Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MAY be ,,,, he CAN ? but LL does, Liverpool, Global and Local ; (inc REDnET bootroom update pre soton H)

MAY be ... he Can....  ? 

 but Lucas Does..!

.... Kfc or Lfc ?
even when you cut through all the BS, and JK up beat "renovation" ..this; 3 years ago Lfc chased the title, now Kfc chase FOURTH ( Kfc Kloppite Footy chicken)

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Jackking Red
April 29 at 1:20pm
JK video ... how not to convince intelligent supporters? Juegen talking a bit too much , reminding me with some sort of weird german "deja vu" of some of Brent's pressers ? some idiots called him "socialist flopp" because he takes points from big clubs and gifts them to the smaller clubs,..

difficult to understand how he tried to justify not having a direct shot on goal..v palace , and saying "oh you expect us to lose at Stoke and WBA , but instead we win those 2 games , and lose at home ....v palace!, if we lost those 2 games and won v palace, we would be in worse situation" ??? poor argument IMO, really reminds me of the stuff Wodgers came out with..!
" so, (Kfc; kloppite Footy chickens hopefully no more?)  ....a super goal now makes CAN a "super player" in the eyes of many fan nies, who were blind to his blatant mis-kick and ignorance of Benteke at the 2nd goal v palace...

it WAS an excellent and outstanding strike, and yet I cant resist thinking , having watched CAN many times, how he is reluctant to HEAD the ball,he must have been so HAPPY that the chipped ball in from LUCAS allowed this superb action... 

Such a big lad should forget his hairstyle and boss corners (attack or defence) is now adding work rate, physical presence  and tackling to his inconsistent but undoubted talent and for Lfc its a shame that it wasnt evident in January or when Phil, Lalla, & Mane have been absent, he started playing only in March? ...

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Harvey Tuttle
May 2 at 8:22pm
watched the tv replay twice, and particularly LUCAS, i estimate that he made more passes , interceptions , blocks and tackles than any other player, with one misplaced pass and one bad tackle all game, and some more than decent through balls.. vastly under-rated by some Lfc fans.. I do not think Hendo could have improved on his game at Watford, (except maybe shooting) but its typical that this article exaggerates, instead of a professional appraisal of the lad  ,football-news/lucas-putting-premier-league-big

Jack king Red
May 2 at 5:52pm
The Liverpool Way Retweeted Dan Kennett

Yep, outstanding again.

The Liverpool Way added,
Dan Kennett    >    Mignolet excellent. A commanding performance against an incredibly physical team. This type of opponent used to be his kryptonite.

C> agreed, Lalla coming on early may have helped too, with Lucas working well behind Wijn & Can too, in front of the CBs midfeld looked strong

 Love Kenny, and I wonder how many "modern Lfc fans" realise that our generation who "made" the trinity, during the Dynasty of Shanks-Bob-Joe-Kenny,, realise that (although its a word virtually "banned" in your society) we (and on the KOP especially) were 99% "Socialist" ..? until the 80's when the domination of footy by our club led to more London/southern based "Fans" jumping on the success bandwagon, (which incidentally, but no insignificantly led to them being n the "neutral zone at Heysel....)

,,, that many lads were involved in the anti-establishment music scene during the Thatcher regime..(and Riots in Toxteth) ...or that most football gangs/"ultras" were/are of right-wing / fascist /conservative type... reflected in your politics today, business & military & such influences your daily input of info.. and that "tastes" of the G&H/Henry-werner "business" style .. goes against basic instincts of Liverpool community and "working class heroes" .. 🙂

Liverpool was almost always a Social-Liberal community, with co-operative societies etc that certainly trumpites would call "commie" .. this was our domain .. Anti- Thatcher, through to Anti-.Cameron (he and Boris are of "them" too...

the struggle concerning HILLSBOROUGH a typical struggle to get "Justice" from a right wing conservative/business govt// whose poliicies were a main factor in the manslaughter of 96 of "ours"

... I wouldnt mention Serie A, because many clubs are business owned, but in the UK the "problem" is that many Football chairman/directors were "of that ilk" too .. and "smart sharks" were / are able too "flash the cash" and appeal to their greedy mindset too easily,,, Germans had always , in football and everything , of re-structuring their clubs from "fresh start" after WW2

,, because the business / aristocracy had been "cleaned" out.. (mostly) and could make clubs fro the fan based community ... whereas the english model, still had too many "old boys " .. its the Socialist heart that kept these people fighting for the 96...for justice... however its too late for many of our people

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Harvey Tuttle
24 April at 19:31
aS Lfc Directors boast of the "shared values" of shirt "sponsor"... i remember this...Lfc (the office)= are just another club that "souled" out to y an ker fraudsters , G & H are amateurs compared with henry & f s g…/standard-chartered-fraud-case… it is a disgrace that we are connected with crooks dressed in business suits .. who take OUR club and cash in
 Congratulations Rafa' s geordies,
back in the Premiere!
"REdS abroad" wish you every success
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April 27 at 8:14pm

15,.. omitted ; Thatcher govt policies responsible??? YES! How can anyone in Uk (have voted) for Camerons govt...
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April 28 at 10:46am

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May 1 at 7:45pm
how about you lot and all the other "celebs" sticking hands in pocket to help us get rid of USA corp?/

"dead poets society" ..
never ceases to amaze , in spite of awards and popularity of this intelligent film , that schools , students and and their parents never learn the lesson of this story! day after day, in school after school, in village, town and city all over the world the :" education system" simply continues to supply human fodder to the system... how stupid is this "human race" ....?
 This Saturday, Trump will mark his 100th day in office. In January, HRW’s Executive Director Kenneth Roth stated that Trump’s inauguration opened up a “dangerous and uncertain” new era for rights in the United States. Join Ken in conversation with Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno, co-director of our US Program, to discuss threats to human rights under the Trump administration.
the "home of Liberty , Eqauality and brotherhood" contested by a french supertrump impersonator and a fascist witch...

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May 3 at 1:16pm
uk election suits sheeple are asleep! aren' you?
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Chris >
April 25 at 7:19pm

oNE of the MAIN REASONS I "dislike" the US of A and their prehistoric NW order agencies and the non.................
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April 26 at 9:22am

30 years on from the Chernobyl NUclear disaster and still the idiots are promoting Nuclear!

Lily Lynch Tweeted: "Pro-Moscow thugs"? The violence in Macedonia's parliament Thursday was in no way motivated by a love for Moscow.

 Things to do in wild beauty - sta mislis raditi u zemlji divlje ljepote.

Harvey Tuttle
April 26 at 4:41pm

May 1 2017

how many of today s sheeple understand significance of today?? , ; Beltane , laBour day, and formation of F & U mission ; ,
1 MAY. , 2000 

This "sort of poem" is dedicated to..
MAY(be) DAY...

"heart of 17 years
... + 1000 tears, billion mind but no fears..

On sun-dunce-day, hearing sounds outside..
of the "family way"..
its someone else's "reality"
all seems to distant to me..
so I imagine that hatrick of "wee Luis"... 😉

they are all gone, mum, dad, son,
kids, dad & sis, & "wives", especially Jacqui
& I cant find a GOOD "sub" you see?
too many ants, borg (bored)barbies & "fannies"
No one wants my guidance
...cant even find a lass who will jive-dance...!

So, it MUST be time "to go"
to leave this planet..?
This SPIRIT too strong and heart too young..
shame others dont feel thaT!
women dont (want to) know what they are missing more kissing..
sometimes they just remind me of cats..
...constantly "hissing"

THIS was once MY world..
but you all spoilt it..
you stole my beautiful planet
dumped your sh*te and made it unfit..

I am no jesus, ghandi Allah or other Messiah
Just a "naughty boy", who went much higher
than any of you, & because it made me see all
that you do...
......... that hurts too much
there is no human(e) touch

Heart of a boy ,17 Years,
and over a thousand tears
mind of a billion, eyes of an AlieN
but have no fears ..
because My Soul is indestructible!"
 greetings from "Reds Abroad" supporting footy evolution @


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