Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Missionary position; Alien Mission to bring Intelligence to stupid earthlings "CLEAN IT UP"

This Alien visiting Montenegro, has this weekend off, and was a prize winner in a "surprise" lottery 

..didnt know the "prize" was to come to planet Earth..  never mind...

because a LONG time ago people from all over the Universe used to come to this planet, (then they nicknamed it "ButLitz" ) for an organised economy holiday provided by the universal community .. 

"holiday" was a sort of punishment because anyone who has a Good life, dont need a "vacation" as they say 

..Vacation, really means "Vacant" 

and people must be pretty "VACANT" to want to stop their Life , to do ..."nothing" somewhere else. :p

So, rather than all the weird "theories" religions and such that attempt to explain "life on earth"  The Alien explained..

"Have you people wondered why you are so obsessed with building walls and fences between you, and why Asian , African, Latin, and European peoples have different features and physique??? 

Its because some of the naughty "holidaymakers" from different planets left babies here after a few wild nights testing "funny mushrooms" and smoking different herbs and other things they found in the unique nature on this planet (the wonderful scenery WAS the advantage of visiting here!)...then...... 

you started to make people "Royal" , then followed "prophets" ,

,, and then became slaves to INDUSTRY but with "technology" 

you are completely INSANE instead of using your minds (energy created between soul and brain) 

using the vibrations of nature, you give power to a few "leaders " and machines..

 and make more products than people can acquire, with no reason other than to have more and more "things to own"  whilst more than 20,000 children die daily because you dont distribute resources FAIRLY to all the (Human?) people living on this mad planet, which was so beautiful a mere 1000 years ago!   in the meantime a little "earth humour"..

Here are extracts 50 "reasons" 
you need to act upon.........

*37 Water is being MADE scarce, it will become more valuable than gold, Life can thrive in only 1.5% of the fresh water sources. An average family can preserve water by careful useage

*38 dont leave water running, when u brush teeth, wash up or shave, save water; 

bathe with a friend! :)

*39 Dont use laundry or dishwashing machines until they are full, use soap , not detergent, dont use a hose to clean, use a mop, saving 75% more water

*40 Leave a water bucket outside when it rains, then use it for flushing or watering plants. the size of your
water bill shows how much an environmentalist you are!

 *41 Organic compost lasts longer, is economic and sustainable, improving soil composition, water retention & benefits the soil much more than artificial fertilizer.

*42 Avoid "fast food"  for cultutal, economic & traditonal reasons, it is unhealthy & addictive for kids, 
& the packaging, etc., spoils the environment!

*43 Genetic farming kills natural growth, and decimates the types of plant available. support TRUE organic farming
taking care to avoid "fraudsters" who sell "bogus" products for big profit, check the source.

*44 Grow your own veggies, even have a small balcony garden, & shop at eco-markets, and small shops, large 
supermarkets, destroy the small grower, as they finance mass-production!

*45 Avoid the "trick" of commercial marketing, and packaging at birthdays, xmas etc, and "special days"
if your life is good, & honest, every day is "special", starting today!

*46 Ride a bicycle whenever possible, as they dont pollute, & makes lazy people healthier, especially in cities,
which have flat areas, or even better WALK, or jog, or run, nature gave you legs!!!

*47 WAlk or bike, for long distance take trains, or at least buses, if no service , look for, or start car-sharing
emissions from cars, trucks and planes are poisoning YOU!

*48 Look for alternatives if YOU MUST have a car (share,in your community, when possible) Hybrid, electric or gas driven cars, driver at a regular speed, using the gears, save fuel.

*49, Check vehicle emissions & engine performance regularly, turn engines off at traffic lights or road blocks, 

BIG cars= big egos, those cars cause more pollution. 1 litre of car oil can pollute a million litres of water..

*50 Air conditioners contribute to greenhouse gases, dont use air sprays, have a mini-garden with flowers that smell nice, Open your windows, when it is warm.

MOre Alien reasons: 

*26 Dry cleaners use components that harm the atmosphere; wear clothes that dont need dry cleaning,
or wash them yourself, carefully.

*27 Dont dispose of oil down the drain, 1 litre of waste oil will harm thousands of litre of water 
& can pollute 1 million cubic metres of your water supply.

*28 The acid in a cola or soda can will dissolve a steak in 2 days! & a screw in 4! - why not plant veggie garden
instead of a lawn which requires too much water.

*29 Do not throw away unused medicines in your household rubbish, take them to a hospital or chemist. 

*30 Trees are vital fox oxygen for you to breathe, using too much paper reduces the quantity of trees, so, 

*31 use both sides of writing paper, and recycle it. Buy re-cycled toilet paper, Re-use envelopes. take care.

*32 Parents should take kids to parks for fun, not shopping to add to the "commercial addiction"encourage them to invent their own games, use old boxes and make "go-carts" from discarded prams etc, dont buy more!

*33 agricultural "stubble" should not be burned, weeds etc should be re-sowed back into the land,  
coffee grounds may be used as fertilizer for garden and pot plants.

*34 Keep your food waste seperate and create a compost site for making fertilizer for the garden & *35
Give people a pot of flowers , that can be planted later, (for Oxygen) as a present NOT a wasted bouquet!

*36 Even small batteries can pollute a mass of water, THE ENERGY used to MAKE a battery is 50 TIMES morethan the energy the battery provides, if you throw them away, the poisonous metals leak into nature.

"vote for me, and I will set you FREE ..of f SSg! smile emoticon " .

...since "biz-mess" people from the US of A .....s INFESTED Lfc..became 9th richest club in europe.....BUT slipped fromTOP to 46th in the UEFA club rankings,,

,, get them OUT! 
looking at what you have done to this planet and the endless boring futile "revolution" from one mistake to another/...

now the U S a who claimed just days ago that Russia is the biggest "threat to world peace" (Obama) 
..makes "buddies" with Putin..

so they take turns in bombing " tear of wrists" groups in some country or other .

. but they probably wont choose countries like Vietnam or Afghanistan, because their armies got a^^es kicked! 

...and we are informed that the french who were so "shocked" at the Paris attack (without "justification" ) 
employed special forces in Libya and look at 300,000 civilians who have died there since the west " solved " their dictator)

the "new world order" backs ; south/central american dictators, funded "freedom fighters" 
that became Al kebap or al something, or I Sees u see me and now outlaws Islam, 

(and of course any "socialism" !!

 because thats bad for their "biz" ) 

...blah bla blag, blag ....a sick joke...

whilst their leaders shout "God bless America" yet somehow do NOT remember what the word "CHRISTIAN" truly means..

whilst idiots in UK voted in a fascist Cameron govt. who follow the USA idiocracy, 

remove human rights and social benefits to make the Uk = "USA verson 2.0b"

Europe in crisis , so following "Trumpism" the fools build walls, construct new fences,
 borders and EVEN bigger and MORE walls.

.....thanks to fascism AGAIN, in German , Austrian, French, Polish, Hungarian "protectionism" .,

.. so does anyone on this planet have enough INTELLIGENCE to see what YOU are doing wrong..?? ..

NO... they keep voting for "politicians" who as with lawyers 

..should just be in the dictionary under the heading "liars" ... their sole aim (intention or accidental) seems to be to continue problems and thus keep their well paid jobs..

whilst nuclear plants are about to be "too old" and radiate you all, 

(thats if Trump or Putin , or one of their army "drones" doesnt "Nuke" you, by intent or accident...)
and the oil/petrol vehicles and industries fill the air with MORE pollution,.. 

..and more BS fills the media with lies and more lies, spin and more spin,,
,until the masses are going before they are coming in their own &&&es ....
and today over 20,000 (TWENTY THOUSAND kids will die because you are greedy and
 /or stupid not to share the resources of this planet fairly) 

a sick planet and so this Alien supports Chris 's campaign ; 

 "Universal President" with the aim of expulsion of the planet earth,  because its now absolutely clear : NO INTELLIGENT LIFE ON EARTH...

and if you do not VOTE for Chris, VOTE "NONE of the above" on the next election ballot, or get drunk instead , because otherwise YOU are the cause of the sickness you will die from...

"have a nice day"

CS .... 160225 on behalf Nature of the rest of the Universe! smile 

OH really??? where??? if every town in europe took ONE family , there would be no "migrant  or refugee problem" .....

and if u want to create "resistance" why not "strand" thousands of people and their kids in camps in the winter in the balkans and maybe IS IS is happy to recruit them angry young men who are treated as less than human by "the west" ...

More Alien Opinion;

Intelligence ..left this planet...bit by bit

and you should have made a "prince " tribute ", he was surely a "black sheep" & innovator...

I mention this in honour of just 400 years since he left the planet.. “The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water.” ― Miguel de Cervantes"

why does each group try to win over the others?????

posted in Campaign site for equality & anti DIS CRIMI NATIoN Plaints , ME and Global.
.agreed! .. and real women dont cheat on their men!
Profile Pictures
With Klorija Djurdjevic and 30 others.
I  am visitng MONTENEGRO.....this country has stunning and unusual scenery, and is ideal for farming, (it could be independent and rich exporting land but no one wants to be a "farmer"_) 

 ...and too many plastic bags are given out for every single product in all shops and markets

 .. I just picked up about 20 plastic bags , outside my bedroom window adjacent to the neighbours house...

 i put them back in his garden , and he complains , but not to me ! :p .... Orhan Kural someone trying to stoke up awareness,,,

"Humans"  who have been mistreated, (Nazis Hoocaust)  then abuse others,.  ! "Interviews with children who have been detained, video footage, and reports from lawyers reveal that Israeli security forces are using unnecessary force in arresting and detaining children, in some cases beating them, and holding them in unsafe and abusive conditions.
Since October 2015, protests in the West Bank and Gaza have escalated, as has the use of live fire against demonstrators by Israeli forces. The number of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli forces has more than doubled since then.
The failure to abide by international norms and protections under Israeli law concerning child detainees is particularly worrying given the spike in the number of children arrested during the recent violence. "    *HR watch)

and Ferry Cross The Mersey 1989 Hillsborough Tribute
This is the 1989 Charts tribute to Hillsborough. 96 people killed 15th April  1989 , the guilty covered it up, aided by UK politicians officials and police who caused and this song was re-released...

and you inflict pain on each other for "supremacy" ???

Still "ChRiS"  read out some "poetry"  friday , at a "REd NOSE" meeting ,so there is "HOPE" ??? 

 Black sheep

Here is to the Black sheep
the rest are probably still asleep
it wont make much difference
if that way, you keep!
swimming against the tide
sometimes its a bumpy Ride!
but we must never hide
Sometimes alone
others , at us , may groan;
"leave it, as it always was!"
no can do ... thats our "cause"
heres to the maverick, odd, and rebel soul
not for us to be a MOLE
be UNsubversive in all you do..
its what you are here for, ME too!


Hillsbourough losing the 96

We were loyal ever after , even if we are dead
No one can explain how that felt
That fate and the manslaughter the 96were dealt..
And 6 years later I died too
In a coma , and where were you?
15th April ..a day NO TRUE REd will forget
But I woke up one week later …and some they do regret..... (CS160413)

so many were only kids!

MY Noela will be 15 years old thursday 28 november... .stolen at age of 30 months by a selfish & perverted mother ..(margit streifeneder)

for Noela

as u disappeared ... behind those closing doors
my eyes felt sore, I could see only yours
in my arms , too brief
gone forever?  stolen , who was the thief?

my little girl
we had shared such short time
too much pain
to explain in a rhyme

biking in the country
watching animals and birds
go shopping , eat ice cream
in years , it lasted until your third

who cares, in the world so cold,
its easy to insult this father, call him "old"
and what is this crime,  a life is gone
was loving a daughter, ever wrong?

so the mother wins
and told lies and more
its hard not to be bitter
that thorn in my core

i miss you


at 14 years
I still cant forget your tears
the last time
I held you in my arms

you are now a teen
so many years in between

who are you now?
my love is burieddeep inside
and search for a place to hide

 my own .................I love you
i am always Dad xxxxx its true


once upon a time
women were feminine
they cared about the world
warm and feline

now its about power
and who will win
they want a car
and deal in sin

once upon a time
a man was a man
kept his word
and carried responsibility, all that he can

now they are weak
and sad, and lost
women have choices
at many mens cost

modern fee-males claim the kid
many men just donate and then are"got rid"
women;  please;  be carers, dont lose the best
men, find your dignity and remember the rest
NGOra (network)
  • this N o n Govt Org ..N Gora or NGOra is based in MNE (Crna GORA ... :) to evolve human BEing