Thursday, January 18, 2018

the MON TV missionary position; final ; "THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD" ?

I was talking yesterday  with a young man who was one of my youth team players.. and 2 of his young customers about "current affairs"  ... and all the things included on this MEDIUM ... since I started recording opinions and articles! 

have you SUNK too?

I said .."we are all in the same boat, it sunk"

... I explained how USELESS young people striving for a piece of paper ("Diploma") making stress that causes often sickness, depressions and stress in their lives, to chase a job, that does not exist... is like "buying a 3rd class ticket for the Titanic-after it sunk..
THink your system has a leak???? :)
and considering what videos  to makefor this new channel, with an intern who wants a career in Media, I decided NOW is the time... to tell the story of how you solve the mess you are in on this mad planet called "earth"

GEMini influence

My "star sign" is the twins; the Gemini influence is strong ..and with time & experience I learned to cope with it and use the contradiction of life, as my lovely deceased wife called me " a cynical optimist" ...."knowing its impossible just makes you want to do it"... and often I did, but now such is the effect of slavery on the human race, that so few know how to break free... the religeous bible talks about shepherds & sheep, I talk about manipulation and sheeple!

Shanks & Lennon

Simple ...take the idea of my 2 mentors ... "Shanks" ..whose socialist was NOT political... and the lyrics of John Lennons "Imagine.." ..along the way ... add some ideals of Ghandi.. Jesus.. Mo, the resistance of Robin Hood, Mandela, the songs of Hendrix and many others, especially the lyrics of Bob Marley... and...
you have the "recipe"  .. for how the world could be... you or me..

now make yourself true you and me...

just BE!

Local & global
what is Local ?; YOU and your CHOSEN collective..(family , true friends or close community)  no need to identify yourself, by the artificial restrictions made by enforced religions> the walls of state are FALSE! made by policians and previously FAKE "royalty" claiming devine rights, (which only meant they raised an army , which STOLE your land and asked for tax.....

... the TAX you pay which is used to war aand exclude your fellow human being...) GLOBALLY, stop thinking inside the box,

 the WORLD is yours , take hold of it..

Sharing..& empathy

You should see that the best collective; family ; community;  SHARES... however people all over the world have similar needs & cares... if you ignore the troubles of others KARMA will kick you in the head, sooner or later... if you allow other peoples to suffer, maybe one of their brothers or sisters will bring back pain to you...but the reason to feel empathy is not to ":get something" BUT because you should be a HUMAN BEing... not to build another corrupt pyramid...SHARE good  times and bad moments BE caring... and see how soon this world will become more positive..!  make the atmosphere... like planbting a seed ; you feed it well sun & water; it will grow well... a human fed rubbish will be ; rubbish;  a human fed positivity , sunshine feelings of sharing & empathy for others ; will BE a HUMANE being.. the only intelligence we need...


this mysterious universe is open for expanding your imagination, dotn copy anyone,  .... stop what you are doing, find a quiet place.. BREATHE ....and see where you are and all the things you could be doing..better!

BE you

There are always problems... there is darkness, there is will you appreciate how good the good times are if you only have them?... we need balance... day & night... enjoy and be strong during tests of your character, because IF you are TRUE to yourself you will be ....YOU ..(and nobody else)

Academy invitations
this is a UNIQUE invitation:  to make your own story; and you are welcome to come to my place... and challenge me, play games ; share a collective, or compete with me...see below a bit crazy ITS "OK"... :)

The best society, is , for me, as in a good team,  you move as one, forward & back, pass and share responsibility... and allow the individual , who may be in a better position, to "score" for the community, for the team... because it helps us all... pass the ball . OR take responsibility yourself , when (in your heart) you know you should...

(censored) a quiet version of my Intro ...

& just for fun...? join us in June... you dont have to play ..!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

the ugly game ; its just human Live(rpool) stock to them...

 this is NOT a football blog..   

most people, and surprisingly even regular and committed fans, coaches and players dont realise what influence football ("soccer" to some) has on the world popular, almost everyone, in every region of the planet, has either kicked a ball in fun or ernest, or watched a game, local or international, at some stage of their lives... CAN that be said of ANY ONE religion, political movement, fashion, product or cult..?

The Beautiful game

My academy explains how a good team is a mirror for a good society; where individials can prosper within a social collective and share the load and the rewards.. personally there are few things I would rather do than play the game with or against friends (or enemies) :)

The poison of USAcorp

The global society has been increasingly polluted by the fantasy of the "american dream  with the result that "commercialized fascist capitalism" pollutes the land, air, water and minds of OUR children.. they take something we enjoy which was free, and turn it into yet another exploitation by their USAcorp businesses and the extreme of that is war... however sport will eventually replace national they pollute that too.

especially here

Liverpool , the prime example , was polluted during the 80s by the wrong people and shirt sponsorship started the TREND of a product being bigger than the club (who already a name as a global entity) and finally put to the sword when the first set of Yan kers INFESTED in 2007, since then, Lfc have had numerous changes of staff and all the social aspects & idealism of the men who made it a global icon, eradicated...

bought & sold like animal Livestock

Fans have been suckered in, so easily and foolishly sold via video games that human beings who play football are just items to be bought & sold... so when someone breaks a contract, the "fast food generation" just shrug and say ; its just business..
The Spoiled children of "fast food generation" mostly get what they want when they want it, the idea of "waiting" and appreciation of something, is lost on them...therefore they tend to know the "PRICE" of something or someONE ..but not the moral VALUE of anything or anyONE...

The PC saga sickening..

fair to blame all concerned , especially the management , and I include Juergen and J. Henry in the middle of that, Phil is a spoiled Brat, instead of showing him who is boss , Lfc buried his bad attitude in august, ...didnt want to upset the "little magician" .. letting barca play games via media (Nike ad?) and so on, just shows how weak (or rather how important profit is) 

 ..then fsg make a propaganda move to freeze ticket prices and massive publicity over signing VVD , because they wanted to soften Phils departure , 

Jk joined the BS , when he stopped denying that Phil wouldnt be leaving..and claiming PC would be available v citeh (who i believe we could beat at full strength) . 

and I also blame the majority of fans, because they all just swallow the BS, time after time since 10 years ..and its always .."next season...blah blah blah", EVERYONE is to blame! "the Liverpool way" = R.I.P.!!

the latin party group...Lucas (wrongly) went, Moreno injured/dropped (rightly) ; PC sold..what will Firmino do?....

find us via ...

Other / local & global 

T May ... the fascist thatcher clone apologies for deliberately killing NHS patients !!



always recommended

MORE to ...this space too 

Monday, January 1, 2018

MonTv... new January Launch... v mainscream! :p

firstly, "Breaking@MontV"

THE ALTERNATIVE to "bitcoin"  .. .. .. .. .. .. "EuRoP2PoUnD"

is launched...

 link to  current LOGS ; 

something more personal..\
and reminders;
and 3 years b4 @ (censoRED) /2014/12/unsub-dont-happy-be-worried-its-our.html

as we replace "mainScream" with Y-OURs !  /MonTV.ChRiS.AkadaMEJA for testing & still editing,,,

todays background theme should be : "PLEASE dont let me BE MISUNDERSTOOD

and "nice input" from H-T...on me (your creating alien) :)

THIS was made 20 years ago, yet still  around 6/7 billion sheeple allow USAcorp to "dictate" lifestyle to their inhabitants and most of the rest of the world.  ... 
Replying to
sheeple get the society & the president they deserve for selfish, apathetic and cowardly acceptance, 50 years of devolution and waste on war machine , whilst 20,000 kids die daily worlwide...

Jonathan Pie media will go,  his own TV channel...for the uninformed .. this is about the "Pie character"

his end of year review/rant @

and this is excellent from Neville (ex evertonian) broadcast from LIVERPOOL,  the english queen never made such a good "xmas speech"  ... more players need to have social empathy!! because of their influence on youth , and stop acting like sport prostitutes! 
NEV  alternative....

IN the MEANtime.....

odds & media s&ds....

as we enter "2018" ... a UK ..& 
/2017/12/20/cold-comfort-ae-fills-with-those-left-in-the-cold/ my mother fought for better social services destroyed by fascist capitalism!
& their scummedia
this is in one of the so-called "richest" nations of your world... my personal message to "MSdoc" ..if you are a good person, a) leaving here and going there wont change anything, and you may return to a worse situation b) you may find that what you expect there, will not exist either and c) you could have BIGGER effect in a small pond, whilst the rich get richer , and their war machine grows and you pay for it through tax etc..
manufactured paranoia; USA corp need an enemy.. soviet , now "russian" korea, Islam., or commies any one that might threaten the "american (poison) dream " which is now the world's nightmare! 
get USA yankers OUT of the beautiful game, sheeple dont realise what influence football has on local & global society, USAcorp have ruined it , like they have with all of the so-called "western society" feck OFF! will-catalan-gold-ultimately-pay-for-virgil-van-dijk-465166.html how sick is it when people are unemployed and nurses undepaid in Liverpool & Barcelona or Madrid etc and then the sponsored football clubs (especially Real MAD rid by spanish state) spend enormous amounts of cash on players... ??

If Premier League chairmen don't want fixture chaos and managers don't want criticism stop giving TV companies all the power while getting rich on their cash.

Replying to 
Spot on la but the fans could do their bit a collective boycott of all stadiums one weekend to show telly companies and owners of clubs what football is like without fans
  •   yeaH but fans of this fast food generation have no guts, so soft, dont know HOW to campaign, or how to support, demo?? Lfc fans are quiet, the only ones with balls were the J4t96 campaigners, if only...  alternative media -& footy!

    @harveytuttle when still some 20,000 or more kids die daily on your planet through bad resource distribution and selfish policies, you all make sick with "fence - building" ,which only serves to keep ignorance inside!  /2017/dec/27/labour-voters-could-abandon-party-over-brexit-stance-poll-finds

    so few people have the guts! should boycott USA too! they just pretend equality...

    now (meddling in Iran?)
    Replying to

    just remind me how much USAcorp spends on its war machine and how many civilians you kill abroad or on your streets ? pathetic "so called " new world order -


     A sick USA corp controlled society feeds the same sickness through its population and the world, and it makes me throw up when I meet european students who actually think they want to live in the United Stink of America

    MORE fakers media 

    you live in a fantasy.. money is an illusion, inflation is a fraud, and...are you getting any of this???? 2018-01-04/how-a-secretive-conclave-decides-when-u-s-recessions-happen

    January 03

    see the fascists in poland want to spread their poison..hungary-poland-demand-bigger-say-in-eu-reject-its-migration-policy-idUSKBN1ES0ZW?il=0

    and more fake, in the fake market, dictated and moved by fakers (prounonced ..with a U!) /bitcoin-loses-some-dazzle-as-second-tier-crypto-coins-catch-up

    come on @ "EuRoP2PoUnD" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha

    UK & various views;

    the Sheeple get the society their cowardice & apathy deserves-journalist-expect-continuation-of-antics-in-2018 local or global...



    fair enough but the hyopcrites at USAcorp know too well how to massacre... natives...vietnam. drones,..

    SUPPORT OUR FREE academy ; join international events , beautiful locations  in Montenegro!

     IF you are a football fan., youth or non league player, or have a team of friends of any age , or even just to join the parties in beautiful locations  dont forget to contact us  (email inatteam OR chris spring summer events ...


    Monday, September 11, 2017

    "the missionary position" Mentality, Mane, Moss & Money ? i70911 Accident or intent?

    Moss " I am boss"  &  who is off?
    oh sh&e , today is "9/11"  ,, A VERY famous date because ,,,,,

    it Is ....Angie M's birthday, ......of course!

     is this banned???


    never mind all the other news ,  put in (Putin?) all in perspective  , we must  discuss "that Red card" @ mancheser, city   a  greater "disaser" ??  

    and all comparisons... liverpool-fans-confused

    MANE and Moss..J.

    is called an "accident"  jon ?? 

    ever had one? if your car collided with another car on ice , would you be happy if the police locked you up?

    seems a nice guy,  watching on video,  the ball is passed long upfield , Mane racing @ full speed to get on the end of can see it come over his shoulder maybe only a metre in front, knowing his own fast pace, he must have felt , "I have a chance"  ..Man C goalie (Ederson) rushes out of his pen area (unprotected?)  Mane stretches for ball.. goalie cannot use his hands.. attempts to head ball clear... 
    ..the "bounce "  goes away from Sadio... 

    AN ACCIDENT, Carra!  ... 

    remember in he semi v chelski ('05)  when goalie Cech takes out Baros? , however Luis Garcia scores ... Cech could have had a RED for that , but instead the ref did nothing .... because Liverpool gained a goal??? 

     due to rule changes , nothing to do with intent now, because Football idiots in "authority" remove "intent" as a factor in such refereeing decisions,..

    "accidents will happen"  and inconsistent decisions will continue,  because of lack of managerial strength, know-how, experience.... and ...

    MEN aliTy

    before last weekend the main item was the "Phil C. Farce"  ///...  /2017/09/man-c-v-lfc-and-phil-c-170909-rednet

    Phil C looked unhappy even during victory in bayern arena?

    REF Phil C..

    if you are manager of an enterprise and your chief employee applies to a major competitor, however cannot leave as forgets he/she is in a contract,,
    or perhaps a "worse extreme''....
    as your wife/girlfriend tells another man PUBLICLY that she loves him more than you , atfer that she comes back & stays with you...
    would or should true REDS trust him as before?   

    MaryT >
    Matty Toole My trust in a relationship is different to coutinho than to the world I work or love in. The football world is different from your standard employer or a relationship. For example, I have no ability to force a move in my job. Yes it would be inappropriate but a competitor while they might headhunt they are working in a totally different world. Your comparing Apples with oranges to put it simply. In a football world this happens every window. It's normal despite what fans say. I wouldn't pay my partner to be with me. But I pay coutinho and if he says he wants to play elsewhere that's fine, but he is still a Liverpool player. As a club they still benefit from his onsale value or even his football ability. If my Mrs says she loves someone I have no benefit keeping her.
    you are obviously missing my point, and I am not considering your "values" or lack, ..I don't know you, and don't really care about your lack of passion..or your "casual acceptance" of that lack in modern life, football or whatever, Matty, however, the difference between now & when we had a closer relationship and trust in players is , as you say, .. USAcorp run Lfc is not loyal to players and players are rarely loyal to Lfc, a comparison made was simply that , a comparison,,

    with a question

     ... as for me I wont want to live in a world where you assume all is about money, and i dont 

    .. trust in ANY important relationship is vital , . he handled it badly and so did Lfc... IMO!


    and sure, Lfc could receive 200 million for Phil @ next "window" ... however would they (USAcorp) half the ticket prices so that ordinary ("working class" or unemployed) true RED supporters could enjoy the season @ Anfield????

    and ....

    MORE .... for USA / UK "war machines"

    as 300+ something BILLION USDs of weapons are sold already this year to continue war & conflict ,,where is intelligence of this planet's peoples????... certainly none here; 
    facebook-wins-democracy  she writes PURE PROPAGANDA ?

    USA is about biz, meaning yr war machine, u never had democracy, ever? so stop blaming russians for your failures! #americanTs  usa korea-training-wmd-attack/ and almost all sheeple paying tax fund a war machine..

    MY .... keyboard is fecked. 
    .. (& feck "avast") a reason I write less is not only because most of the local & global  madness is repeated and therefore boring to repeat my response.. BUT also because ""  despite installing their "premiere product"  failed to protect my laptop from attack which damages some of the keys used on my lapop..

    *Avast change from "unlikely" now to "not possible"  and YET this happened and I shall highlight incompetence & insults in my article/report to our network 
    * and.  were previously told i used toshiba (LAPTOP) and obviously dont wan to read or accept complatins...

    * you are also wrong when you already implement cancellation (& refund) as I only ASKED for "procedures" ,
    * however I do no wish to continue wih (avast)people who wish to convice me of lies about their product!
    (noted HT?)

    The Avast Support Team

    Avast Software s.r.o., Enterprise Office Center, Pikrtova 1737/1A, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
    On Thu, 7 Sep at 7:42 PM , ChRiS wrote:
    without prejudice
    I understand you do no want to accept liability for this  failure of YOUR company's "premiere" software! 
    what are he procedures for :
    "we can offer you a full refund of your Avast Premier and Avast Cleanup subscriptions with the order number 20491065162."
    you surely have my original credit card payment details , so, simply refund it?
    CS170907Avast -Vojtěch
     it is simple                          without prejudice

    I know i happened , however "unlikely" you claim.
    I question your company motives in spending so much time in explainin what is unlikely (ye happened) when you should be helping a client solve a serious problem!
    and THAT, you can inform your superiors , is what will be in my globalreport .
    not your "biased explanations"
    since I informed your co. of his problem 10 days have passed, and I calculate I spend an extra 2 hours a day due to problems avast have neiher protected me from, nor solved!  =  20 hrs x 250 euros =  my claim aains Avas is now 5000 euros!
    end. 170905chri5Avast
    On Mon, 4 Sep at 5:33 PM , ChRiS  wrote:
    to  Vojtěch,                                                                             without prejudice
    so either you consider I am a liar
    or you are inexperienced ,
    as indeed this problem sared immediately after I opened a false face book message on my toshiba laptop!!
    are you sponsored by face book or anyone?
    . I would like to know your answer before I write an article to over 25,000 contacts regarding  all this time i wasted whilst you  claim Avast to be "protectors" ...taking money without providing a full ("premier")service ?
    I already INFORMED you this is a laptop... which shows your neglect!
    I re-installed keyboard driver, with NO improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please do not use my first name, this is now a formal exchange!

    cc:  H ?  170904 CLAIM?