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MOnTv double ; the Missionary position; not truly "anon" and " K f c " (Kloppite footy chicken?)

 MOnTv double ; 

the Missionary position;

There are 2 themes in this edition (as you may know its a replacement for several blogs and videos banned or censored by "them"  "the borg" , fakebook goons, #ameriCANTS, UKippers or any virtual fascist institution or agent of the C1a ; c&nts, idiots & A^^holes)...

read this if you want the "flavour" of our beliefs , opinions & actions ;

* not truly "anon"


* "  K f c "   (Kloppite footy chicken?)

1.* not truly "anon"

 anyone who knows of  " anon" (anonyomous)  will know that much of this movement came out of the film "V" loosely based on the story of Guy Fawkes, and his lone (?) attempt to blow up the english houses of parliament, 

..btw no one knows if this a true story, legend , or myth, in the same way no one knows , for sure why a lone "suspect' ALLEGEDLY attacked the very same recently, he was 'conveniently killed" immediately!

Anonymous members tend to use the "V" or Guy Fawkes mask,  and whilst its seemingly "cool" for keyboard warriors and "would be-could be REBELS"  to say they are part of this virtual Rebellion, there are very few actions, that I suggest are "true" of the original aims..


I do not have an issue,,,with anyone claiming membership, but yesterday some idiot claiming on TWATTER to be at anoncentral, (which is a contradiction because no worthy "anonymous agent" would openly identify him/herself ?

I take issue with this obvious TIME-WASTER ; (typical USA tactics to distract"rebels" in this way" ) and moreover with anyone who actually swallows the BS, and distraction this individual attempts to cause WHILST 
 SPOUTING the USA/NEW WORLD ORDER scare mongering , with the worn out " the Russians are coming (again:) "  ... (lucky old russians!) :)  .. 

The #ameriCANTS and their pop media are DESPERATE to find anyone to blame to avoid any blame for world mess... typical make a the death of a Parisian POLICEMAN more "NEWS - WORTHY"  than the MURDER OF 80 syrian refugee kids by USA-backed militia!!

The tired claim that the russians placed "supertrump" in the white house, rather than a failed election campaign. and that Trump continues the WAR BUSINESS that every other President and western PM has allowed since half a century (at least).

 hello "anonymous"  YOU ARE NOT, YOU ARE OBVIOUS! ....

2. "  K f c "   (Kloppite footy chicken?) 

i was sadly NOT surprised when the Lfc  (Liverpool football club) again lost (at HOME) to lowly Crystal Palace, who have now won THREE times at Anfield in a row, this time especially hurting with their piggy "Fat sam" coach, being the worse type of man, to be  in charge of any young people. !!!...

...  Plus TWO fomer Lfc players were in the team..

one ;  Martin Kelly was an improving defender let go thanks to USAcorp / Lfc transfer policies whilst B. Rodgers was coach,   and another the man who scored both goals in yesterdays match;  Christian BENTEKE, sold to Palace last summer! (although Lfc decided to keep injury prone Daniel S)

 Plus a controversial M. Sakho, who "celebrated' both goals and mocked Lfc from the substitutes bench, 

I wish! :)
although still officially on the Lfc books!

So, I was remarking about this "ridiculous" repetition of losing games to teams from the bottom half of the division. and mis-typed :"Kfc"   instead of Lfc, and instead thought about it, considering this apprarent lack, on the field, in the boardroom, in some selection choices  by Juegen Klopp,...yes  "Kfc" seemed to fit the subject...

Please JK, do not tell me that the squad :" does not have a mentality problem"   when thats exactly what it does have, and as coach in full charge (allegedly) Juergen MUST take overall responsibility.  I like to see kids on the bench, and youth players coming into the team, but there wasnt any "plan B solutions" ... & IMO Jk waits too long to change the team/tactics..
its a germanic problem, from personal experience of previously working with german managers, they can be excellent at one method, and know it, inside out, but (often) not able to switch strategy if needed...

IMO ; USA corp have damaged "Kfc" beyond forseeable repair,  but are SO full of propaganda and saturate the fan nies and f s g clones  that despite CHALLENGING for 1st (top) of the league THREE years ago, they have convinced so many to be "happy" that Lfc MAY achieve FOURTH place (4th) ...

are you content if Lfc are  the "arsenal of the north" ?? .... "Kloppite Footy chicken(s)" = gutless!
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 ANCILLARY opinions and comments:

 enough said?.....…/benteke-returns-to-haunt-r…/59159 JK and Lfc got it wrong...again!

3 years ago Kfc were chasing 1st
now chasing 4th.."progress under USAcorp"

Sakho .... showed his colours early on when we played Chelski he is a faker! ..Benteke has more respect than that loose cannon..
same old,, same old, expecting Phil to win the game, those who state last week , after a couple of decent games that Can(t) was "best midfielder at Lfc" are too ridiculous to respond to, too deep, and did nothign ecept miss a golden change for 2-0 in the first half, then just stood like a statue as Benteke strolled past him to head in for 1-2 for me,

again LUCAS was the only player who showed enough, ALL through the game, Clyne , again , too tentative when in good positions, and slow to cover the cross in for the first goal from Palace, Milly also did nothing down the left... too many loose passes when chasing the game.. and the subs, Klopp made again, ffar too late in the game to have an effect,,, Form, Origi, Wijn, not really sharp enough today where & when it mattered ,,,. 

REd AlieN


Apr 23
@thisisanfield @YouTube @EuRED09 would rather go to the dentist! first time fat sam has won at Anfield, seems like every other game an opponent club breaks a record 
 @LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 dont blame Dejan, how many shots on target? what about Clyne for their first goal, Can let Benteke in for their 2nd! LUCAS MY (REd)  MOTM!

REd AlieN

Apr 23
@LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 ficke fan nies! & fsg clones ... thats the modern Lfc!  
 Terry Mac!  ... if you combined Wihnaldum & Lalla then you might have a player half as good as Macdermott!  book launch Kevin :)  


one recently ex[posed corrupt politician quoted " it is quite normal prodedures" (about hiding his ill=gotten gains from the public!) but who VOTES them into power, time , after time, after time ???
and if ONLY the "Monty-knee - grins" would pick up their own rubbish this is almost heaven,..!
to "ADMIN" only ; Stuart & Kenneth, (?) it seems there have been some changes in the admin, which conincides with the deceision to expand "REDnet" challenge and campaign for supporter power and anti \USAcorp" (Henry/fsg & cloned fans) ,,so perhaps this thread is appropriate to inform you that several of us will leave , also because we feel opposed to many whilst having respect for you and Kenneth, we have several members on your group, and I feel sure I can state on behalf of us all, that whilst we have "discussed" with passion some subjects for or against you, and tested you both, we have had many smiles too,:) and we hope also that we have contributed in a small way to your success as a group during this time, and in these days of too much censorship it may be better for us to go our seperate ways, take care both , and ...with hope in our hearts,,, you'll NEVER walk alone,   Chris & for "REdNET" all the best ========================
there must be a better word 
"anniversary" seems unworthy & absurd 
the 96 we lost from that day cant tell me what I should say @ this special time,
 I dont want to rhyme
 I wont do them "justice" no one else did, after all. 
 Justice delayed means justice denied 
Thatcher is dead, she never cried
 I lost my family and all I love 
but I move on, 
dont ask if they are "above 
 I live in heaven - a land of wild beauty
 spontaneous people, dont worry about "duty"
 its a long way from Sheffield or the 'pool
 but I dont ever want to be "cool" 
I met someone for whom I care 
should I persue, should i "Dare"?
 in this cold world, dont want to be "old" 
So deep is my story, that never will be told
 ChRiS SMITH 15th April 2014

EASTER" .....on the 15th april 1989, 96 members of my LIVERPOOL family were killed as a result of state policy (Thatcher) english Football association and Stadium mis-management & neglect and inhumane police... J4t96 if that isnt enough (itis) to have this date engraved on my heart , on the 15th April 1995, (6 years after) I went into a meningitis - induced COMA.... and surprisingly woke up ONE week later, a "miracle" considering i was "written off" 
... but with fresh eyes and mind saw that almost everything about the way people mistreat this planet and each other, the stupidity of the "system" and the lack of social care for each other, I came to the conclusion I was cursed , too, as if i was alien amongst several billion sheeple with greedy wolves as their masters.. ChriS 170415
this was blocked by the goons!  (USAcorp & ...)
  posted in total eclipse of the S*n.

Ian Roberts
April 21 at 1:07pm
A total eclipse will soon be here

liked your Tweet.



ChriS-EuRED @EuRED09

@IfcSamueI hope he does ok but USAcorp leave, & Rafa returns to finish 10 year plan as deserved after success with geordies :p…

 what a mess ..our club had become. 

One set of sharks loaded it with debt , another got it as a decision made between a chelski chairman , a backstabber and a yes man (who was "interested" in the other bidder, 

all decided by someone who thinks the club revolves around having a decent stadium.(for the corporates)

.. what a load of .... any wonder why after a decade of this Lfc have no significant success?

 @RedAlieNeT @harveytuttle @TonyEvans92a 

Lfc-USAcorp poison in our club, financial sharks, Chang, & now this, wake up supporters! #USAcorpOUT 


 @YourAnonCentral @harveytuttle @nytimes @EuRED09 
who has the most W.M.D ? 
who has the most to gain from war? 
who influences the most foreign elections? 
its not ME "having it: " ..... since forever . the few who can "spin: from the days of "royals> or tribal leaders who created a fear or greed to manipulate ....., still needed a herd to follow them. and here we are .. the sheeple dont need "funds" to stop the machine, Ghandi , for example paused an empire without ever shooting a gun, by convincing the people into non violent civil disobedience, the current PTB (powers that be) tell a lie, and the mass follow and often like lemmings over the cliff, people are not good, but all people have good in them , its a choice,,, deep down they . you know, and have known , (often sickness or addiction comes from betraying the camouflaged instiinct that u are doing wrong)... its easy, yet seemingly hard, to stand up and say "NO, not in my name" ... yet every child knows right from wrong,,, and those innocent eyes are blinded by social apathy ("emperors new clothes syndrome:) and parents who tell them to stop asking "why" and there the surrender stars,,,, there have been sufficent "soft messages" oh and how creative ... i know you dont like my ways... but these are honest, i am not going to be " nice" and tell the world population, its ok to be stupid, i love you and it dont matter if you kill some more arab kids whilst allowing the media to convince you that an "attack" justifies a virtual police world state... you were cowardly , with me too, you just didnt care that my feelings might be hurt by your withdrawal of : " fb friendship>" but its ok... now i see your true colours... and the truth hurts , doesnt it?

Chris >
The President Formerly Known as Hitler
So the President formerly known as Hitler has apparently pulled his head out of his ass and gotten with the global…
Chris > delusional sheeple to think that any one of the USA presidents of the last 50 years would avoid your biggest export (war)and avoid the main aim (world domination) ... your regime kill or discredit any one who dares to oppose the :" status quo" the "american dream = the worlds nightmare" ... you bounce betweem 2 parties, who both need billions of dollars to win a "democratic election" ... ha ha how ridiculous... yet any "leader" is at the mercy of the national secutiy counci, and you NEED war and an enemy to justify the trillions sepnt on keeping the fire going... idiocracy! 
 skye> Well yeah you got a point but what you are saying it's been happening since the beginning if times... thats how empires and dominations are done... sad but its true...😕

Chris> thanks for the comment, but its the sheeple that allow it incredible that so few have not learn t that power brokers, corporate, political or religious have no power if you remove the mass support... time after time they foolishly "trust" another pop media or
propaganda campaign , despite knowing that they have been lied to,again and again and again.. #NONEofthem

 Chris i recommend this , based on a true story of a man battling for justice against USAcorp and their sharks, which INFEST every aspect of your lives , wherever you live, whatever you so,

I relate to the aspect of this story which not only shows what BIG business bullies do,

BUT ALSO the cost of battling on one who DARES to say " no, not with me" who stands up when all around collapses, the strain and the price it costs also , on those he/she loves can NEVER be compensated.

so If you believe something is wrong, and you have the courage to stand up , and not just write a fakebook note, or moan to your mates, but really oppose that which is blatantly wrong in y-our society,
DO NOT EXPECT compensation... but do REBEL for the single reason , BECAUSE this is what you SHOULD do ... to be a HUMANe...BEing...!!!

i am far from rascist , but, wonder how many of the post WW2 kids would understand Lfc having a fist-pumping Klopp dictating to scousers about the club ? (now infested by USA corp...) 
its about as surreal as Trump as USA president and Thatcher clone May as UK PM! FUBAR! ... my long departed parents certainly wouldn't understand, who would? who can make sense of amdly destructive global mess.?? some things to consider when you pay tour tax to a government that funds war and destruction of the environment... 
10. Capitalist corporations suffer from a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and are rewarded by shareholders for acting that way. If corporations could be sent to a criminal psychologist’s office they’d be diagnosed as psychopaths and locked away forever. 
9. Capitalism encourages greed. But greed is only good for capitalists. For normal people it is anti-social and soul destroying, not to mention very bad for our communities, which rely on altruism, compassion and a generalized concern for others. 
 8. Capitalism is a system of minority privilege and class rule based on the private ownership of means of livelihood. This gives a few rich people the power to buy and sell jobs, which means they can build or destroy entire communities that depend on those jobs. 
7. Capitalists praise freedom and individualism, but they destroy freedom and individualism for everyone but themselves. The vast majority of us who work for a living are daily asked to uncritically follow orders, to act as if we are machines, and limit our creativity to what profits our bosses.
 6. Capitalists denigrate cooperation and collectivism, but create mass production processes that rely on both from workers. Their system requires us to be cogs in a giant profit-making machine, but because they fear the power this gives us we are told working together for our own interests is illegitimate and bad. Thus capitalists undermine unions and other organizations that encourage workers to cooperate with each other and act collectively. 
 5. Capitalism requires the largest propaganda system the world has ever known to convince us it is the only system possible. It turns people into consumers through advertising, marketing, entertainment and even so-called news. Millions around the world are employed to use their creativity to twist our feelings of love, desire, human solidarity and fairness into tools of manipulation, so that ever more profits can flow into the hands of a tiny minority. 
 4. Capitalism is a system in which the principle of one dollar, one vote, dominates that of one person, one vote. Those who own the most shares (bought with their dollars) control giant corporations, many of which are more powerful than all but a few governments. Rich people also use their money to dominate the elections that are supposed to give us all one, equal vote. Under capitalism those with the most money are entitled to the most goods and services as well as the most say in directing our governments and our economy
. 3. Capitalism proclaims the virtue of naked self-interest, but self-interest without regard for morality, ecology or common sense leads to environmental degradation, destruction of indigenous communities, colonialism, war and other forms of mass destruction. Self-interest leads capitalists to seek profit absolutely everywhere, regardless of the damage done to other people and the health of the planet’s ecosystem. Self-interest leads capitalists to destroy any rival economic system or way of thinking (such as indigenous communal land use and respect for nature) that can be a barrier to their endless quest for profit.
 2. Capitalism is not a friend to democracy but ultimately its enemy. When pushed, capitalists choose capitalism over democracy. If people use democracy to weaken the power of capitalists the rich and powerful turn to various forms of fascism in order to keep their privileges.
 1. Capitalism is a cancer taking over our planet. Capitalists make profits from global warming, from destroying our oceans, from pumping ever more chemicals into the atmosphere and from patenting everything they can, including life itself. 
Only by getting rid of capitalism can we rescue our environment. the capitalists vilify every culture or idea, organise alienation of any person, who dares oppose them , all political parties, corporations & fundemental religions are part of a system that POISONS Y-OUR world ; the land , air , water, food, and the minds of our children !!

  Apr 20
North Korea nuclear threat: should California start panicking?

Replying to

considering the quanitity of lunatics in USA govt & military California shd be worried about the "comestic" WMD :p

 imagine....if there is intelligent life on this planet? .........

..... :p…/renovation-mission.html

instead your governments (MAY) arrest any one who questions their stupidity!






  1. team X
    Johnson, Kelly, Skrtel (Sakho)
    Adam, Hobbit(Allen) , Ibe,
    Fabio, Benteke, Crouch? Aspas(t)

  2. Luis, Masch & Torres on bench!

  3. "dead poets society" ..

    never ceases to amaze , in spite of awards and popularity of this intelligent film , that schools , students and and their parents never learn the lesson of this story! day after day, in school after school, in village, town and city all over the world the :" education system" simply continues to supply human fodder to the system... how stupid is this "human race" ....?!
    Dead Poets Society (1989) Original Trailer

  4. aS Lfc Directors boast of the "shared values" of shirt "sponsor"... i remember this...Lfc (the office)= are just another club that "souled" out to y an ker fraudsters , G & H are amateurs compared with henry & f s g…/standard-chartered-fraud-case… it is a disgrace that we are connected with crooks dressed in business suits .. who take OUR club and cash in
    Standard Chartered fraud case casts a chill over banks

  5. bad karma ..... by sponsors , infestors are financial sharks, and Management , trying to buy in youth (scandal) everyone forgets when Lfc win, but the poison remains in what was OUR club......aS Lfc Directors boast of the "shared values" of shirt "sponsor"... i remember this...Lfc (the office)= are just another club that "souled" out to y an ker fraudsters , G & H are amateurs compared with henry & f s g…/standard-chartered-fraud-case… it is a disgrace that we are connected with crooks dressed in business suits .. who take OUR club and cash in
    Standard Chartered fraud case casts a chill over banks

    even when you cut through all the BS, and JK up beat "renovation" ..this; 3 years ago Lfc chased the title, now Kfc chase FOURTH ( Kfc Kloppite Footy chicken)

  7. @TheAnfieldWrap @Carra23 @RedAlieNeT @EuRED09 Carra? why become an fsg apologist? is it because u are now a sly employee? they have billions of USD & Lfc USD sound!



  10. I Love Kenny, and I wonder how many "modern Lfc fans" realise that our generation who "made" the trinity, during the Dynasty of Shanks-Bob-Joe-Kenny,, realise that (although its a word virtually "banned" in your society) we (and on the KOP especially) were 99% "Socialist" ..? until the 80's when the domination of footy by our club led to more London/southern based "Fans" jumping on the success bandwagon, (which incidentally, but no insignificantly led to them being n the "neutral zone at Heysel....)

    ,,, that many lads were involved in the anti-establishment music scene during the Thatcher regime..(and Riots in Toxteth) ...or that most football gangs/"ultras" were/are of right-wing / fascist /conservative type... reflected in your politics today, business & military & such influences your daily input of info.. and that "tastes" of the G&H/Henry-werner "business" style .. goes against basic instincts of Liverpool community and "working class heroes" .. 🙂

    Liverpool was almost always a Social-Liberal community, with co-operative societies etc that certainly trumpites would call "commie" .. this was our domain .. Anti- Thatcher, through to Anti-.Cameron (he and Boris are of "them" too...
    the struggle concerning HILLSBOROUGH a typical struggle to get "Justice" from a right wing conservative/business govt// whose poliicies were a man factor in the manslaughter of 96 of "ours"

    ... I wouldnt mention Serie A, because many clubs are business owned, but in the UK the "problem" is that many Football chairman/directors were "of that ilk" too .. and "smart sharks" were / are able too "flash the cash" and appeal to their greedy mindset too easily,,, Germans had always , in football and everything , of re-structuring their clubs from "fresh start" after WW2

    ,, because the business / aristocracy had been "cleaned" out.. (mostly) and could make clubs fro the fan based community ... whereas the english model, still had too many "old boys " .. its the Socialist heart that kept these people fighting for the 96...for justice... however its too late for many of our people..

  11. never ceases to amaze , in spite of awards and popularity of this intelligent film , that schools , students and and their parents never learn the lesson of this story! day after day, in school after school, in village, town and city all over the world the :" education system" simply continues to supply human fodder to the system... how stupid is this "human race" ....?!