the USA) 

its time for US to use WMD ha ha... ask Messrs Bush & Blair if its "ok to go in" ??? ;)

I would love to meet these "fannies" INDIVIDUALLY on a live TV show with fair moderation, where they could NOT hide (in a "crowd" or behind an internet "profile" ..or in the street..(just joking , mods) ?

...Shanks ideology WAS true for MY generation but not for modern ant-like fannies who are nothing more than "irritations"

but "they" can infest a great club like ours - they "flag" anything that dares go deeper than their superficial sky-washed non-culture.. but I said I wont react any more to "them:

this is  for "TRUE REd Mates..

well the "fannies" still moaned last night instead of enjoying one of the best  hat-tricks i have ever seen..  (and a decent team performance)
& GOAL of the season by Luis(?) Link

J-train & Davey(preece?) are 2 of the irritating ant-like "fannies"  they seem to be "buddies" of grotten.. 

 let me know if we are going to "take it to the mattresses" ha ha ;)
I have transferred the "fannie" questions to..

IF this means something to YOU, u are my friend! :)
just counting down the hours to add another to the formal complaints..
p.s. its another response to why i posted the open letter..(see link to REdAlieN )  so, ...."its Out there" .. ;)

"have a nice day!" ;)

thanks to a fellow subversive for this....(only for my COP subscribers?)

p.p.s  ...I only said......

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

featuring the "banned" ChriSmith" ..Alien "apartheid" ????

impersonating a Human BEing ? ;)

Alien "apartheid" ????  

"they" have blocked me in every way since I "dropped out" of their SYSTEM following a post-meningitis COMA in 1995...

and again my "facebook" is blocked because I have "befriended " too many people for their liking (over 2,300 "friends"  ....?) ...and been "UNsubversive" ;)

to bring U up to date on recent postings you may have missed ..see also..
links @

seen the fictional version of how the "New World Order police state" destroys individuals... ?
Nothing but the Truth (2008 film)

Nothing but the Truth is a 2008 drama film written and directed by Rod Lurie. According to comments made by Lurie in The Truth Hurts, a bonus feature on the DVD release, his inspiration for the screenplay was the case of journalist Judith Miller, who in July 2005 was jailed for contempt .......

 influenced by true experiences, & getting worse in USA and the other "democratic states" of EU etc... more exposures coming soon @ ;)
NOW to be Alien 2: 12417 nenenenennnnnn.....Nineteen ;

SCLOG: PROGRESS from an emotional Easter & HJC J4t6 ; "the REBEL cause" 

- "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"
Hillsborough Tribute - Heart As Big As Liverpool
Hillsborough Tribute 100 Days That Shook The Kop The Mighty WAH! Heart As Big As Liverpool NEVER FORGOTTEN

Rafa Benitez in tears at Hillsborough 22 memorial

Rafa sheds tears. Rafa you legend! JFT96 YNWA!

ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

Wembley pays respect - Liverpool FC

Reds and Blues observe a silence in memory of the 96 at Wembley
Kenny's pride at 'fantastic' Reds

Kenny Dalglish believes he couldn’t have asked for anymore from his players after they came from behind to secure a 2-1 victory over Everton at Wembley and book a place in the FA Cup final.
April Pool + Cup (66 photos)

Hillsborough and Battle of Orgreave: one police force, two disgraces
South Yorkshire police, who blamed Liverpool supporters for the disaster in 1989, had made strikingly similar blunders during the miners' strike in 1984, when 95 men were prosecuted for rioting – all were acquitted amid allegations of fabrication
97% Owned Documentary Trailer

97% Owned investigates behind the scenes of the ever changing financial system, to uncover how the monetary system provides the foundations for international...
Scousers on Wembley Way - Jamie Broad (LFC TV Video)

Exclusive YouTube-only track recorded by Liverpool rapper and Everton fan Jamie Broad and filmed and edited by LFC TV ahead of the first all-Merseyside Wembley...

its GOOD friday the 13th (here) ?? hope its a GREAT saturday for the REdS
NOW to be Alien 2: 12413 Alien roots & Routes ;)
NOW to be Alien 2: 12412 Easter...Coma (95) & April POOL

an easter poem...

it was 1995 @ easter that I "died" 
but surprise! i survive 

many threats and journeys 

NOW to be Alien 2: 12411 NOW to start the end ? and the LIVERPOOL way (of Shanks) ..

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

REdNeT's album. 
April Pool + Cup (66 photos)

MultiMonTV's channel

The REdAlieN landed in Monty (ME) and this is dedicated to "our Global REd family and the search for humour and intelligence on this planet..(and the building of LIVE-R-boats now that people are realising the systems "TITanic" sunk a long time ago!

Never EVER forget the biggest cover up by the UK gov...! JUSTICE for the 96!
What Hillsborough Means To Me Pt1 1/2

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster we speak to Kenny Dalglish, Rafa Benitez, Gordon Brown, Gary Ablett, David Moyes and Brian Reade...

Maria Jansson 
April 7

I want to wish you and your Loved ones a "Happy Easter" //warm sunny Easter greetings
resistance - futile ? (REdS v FSG "borg" ;)

ChriS> Dear Emma,
Those of us who have had long time "dealings" in or with the system KNOW that they already DO check through y-our emails, (including THIS one folks!!) the main problems is the apathy of the masses who have allowed themselves to ...See More
Click here to save the Internet from the US
Right now, over 100 Members of the US Congress are trying to sneak through a bill that would let them spy on every Internet user without a warrant. CISPA is their third attempt to rebrand their attack on global Internet freedom. Our massive outcry helped beat SOPA and PIPA, let's do it again!

ChriS> "most modern women are like jigsaw puzzles..but with pieces missing, I looking for somethings they just dont have...soul & empathy"

food for reflection on the choices you make...
Nicolas Cage - The Family Man

The Family Man is a 2000 drama film directed by Brett Ratner and starring Nicolas Cage and Téa Leoni. Cage's production company, Saturn Films, helped produce...

nice video with Kenny & his girl..

My little girl was stolen..several years ago..

April 4
The mother of ChriS SMITH's estranged little girl (now 10 years old) has a birthday will she enjoy the company of the daughter she stole?

 photo taken in our garden the week before abduction almost 10 years ago!

 ‎(Noela) no-one can understand the loss of a child, unless they have experienced it themselves..and dont insult by saying "it will be ok later on" it cant be..because the best time has gone..!
‎(facebook dont like this type of comment) probably another "ban" from the yanker dictatorship?

April 4 at 10:36am

from Diana Winkle  


and FOR TRUE REdS...

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previous "special"

21 april; Birthday Greetings to "koKo" (right) she certainly "shot" me a few times!
"Socially active, FIT & sporty middle-aged Male of British/Celt origin seeks friendly Male &/or Ladies to economically share accomodation in Podgorica, Tivat or sKOPje ; Ideal for either "ex-pats" of any nationality or local person(s) seeking to exchange languages through daily life & fun experiences" (send enquiries via confidential message to ******   or media)