Tuesday, June 19, 2018

L'biRD ; WE ARE the CLUB ; 5 year plan. - REdnet ...True REd GLOBAL SUPPORTERS power...

L'biRD ; WE ARE the CLUB ;  5 year plan.

NOW ;  

- awareness amongst Lfc fan base; Worldwide support
- confirmed trust management for members security
- informing new members of existing actions


Lfc is now a "business" as they keep saying , ....
let it be our  ENTERPRISE, via supporter empowerment...

TRUE REd supporters NEED ;

* To Protect our people , local & global
* to enable better conditions, free from harassment
* Lower ticket & travel costs
* better deal on club products
* communication between all true supporters on ALL club & Justice issues
TO BE recognised for our input into the club!!

having identified the opportunity, the next phase between now and end of season/summer 2019 is to get everyone ; local or global ;  on board... "winging it with L'Bird'


Global REdS meeting and International member fest

to establish the global trust fund - one time only member contribution of e20 ; target 200,000 + members (already linked in 2018) by 2020



- action v H-W & co... claim that 2007 "sale" was a fraud and thus 2010 was known also to violate supporters status
  (through our collective investment - club belongs to us, we are NOT "customers" we are OWNERS; we are the club)

- distribution network for Supporter/fan related "souvenirs" designs related to L'biRD , and more 

- boycott of all f ecking sg / business products & ban all related sponsors, no betting, no vice-related products or services


call E.G.M and form protocoll for global membership and share value (proposed @ e50) to fund future acquisition

Identify campaigns & charitable actions , local & global that deserve member support.. "take them under the "L'biRD wing"


FULLY Introduce L'biRD to enable ease of transfers and networking amongst members & supporters - owned distribution
all products are "L'biRD" - all profits go to members or our (member) chosen charities , local or global

what is "L'Bird" ?

This is my initiative and reflect a "love story"  associated with this mythical symbol relating to my youth so greatly influenced by Shanks & Lennon the Liverbird image followed me, everywhere I went in the world... 

and my generation follow it ....  &  took it on banners & flags, I pinned up my scarves with its image on walls of cafes , bars & pubs in remote parts of europe..    the MYTHICAL bird of our people... from the "pool of LIFE" 

now, not  local , but global , since half a century ; supporters in Asian , African & American continents compete with european supporters clubs in inventing new designs and mottos, ... that is "poetry in motion" and brings much more to peoples lives...

what will L'BIRD do for global support?

....It will be OUR symbol of True REd GLOBAL SUPPORTERS power


A.G.M  (via net also) to employ professional management who serve OUR LIVERPOOL WAY (e.g; original ideals of Shanks) 

Acquire the club following (if required) international court intervention to remove "shark-infested boardroom".

Issue shares to all members - decide upon voting powers & terms of future membership. (proof of)

Decide on future public issues - remove previous sponsors - promote "our WE ARE THE CLUB - LIVERPOOL WAY products & services" 

 OUR symbol of True REd GLOBAL SUPPORTERS power .... "L'BIRD" IS your own Liverpool currency! with 25 million+  REdS connected via worldwide 




....  via REdnet   ...True REd GLOBAL SUPPORTERS power...   the L'BIRD is flying...again?

 ...do we fly too?  

  ...... Steps into "Star Trek" & so,  do we go BOLDLY GO?

 where no fan has been before,?  



we go again... >

...will you?

must see Links; 

 : "homemade video" @  (you tube )   https://youtu.be/xuXPz5_UdCo                  
also     &  (facebook) https://www.facebook.com/redrockfc.montereds/videos/2003544533297244  (will be improved soon) 

they also obstructed ; http://rednet-alien.blogspot.com/2018/06/rednet-steps-into-star-trek-lbird-is.html
(reduced to tiny text)

go to ; http://chrismithlog.blogspot.com/2018/06/attention-true-reds-if-you-read-nothing.html ) ...or 
back up @ http://unsubtolosi-rednet.blogspot.com

https://fumission.wixsite.com/censored =

 #censoRED #LbiRD #buyoutLfc (add these on twatter messages to members & friends)

Y-OUR member LINKS  

(to join connect to any of the links)


or via /groups/URSUN/

or via groups/Union.BrEdS/

L'Bird fits into  2018/04/my-local-global-strategy. ? 

& from friends @ www.facebook.com/me.without.limits//

Greetings from  "REdNET friends & REdS abroad Members @ groups/wild.beautiful.footy/
groups/eured.supporters ;

"this and our associated groups will not be posting transfer speculation, gossip, and fannies "rumours" of who (they) want to sign, every player on the planet, its a  waste of your time..  we focus on whats TRULY important ..."


. ... "we wish to make sure that all supporters,, players (inc. youth and grass roots teams ) local & global are treated correctly and fairly, by the Lfc we invest in, & other clubs, by UEFA, by police/stewards , and not ripped off through european travel, or exploited via ticketing home or away (europe especially) join this..(read the text carefully,please @  groups/support.we.are.club  "
 & see https://www.facebook.com/redrockfc.montereds/videos/2003544533297244

REdNET (CRS) interview by H -T ? 


Sunday, April 8, 2018

easter sunday special for "REbTV" F & U missiona not-hairy position... which date was he crucified..

its ok, .... i just dont feel like doing anything else at this moment..

I want to blame Rickey Gervais.(Link)   
 .. its a weird sunday here in "Monty" land,  everythings closed, one of only 2 days in the year... its not as if they are hard workers...they pretend... in fact, I am convinced  this country is occupied by 700, 000 small spoilt children, who wear beards and olde people masks, but really are only 6 years old..max!

all the people in the close where I am based... 

are away for the weekend,, 

even Tonko the 65 year old footy trainer is at Becici beach (Budva)  ...thats a weird coastal resort on the beautiful adriatic,  looks as if a russian cross dressing architect  influenced by brighton , whilst smoking weed, designed it...

most of the rest of "Monty" is stunning //......

anyway in the sun, 25c had a walk and  a "slatka kafa"  (sweet coffee) in a tree less place called "city kvart"  an artificial quarter of Pg, (Podgorica)  full of "trendey farmers" who live in new apartments and have the image of the rich..  I had been running around the field...this morning.,..

Get this, to paraphrase my "Mentor" (Shanks)  I want to be the fittest man on the planet when i die , or they kill me.. :p ... I plan to enter the half marathon,  a long way to go.. literally..   i am , now, after a disrupted winter when i was virtually flooded out by the rainy season.. ..on about 6/7 kms,  have to cope with 21kms by october... i have a running partner now, so optimistic,  will maybe wear a REd nose and dribble with a bal.. (or dribble from my mouth!) ... for charity, although here the people take from me,  so gonna be hard to get them to give...anything... more Ricky ...like the comments about "shrinks"  ..SM?  

so... Sunday..easter, here..."orthadox easter..day of thorns" the way Ivana the barmaid told that to me, sounded like a FILM sequel,  ..  of course pubs & cafes are open, like the one i was at today, with a load of men sitting around making small sport bets... betting on easter sunday...?  yes , well now football clubs promote a vice...(betting) who cares?  ... even Lfc do it, to my shame...

... it was easter last weekend in much of western europe (inc UK) ... and here this weekend and next week is the anniversary of a very important event , at easter, and I went into a coma on easter sunday (15th April 1995)  ..... and 96 of my Liverpool brothers & sisters were killed by the sheffield police chiefs & stadium neglect and fascist politics of Thatcher... on 15th April 1989....Hillsborough!  ..... Never EVER forget the biggest cover up by the UK gov...! JUSTICE for the 96! = Justice for ALL!   .  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrOEheLpH7A 

Back to easter... so every year and in different geographical places "easter" changes.... how comes?  how many times was he crucified...  ?   as many times as a "friends" tried to verbally "Crucify" me this last week,  honesty is not their best policy..it seems ..!

...  .....  
seriously it gets scarey... i think about Jack Nicholson , in "As good as it gets" its goes something like...

 ... when the receptionist asks him (he is a writer) how he "understands (the heart and mind of a ) woman...

he (Melvyn) replies ...

 "i just think of a man, and remove reason and accountability" ...  
(Link to film scene) ........................  its a great film, and parts of it remind me... of my direct comments which arent appreciated...   in fact I think fee-males are so dangerous once they hate..there is no limit "hell hath no fury"  ?... 

I also made an "aprils joke" suggesting we all sue "Mark Z of fak book" but I reflected and decided it shoudl be serious...so contact me via (email link)  or  via  facebook.com/FUatCG

but "she" didnt bother to support "REd nose days"

  even though she told me she had medical contacts..I wanted to do it at a kids ward,,, 

and give... 

because I lost all the 4 children that were in my life, one way or another..not my choice, but probably the consequence of my choices...  

 I like to organise things for kids, manage & sponsor youth teams, organise events, make them smile...

 and  i like people who act like kids...

playing footy all over europe , inc anti-fa meetings , camping out , playing, with music and party,,,;)

I love playing football...or manging a team (youth)  ...dancing... and watching ..I could have paid for 2 houses with the money I spent following Lfc , as I told the lad Filip at our sport centre (my "academy" ) yesterday... 

Shanks was one of my youthful influences (Lennon and my mum...

i probably got my (excess) energy from her, and my passion for social work, charity and such.

.and Lennon gave me the music of my youth and... "imagine" 

who cares???????????????????????????????????

This weekend is also "weird" as I am caught between 2 major games involving LIVERPOOL, even more important than the merseyside derby... as they take on the light blue ("bigger") side of the city of manchester...

some relevant images...

as for Humour ;  " Jonathan Pie"  can be funny ..this is about (relevant) gender ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7GWHgVZJQU
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fail_Safe_(1964_film)  ..
... if USA and Nato keep pushing russians as the new old enemy... and "supertrump" ... keeps reneging on "no war promises" ... an "accident " like this..might happen and we all disappear from the face of this planet...  
a modern hero (I get these reminders) of 
Stevie (via fb)  /2015/03/httpwww.
easter 2012 ;   /2012/04/long-good-friday-true-reds-v-fannies.
about the writer;   /2017/03/fubar-anti-chris. ( a year ago)
now ;  /2018/04/liverpool-v-man-c-european-chapions-cup. 

and  elections coming...
and if you are a friend of Football, Liverpool or "Monty" join;

Thursday, January 18, 2018

the MON TV missionary position; final ; "THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD" ?

I was talking yesterday  with a young man who was one of my youth team players.. and 2 of his young customers about "current affairs"  ... and all the things included on this MEDIUM ... since I started recording opinions and articles ...here! 

have you SUNK too?

I said .."we are all in the same boat, it sunk"

... I explained how USELESS young people striving for a piece of paper ("Diploma") making stress that causes often sickness, depressions and stress in their lives, to chase a job, that does not exist... is like "buying a 3rd class ticket for the Titanic-after it sunk..
THink your system has a leak???? :)
and considering what videos  to makefor this new channel, with an intern who wants a career in Media, I decided NOW is the time... to tell the story of how you solve the mess you are in on this mad planet called "earth"

GEMini influence

My "star sign" is the twins; the Gemini influence is strong ..and with time & experience I learned to cope with it and use the contradiction of life, as my lovely deceased wife called me " a cynical optimist" ...."knowing its impossible just makes you want to do it"... and often I did, but now such is the effect of slavery on the human race, that so few know how to break free... the religeous bible talks about shepherds & sheep, I talk about manipulation and sheeple!

Shanks & Lennon

Simple ...take the idea of my 2 mentors ... "Shanks" ..whose socialist was NOT political... and the lyrics of John Lennons "Imagine.." ..along the way ... add some ideals of Ghandi.. Jesus.. Mo, the resistance of Robin Hood, Mandela, the songs of Hendrix and many others, especially the lyrics of Bob Marley... and...
you have the "recipe"  .. for how the world could be... you or me..

now make yourself ..be true ..to you and me...

just BE!

Local & global
what is Local ?; YOU and your CHOSEN collective..(family , true friends or close community)  no need to identify yourself, by the artificial restrictions made by enforced religions> the walls of state are FALSE! made by policians and previously FAKE "royalty" claiming devine rights, (which only meant they raised an army , which STOLE your land and asked for tax.....

... the TAX you pay which is used to war aand exclude your fellow human being...) GLOBALLY, stop thinking inside the box,

 the WORLD is yours , take hold of it..

Sharing..& empathy

You should see that the best collective; family ; community;  SHARES... however people all over the world have similar needs & cares... if you ignore the troubles of others KARMA will kick you in the head, sooner or later... if you allow other peoples to suffer, maybe one of their brothers or sisters will bring back pain to you...but the reason to feel empathy is not to ":get something" BUT because you should be a HUMAN BEing... not to build another corrupt pyramid...SHARE good  times and bad moments BE caring... and see how soon this world will become more positive..!  make the atmosphere... like planbting a seed ; you feed it well sun & water; it will grow well... a human fed rubbish will be ; rubbish;  a human fed positivity , sunshine feelings of sharing & empathy for others ; will BE a HUMANE being.. the only intelligence we need...


this mysterious universe is open for expanding your imagination, dotn copy anyone,  .... stop what you are doing, find a quiet place.. BREATHE ....and see where you are and all the things you could be doing..better!

BE you

There are always problems... there is darkness, there is winter..how will you appreciate how good the good times are if you only have them?... we need balance... day & night... enjoy and be strong during tests of your character, because IF you are TRUE to yourself you will be ....YOU ..(and nobody else)

Academy invitations
this is a UNIQUE invitation:  to make your own story; and you are welcome to come to my place... and challenge me, play games ; share a collective, or compete with me...see below
..be a bit crazy ITS "OK"... :)

The best society, is , for me, as in a good team,  you move as one, forward & back, pass and share responsibility... and allow the individual , who may be in a better position, to "score" for the community, for the team... because it helps us all... pass the ball . OR take responsibility yourself , when (in your heart) you know you should...

(censored) a quiet version of my Intro ... https://vimeo.com/251477302

& just for fun...? join us in June... you dont have to play ..!