Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"DaX" killed Valentine & I am Campaigning

"DaX" killed Valentine & academy I am Campaigning... 

& a little complaining..too 

Today after waiting THREE weeks and KEEPING my calendar free, refusing visitors so I could Host  &  support a "friend in Need"  she (who should be mt "soul-mate" decided to blame me for 
"pushing her" and now "bl;ocked me" because i corected her mis-understanding


towards the end of January we went for a beautiful walk in the park, and the feeling I had with her during a similar wonderful afternoon in Prizren, came back to me, and we agreed that she would visit me ...

the reason for writing this is so I can ensure I dont get swamped by the negative reaction..and to clarify that it is GOOD to CARE for another person... ..

Those you call "friends" are NOT....  if they dont care about you, and you dont care about them.. they are just casual aquaintances ..because they wont be there when you NEED support, but I will , until...I leave this planet..

to damage THREE weeks of my life, which is LIMITED is more than a shame - it is destructive,and "DaX" you must take the blame and wake up to you UNDERSTAND ME??? 

..diary ... which probably no-one will....

13227 20:00
4 "girls" in a special "Caffe" YOU dont know which is "DaX" 
ChriS SmiTH

you wasted 3 weeks of my life, break promise & then ....blame me! hmmmmm .. u need MY help..!

dragi Kris , moji prijatelji mi ne postavljalju uslove, ne postavljaju obaveze, moji prijatelji me prihvataju onakvu kakava jesam...neorganizovana...ako zelis da budes moj prijatelj onda izbegavaj reci kao sto je 'bimbo' zatim 'whor of sistem' ....please...moji prijatelji i ja nemamo takvu potrebu da dnevno saljemo jedni drugima 5 poruka...ako zelis biti moj prijatelj, onda me stvaraj obavezu od naseg prijateljstva, molim te

A) you dont take time to UNDERstand - you answer within one minute stuff that I take time and RESPECT for you, to write, i said you are NOT a "bimbo" ...!!! so dont pretend!
B) the "poem" I wrote was not directed at YOU, but at all people...

"disorganised" is NO  excuse to be careless, NOT to care, dont say people are "friends" ..because they are NOT.

 if you dont care about the consequence on them of your actions..
a friend "CARES" (both ways)
I made a programme for you & us, and you ignored and served yourselF! 
(like in Prizren)
I am more than a friend than all of those others because I dont say what YOU WANT me to say!
(you were OUT of contact 8/9 days, I was worried..because of what i KNOW about you , that you forget!)  
blame me if it helps you, but i KNOW it does not...

Dobar Dan   
ica,  the Balkan people exclude the best chances on this planet in proving "independence".  Dont be "cold" to feelings of another or when I care about you, react by "escape"  or seek new excuses to break promises & agreements. When you and the Balkan people learn to build respect, local and global then, and only then will you be TRULY happy ...when you seek "short cuts" you exlude yourself from beautiful projects & chances we could share..

- Karma will react to your next choices ; to be just another of the "cool clique" and stay on the dark side or.. be a HUMAN BEing..all you need is a bit of faith and understanding , and me.. :) ChRiS
if u decide to visit your parents between 1-6 march, I GO from Bg on 7th march, and you have a "another chance" to share with me IF I return on 17th march (via Bg).. if u contact me  

I will continue on your private mail. if u dont block me..:)
Ja c´u nastaviti na privatnom poštom. ako me ne blokira .. :)

SHE BLOCKED ME!!!! (could U be love, Marley..SAY something...)
Sanja R.
Chris ( Ursun )

i am here... would be great if u "participated too"... hope u had a great birthday cu in Pg...
am back in Pg, gig tomorrow?, or when is good to share a "belated birthday rakija"

CS> Dusko, "we" dont include all people so, Nin, speak for yourself! because SOME of us seeand CARE about both sides, but maintain our course accordingly..because we believe in a local &
Chris ( Ursun) i know if "DaX" is confused by U?

i travel OUT via Bg on 7th march if u want to have a discussion ..?

Dusko P> sure, if I can make it. I have work and physical therapy on Thursdays, so I'm a bit short on time.
what time are you in Belgrade?  

Chris ( Ursun ) look Dusko, i plan my time, so I need to know , if u want to meet me, or not..(u previosuly said u wnated to understand my reasons) i can be there in the evening and I leave @ 03h to catch a flight so u tell me when is convenient to you, because i can easy organise myself. but if u agree please dont change your mind/plan later.. if there is a chance you will let me down better you say "NO" now..

Dusko> I do, just wanted you to know I'm not free during the day. I'm free after 18:30, so we could meet anytime after that and I'm not interested in your reasons, I'm sure they're ok, I'm interested in your plan/process. not because of Danica, but because I think I could learn something and I don't get the comment on the photo "i know if "DaX" is confused by U?"

CS> I can meet you at around 19h - I will check the bus arrival times.. and confirm in the next days.. cool, see you next week not "cool" but cu next thursday! .
CS> Hya,(Pau)
I was expecting a visitor at this time, so i had other plans today, and as i am not always online its difficult if you change the e.t.a. in Pg. if u arrive daytiime i will try to help but there should also be the podgorica CSerS meeting @ "Berlin" caffe in Njegoseva (street) every wednesday so someone shd be able to help u..CS

ChriS SmiTH> ok mate, never mind, i'll go haunt be quick!

Hugo Staman>ahah GL! what is the plan to do in zwolle?

Vincent VdH>I'll be around

ChriS SmiTH> Hiya Vincent can u give me yr mobile number, 
i wll let u know my "e.t.a" probably 15th/15th march...

Vincent VdH>177292, still the same

ChriS SmiTH> tx!
mine +  14427
I am occupied with this ..(amongst other things...) REdNETChriS SmiTH

...... is anyone i know still in Zwolle? anyone still at your old apartment? i will come to Zwolle next month 

Chris ( Ursun )> Hiya Djordje , are u in Bg night of 7/8th March, (i got to GB!)

sun is shining ; Bob (to the rescue..)

ChriS SmiTH> i am even more concerned, by your actions (or lack of application) in the last 3 weeks, little or confusing & careless information makes me very sad, and that sends me the image that you dont want to know if i am sad if i live or am dead, the Danica i believe you are & can be is not the person that acts without care, you can be much, much more!

Ja sam još zainteresovanih, od vaših postupaka ( ili nedostatak primene ) u poslednje 3 nedelje , malo ili zbunjujuc´e i neoprezna informacija stvara me veoma tužno, i da mi pošalje sliku koju dont želite da znate da li sam tužan , ako ja živim ili sam mrtav,Danica i verujem da su i mogu biti nijeosoba koja deluje bez brige , možete biti mnogo , mnogo više!

ChriS SmiTH>
Bob Marley Reggae Fever Rastavibe13 Sun is shining, the weather is sweet Make you want to move your dancing feet To the rescue, here I am Want you to know ya...

ChriS SmiTHcant you understand!


Dusica Vug
delic ; I can read between the lines, but you are exaggerating... I had my obligations and family matters, you have to appriciate that! And I'm ill last few days, even though I have charity events for this weekend...
Anyway I love Benson, tnx...

ChriS SmiTH> 
no i am NOT "exagerating" Dusica, you dont know me ,,yet
I say what I mean and i mean what i say (or write..) get well soon.. u know i can cure u..

ChriS SmiTH> ladies,

please SAY what you mean, &...
MEAN what you say
keep your promises, if a friend of mine you wish to STAY?
Honest communication is the ONLY way
.. cuvaj se!! x


.. still "campaigning" , still breathing.. and....
in "the mood" to everything..

    January 27     10:06am
    Renata S>     from your short answer I wonder if I said something to make you feel „uncomfortable"
    January 27
    Chris (Ursun )
    its ok, just on the move and be happy to meet u when i am there..
    Hiya, only 2 weeks and i am in "V"..


ChriS SmiTH> ok so u have no reply, i will stay at Ue with Ivan another day and reurn tomorrow night to Pg, if u care perhaps you should read all the things i sent u during the time u were "unavailable"

Just keep breathing.. til the SuB(SUN)  comes up again (castaway, Hanks)

Chris ( Ursun )
its also is a negative sign that she is with wrong ppl & dont respect MY limited time on this planet..

so, this afternoon,  in 5 minutes, 
 we had more "conversation" than in the last 2 weeks..

if you dont understand why i am "UNeasy" - i have to smile in "irony"...

a) I felt that we had a GOOD basis of understanding when we were together in Bg
(4 weeks ago)
b) we agreed you would visit me "after your birthday" (estimated 5/6th february)
c) TWO weeks ago you said you had to visit your parents 13th-20/21 february
d) you told me that you would Only contact me via FB..
e) in between you were out of contact for 8/9 days! 
f) because of no contact I asked Vera & Djordje about you, and was told you were NOT at your parents.
i WAS CONCERNED....(as I recall your distress, and our deep discussions in Bg)
G) you had PROMISED to be with me in Pg from 20/21 or LATEST from 25th February
H) we agreed to make a "training programme" ; fitness and projects together (see below)
i) I cleared my guest room, AND my calendar for your visit (NO HOSTING!) awaiting your arrival
J) the first contact from you after NINE days was a ONE LINE message that seemed "angry"
K) NOW you say you must spend from now until 1 march "moving" (7 days!!)
- I dont know where you move to, or why!
- I dont know who you move with, Branko?
- it seems a lot of time - considering you showed me you have ONE suitcase to pack..
L) you also mention your family problems again.. 
M) you say we have "lots of time" 
- but I told you I travel abroad on 7th march (from Bg airport)

would you be easy, if i told YOU these things , in reverse?
sure we come from different cultures, but you are NOT a "bimbo"

I suggested meeting in UE this weekend because its nearer to your family 
and half way from Bg to Pg..

so, do you come between 1-6 march? what do YOU propose??

"CS-DaX training Programme" 

Body-mind-Spirit training (to strengthen you whilst learning self support)
english-serbia langauge exchange
discuss plans
plan N.E.P.A.K co-operation with womens movement/homeless kids/REd NOSE days
- plan charity & concerts & etc
- Campaign photos (mYtEX)
- explain MonTV/OUR CLUB & creative academy 
- plan VirPazar/Ue meetings

best wishes Sanja R
all the best 
I hope u go far..
the best singer in a monty bar
enjoy yr day
..and we'll share a Rak I ja.. :) 



a poem for "today" .. "y-our way?"

cant YOu find a way
to exist without selling y-our soul?
is money or power the only reason
that you are as blind as a mole?

cant you see what life should be?
caring for the kids, for you, for me?
I try not to hate your ignorance
& ruin this planet with your selfish stance

dont make me angry with you
that brings nothing but pain
make this a better day.
and tomorrow, in every way, a gain

dont be a whore for the system
please value your soul
make caring a reason to live
make honesty more than a goal

I have lost too many
so i hold on to the few
and hope you all learn a better way
look in the mirror, long & hard, find a better you..

ChriS SmiTH>Dani., if you are indeed "ok" why dont u respond properly to my messages on FB, ? u told me FB was the only way u can communicate, but then YOU didnt use it.. we had an agreement, i ask u to foicus on the 97% ..PLEASE dont let THREE percent ruin this big CHANCE .. we will do a lot of GOOD things together which helps a lot of kids , will help YOU ... and me too.. i only contacted people you know because I was worried by your lack of communication... RAZUMEM..? i hope u come to Ue, or Pg monday..vidimo se! ChRiS


ICA! I await your promised arrival by LATEST 25 th February..
& shall go to Ue on saturday and stay until sunday
with Ivan @ "The Dubliner"
( the pub address is
M.M. Magazinovic 31 )

Do you know ?
- if you meet me @ Uzice saturday or sunday (and I can bring you back with me to Pg)

do you come directly on Monday (25th February) to Podgorica.. ?
cuvaj se"

ChRiS > Laku noc..Dani., if you are indeed "ok" why dont u respond properly to my messages on FB, ? u told me FB was the only way u can communicate, but then YOU didnt use it.. we had an agreement, i ask u to focus on the 97% ..PLEASE dont let THREE percent ruin this big CHANCE .. we will do a lot of GOOD things together which helps a lot of kids , will help YOU ... and me too.. i only contacted people you know because I was worried by your lack of communication... RAZUMEM..? i hope u come to Ue, or Pg monday..vidimo se! ChRiS

This weekend I will be able to come because they expected me change the flat. Moving can be done by 1 Marta.Zbog that all plans are canceled. I just do not depend on me. but it will be time for all, take it easy

CS> ??? u will be able or NOt able??
i dont understand U, tomorrow & sunday I am in UE then back in Pg monday!!
NE RAZUMEM!! write in your language , clearly MOLIM!
Zato sto se selim, krecim stan i do utorka moram preci u novi stan
danas je petak i ceo vikend je u selidbi
iz tog razloga ne mogu ici nigde ovaj vikend
well I have kept my calendar clear for our programme etc since 2 weeks, so...
i would have been happy if you had taken a little time to send me occasional messages in the last 2 weeks but you chose to ignore i am not feeling "easy".. so what do you propose next?

moram zavrsiti stvari koje su mi prece, a to je novi stan
nisam imala vremena jer sam u guzvi
ali ne vidim zasto je sad to toliki problem jer je svejedno tek mart
is that a reason for not respecting MY time? that I kept free for you, you first said you woudl come after your birthday and then you said by LATEST 25th February..if you had considered my feelings , just to say something , i did not need to ask your sister, djordje etc to find out ... its takes less than 1 minute so send me a message via FB.. so you had not ONE minute during 8 days... ok if thats the truth.. what do you propiose next, will come because I dont have limitless time, I tried to explain many times.. and I travel abroad on 7th march...
its no use to discuss what has been done or not done , what do you propose? after 1 march??
I can "host you" beween 1-6 march,
i have a special programme ready for you ..which we discussed when we were together in Bg..
can you imagine how it feels? for me , waiting for contact from you, and my "instinct" was screaming at me.. time running by.. i told you that we can do many things.. but you are not on phone so the ONLY contact was via FB, but i got no "news" ..that made me feel sick, because i thought maybe you had serious problems with your family or ...(something else) .. i dont need much, just a few words..
i have value too!

Dani> Zato sto se selim , krecim stan radim utorka moram Preci u NOVI STAN
Danas je petak i ceo vikend je u selidbi
Tog iz razloga Ne mogu ici nigde Ovaj vikend
moram zavrsiti stvari Koje su mi prece ,da je novi stan
nisam Imala vremena Jer sam u guzvi
Ali ne vidim zasto je toliki problem tužno JER JE TEK svejedno mart

moram zavrsiti stvari Koje su mi prece ,da je novi stan
nisam Imala vremena Jer sam u guzvi
Ali ne vidim zasto je toliki problem tužno JER JE TEK svejedno Martu

CS> je da jerazlog za ne poštuje moje vreme? da bude slobodan za vas, prvo je rekao da voudl došao nakon rodendana , a onda ste rekli najnovijim 25. februara .. ako je smatrao svojim osec´anjima , samo da kažem nešto , nisam imao potrebe da pitam sestru , Ðorde itd do saznajte ... svojim traje manje od 1 minut , tako da mi pošalje poruku preko FB .. tako ste imali ni jedan minut u toku 8 dana ... ok ako taj istinu .. šta ti propiose sledec´i c´e doc´i, jer ja dont imati neogranicen vremena , pokušao sam da objasnim mnogo puta .. i ja putuju u inostranstvo na 7. marta ...
njegova upotreba ne bi razgovarali o tome šta je uradeno ili nije uradeno, šta ti predlažeš? posle 1. marta ?
Ja mogu da " te prime " beveen 1-6 marš ,
Imam poseban program spreman za vas .. što smo pricali kada smo zajedno bili u Bg ..
možete li da zamislite kako se osec´a ? za mene, cekajuc´i kontakt sa vama, a moj " instinkt " je vrištao na mene .. vreme pokrenut od strane .. Rekao sam vam da možemo da uradimo mnogo stvari .. ali vi niste na telefonu tako dajedini kontakt je bio preko FB , ali ja nemam "Novosti" .. To me je muka , jer sam mislio da ste imali ozbiljne probleme sa vašom porodicom ili ... (nešto drugo ) .. ja dont morati mcuh , samo nekoliko reci ..
Imam vrednost previše!

tako . c´eš doc´i izmedu 1-6 mart ?

Dani> Bilo je problema, jos nisu svi reseni, deda je pred smrt pa je to malo ublazilo ljutnju mojih roditelja na mene...ja sam pokazala da manje pijem iako mi se opet desava da pogresim...mogu da razumem ako si ljut, ali jos uvek nije kasno...pocetkom marta cu doci do Pg...idem sad da krecim vec kasnim....cujemo se kasnije...

CS> Please Dont ... recite mi o svojoj porodici, ja sam bio saosec´ajan, i cekali .. mogli ste tamo otišli ??prošle nedelje .. Ovde sam 1-6 marta, njena šansa tvoj .. da dodu ovde?, onda idite na ior porodicu posle Pg .. Jer ja ne mogu da promenim svoje putovanje, njegova sve u potpunosti rezervisana! .. a ako uzmete ozbiljno ovu ponudu, moramo više od 2 dana ..

i wont be online much after today until monday.. i will be in UE saturday & sunday

Dusko P>you've done what you could, the rest is up to her. relax for a day

very true. thanks for this, it's a nice reminder

Chris ( Ursun )
its to remind me too ..especially when someone i care about breaks promises again today.. have a good weekend!
Dobar Da'
there is a saying ;  "no good turn goes unpunished" (in other words it seems
every time I extend my hand in humanity here, it gets bitten...)


ChriS SmiTH

Lacu Noc!

ChriS SmiTH


Do you know ?
- if you meet me @ Uzice saturday or sunday (and I can bring you back with me to Pg)


do you come directly on Monday (25th February) to Podgorica.. ?

cuvaj se"

Djordje L.

anyway I go to UE on saturday until sunday and back in Pg monday..

Djordje L>

Chris, i honestly think she doesn't want to call u. If u two had an aggreement, she could have foud the way to tell u how the things are. At this point, she knows u re least what she can do is to send u a fb message.
I would stpo trying if i were u, and wait for that message. If the message doesnt come, u shoud not care about it.
Bottom line, she is totally fine, and u have no reason to wory.

Chris ( Ursun )

the problem is that without revealing private information, that she trusted me with, i KNOW that she IS in trouble.. , .. its no good FOR MY position (not your problem) to later say what she "should have done"..u are there, i am here, , i know full well that any "force" will probably push her deeper into problems..

she is obviously also reacting against her parents attempts .. i know is that i am able to help her help herself, ..Bg is great for "nights out" but not the place / lifestyle she needs , right now

...I am the "Alien" here.. and the "training methods" i can use will challenge her...that is the sort of  "force" she requires..too many will tell her only what she wants to hear...

. but its noting that I can even attempt to explain to you or her, at a distance, I have to just "do it" with and for her...i HOPE she fulfills her promise to me that she will come planned and agreed between us and at least "test" ...what we can do .. because "keeping GOOD faith with promises made" is part of building strength of character.. even though far too many people fail in that basic responsibility...

thanks anyway, Djordje , but i DO HONESTLY have good reason to worry...cuvaj se!
..Sunset on the Celts landscape..symbolic of the situation..

Dusko P> she is in trouble, she is down, I get that, she told me as much herself.

the only other thing I can get out is that by "more dangerous other hands that promise to help" you mean me and you don't like it. if that's the case just say it, there's no need for metaphors and games

if not, then I'm out of ideas

Chris ( Ursun )

I dont have the physical contact that you have with her, but i see confusion, which i can unravel, i need you to help me help her.. keep "focussed".. i am concerned she is too easily "distracted"..
so that i can help her pull herself up...and I will IF she lets me.. she should be with me in Pg next week..
Chris East-west Invest Ursun

p.s. she didnt leave Bg, according to her sister, she didnt go 

Chris (Ursun )
anyway saturday & sunday I am @ Ue and I offered Dani. the chance to meet me there (half way) so I can take he with me to Pg, or i will return to PG monday (as that was the "latest day" she shd join me there..) i am feeling low on energy, i am NEVER "sick" - i prefer to be active, i am at my best when i can use my energy positively, and this lack of communication, hurts,,, " c'est la vie! c'est la guerre.." cuvaj se!

Dusko P>the key thing is "if she lets you". you can't force someone to change, even if it is for their own good

I don't know what you want me to do. I can't and won't talk her into doing anything she doesn't want to do, that's not what I do. I don't tell people what to do, I help them figure it out for themselves. anyway, she still has to call, we'll see then

Chris ( Ursun )>

well I have explained, enough, .. its no good later on, saying what we or she "should have done"..u are there, i am here, and I dont know what u have said to her or advised to her, i know full well that any "force" will probably push her deeper into the "whirlpool"

as she is obviously also reacting against her parents attempts .. i know is that i am able to help her help herself, ..Bg is great for "nights out" but not the place / lifestyle she needs , right now...I am the "Alien" here.. and the "methods" i use will challenge her...that is the sort of "force" she requires..too many will tell her what she wants to hear...

. but its noting that I will even attempt to explain to you or her, at a distance, I have to just "do it" with and for her...i would ask her just to fulfill her promise to me that she will come planned and agreed between and at least "test" ...what we can do

.. because "keeping GOOD faith with promises made" is part of building strength of character.. even thoughfar too many people fail in that basic responsibility...

what should u do??..u should do what is right & good..! 

Evita T>I don't know yet, I wish I would be there! nice day to u Chris:)

ChriS SmiTHwell if u can afford the travel, the rest will cost "nothing" as i would like u to be guest!

Evita T> thank u for invitation, really I do appreciate it...but some things must be settled down,so I can,t make any clear plans as yet.good day to u!!!:)

ChriS SmiTHthanks , take care! ..keep in touch if u want ..? to discuss "those things" ... 



Stevie wonder dedicated to John Henry..
; you haven't done a thing..??  @ f-way..utube

or (Mc5 U tube) ; REdBEL-CAMPAIGN5 ;

...without sound.. (PAIGN1mute.wmv )

Campaign Video (muted as soundtrack blocked, even though wasnt copyright material,,) 
..."first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, (or block yr communications & campaign) ;) ...then WE WIN" (to paraphrase Ghandi,
 a little man who brought down an empire much bigger than "them"..) :) 
thanks to Global REdS.. dont complain CAMPAIGN

"Because we can"
(bon jovi) the lyrics does the weather ;)

To je veoma teško bez vesti , s obzirom putne aranžmane .. kontaktirajte me ..

13220> 02:40
Dani> Dear Chris please do not push me. If you do not call back a few days does not mean end of the world. And please do not involve other people in our conversation. I would be grateful.

ChriS SmiTHI had no contact from you since 8 days, normally you contact me every couple of days. I am not "pushing" i juts care what is happening..its normal in my culture ======================

It is very difficult without any news, concerning travel arrangements.. please contact me..

I am concerned that I havent had any news from you,
i delayed the programme 10 days as we agreed , and await your promised arrival by LATEST 25 th February..

I shall go to Ue on saturday and stay until sunday

and stay with Ivan @

"The Dubliner"
( the pub address is
M.M. Magazinovic 31 )

(his girlfriend is Tijana)

Ivan ; Tel. 0605 331 300
Tijana ; Tel. 0604 211 424

SO, its "half way" between Bg & Pg
i can bring you back with me.

Vidimo se @ pub!

ChriS SmiTH> cuvaj se!
pokušajte da razmislite pogled sa moje strane ..
please try to consider the view from my side..

ChriS SmiTH

cuvaj se!

pokušajte da razmislite pogled sa moje strane .. ChRiS


ChriS SmiTH

better for me to say that it is NATURAL for me to care about you, did you forget that i make you "partner" in our programme? Sure, i CARE about what is happening with you. It IS natural.. Bolje mi je da kažem da je prirodno za mene da brinem o vama , da li ste zaboravili da ja vas "partner " u našem programu? Naravno, brinem o tome šta se dešava sa tobom. To je prirodno .. RAZUMES? 

CS> Subject: CS-R2 Re: CS 13221 (Ue Bmm?)

I dont want to go into the "thread" again but I feel less inclined now to open my birthday party to people I dont know. and theer are people who probably will attend that I honestly wouldnt go out of my way to "please" in MNE, but as the UE event is gonna be open to "anyone" that could be combined with BMM , if u/they want to add it as "option" ?

artu wrote:
>Milano was fun. too many people at the party, but still fun.
>Ye, I've noticed your meeting for the UE weekend and have subscribed as maybe. If I'll be here that weekend, I'd definitely join.
>As for the BMM, is your offer still valid meaning shall we have it as an option when I set up the poll? I got lost in the thread while I was in MI.
CS> HiY Vesna,
hope u enjoyed Milano.
I did mention that I am supporting an event in UE,
I decided not to react any more to the BMM thread unless someone insults me directly again..
but this is the link (as I did notice u suggested UR as an alternative location for this years spring BMM) cuvaj se!

"DaX could be or maybe not..or might be..if she wants to choose the BEST way"
Chris * (Ursun) >Zdravo Dusica, I am sure u dont understand me, but as it took almost 2 years for us to have any meaningful conversation, I have to persue the situation or "not" I am confident of success if my own energy and enthusiasm is only even partially matched.. i have wasted too much time with wrong ppl , but they taught me not to waste any more..this is my "organisational identity" and if u realyl want o "make a difference, lets get together in the next days, i am sure the Kotor project wont interfere with it, and in fact IMO these things should be integrated, so many times I have seen WASTED energy by people who have good causes but WONT share resources or co-operate,,,its easy for me, I have done it all, but its also a curse. as i know too much :0 ... (yes of course I find you very attractive, they put me in mans body on this mad planet...but thats "another story" ..) i am honest! ... ChRiS

Chris *( Ursun ) ...

campaigning REdNET v F S G
the creative academy for support and self-supporting life-style ,
- body, mind & SPIRIT.. ...doing it for the kids

confronting and waking up the people..

N.E.P.A.K. for parents and kids in pain...

Only once this season in the Premier League have Liverpool come from behind to win, while when conceding the first goal (which you can say they have essentially already done here) they are W1 D5 L9.

..totally off subject but.. WTF are barca wearing, looks like their sponsors are an ice cream manufacturer, i keep wanting to adjust the colour on my Tv.

.. wouldnt be surprised if the yankers make it our change strip 
(if they are still around come summer) 

..we wouldnt need floodlights
 at Anfield in that kit... LMAO! 

hiya kelly from Chris in netherlands..

hiya kelly, nice long name , no question of there being 2 of U , eh ?

ChriS SmiTH> Hiya kelly, could u please come to podgorica and make me look good..? i am showing my kilometres..
so u also had some problems with "friends & enemies" ? ...mind how u go.. take care! ChRiS x

Kelly G> Hi Chris! Come to were? Ahh yes all the time so many two faced people about and you Hun X
Ahh I know we're it is now ha ha! I wish! X

ChriS SmiTH> I live in the balkans ("Monty = Montenegro) .. havent been back since a year.. yeah well, I could bleed all over u with my thousands of stories, but i am sure u have your own.. i keep opening the door to people or extending my hand and getting bitten..but ..WTF , its too easy to give up and stop hoping so i remain what my ex called a "cynical optimist" i know its impossible ..but...

Kelly G>Wow nice ! What takes you over there? Ahh me too but that's there own faults not mine ile never change me or the way I am because of them
Nor should you

ChriS SmiTH>ha ha...too late for that.. good for u, the short answer is "missionary work" ..i tell the locals i am a spy.. the long answer would have to be explained over a cup of coffee...or several..

Kelly G> Ha ha! That's funny!!

ChriS SmiTH> so any plans this weekend?
(do you mean its "funny" me being damn obvious in suggesting you join me for a coffe or three next time i am over there?)

Kelly G>Early night tonight work 2nrrw then out and about in Hoylake 2mrrw night to watch some Reanna tribute act, hope she is good as she could kill some good songs! How about you?

ChriS SmiTH > (ok so u ignored the "invitation" wise woman!) ...I am also going to bed soon, (hour later than U m time difference) going to an irish pub 300 kms away to meet a couple & some of their friends who are on the verge of being "trusted" by me..yep I am a "glutton for punishment".. back on monday to continue my undercover activities and progress the cultural revolution local and global..oops too much info..

Kelly G> Irish pub! Are they as good as r Irish pubs over here? That actually have Irish people in? Funny enough one of my best friends who ime out with 2mrrw night is Irish she is Nutts! I always end up with a very very sore head after a night out with her ha ! Hope you have a great night ! And your cover doesn't get blown X

ChriS SmiTH> :)  choose yr words carefully, I havent had a "relationship" since i split with a mad dutch woman 3 years ago.. no, they arent but, the lad who runs it is decent sort, and has done a good job on making it "realistic" bringing stuyff over from dublin for the walls, and i gave him a Liverpool v Celtic scarf which he proudly pinned up on one wall too we are planning this charity friendship weekend together.. party, concert , footy etc..for orphan kids benefit... ok well without any more response, I will wish you a "goodnight"..if u want your ear bent , I will be over weekend 8-10 march..just in case u havent got anything better on.. .and i hope the reanna do goes well.. (might be nice to exchange stories..) and of course u are invited here..for a cheap holiday if u ever ...i 'd be pleased to show you this place..its breathtaking..and fun , if u know where and what..
UE " In Wires and WITHOUT frontiers" = friendship weekend @ UE

    the first UE "Balkan & Global friendship event" to bring people together , welcome, exchange, grill, party, with Fun , music , dance & footy tournament ; for kids charity and especially to overcome 

ChriS SmiTH> Goodnight Kelly! x

Kelly G> Well sounds like a lot of fun ! Enjoy your weekend! Thanks so much Chris nice chatting to you ! And you never no I might take u up on that offer !! goodnight Hun xx

ChriS SmiTH> keep in touch, i enjoyed it too.. sweet dreams! x

(Mc5 U tube) ; REdBEL-CAMPAIGN5 ;

 greetings from REdNET
 ; ( )
and OUR CLUB,  ,we support and invite you to join as guest of this event...

LIVERPOL inch by Inch..

some clips from the "group games @ the last footy, fun & international friendship meeting ; Zwolle 09 ;