Thursday, June 8, 2017

Missionary (in) OPPosition v MayGGie, USAcorp & "Russ C1A gate"

 d.Day 2  


Missionary (in) OPPosition

Truer HEADLINES: ???????

"USACORP (A.K.A c1a AND various clandestine agents & mercenaries & ALLIES) ATTACKED :

BRUSSELS, NICE, PARIS,LONDON, AND MADRID....! (many civilians killed including children)


Now, as MOST of the intelligent amongst us agree that "USACORP (A.K.A c1a etc) funded private
agents funded Is IS and other militia committing attrocities around the world ...


would they be posting avatars in support of the syrian, yemeni and libyan civilians killed
by "allies" (including many thousands of kids!) ?? or those of any "Arab" families??

USA corp needs an enemy to justify trillion dollar war machine... anyone will do,
if there isnt one , and dont provoke Russians please! it could hurt you!....
They will provide their own!!

CS answer to craig> (blaming Islam?)

 would sooner be a dead RED , than a scum blue as you! feck off!

· Reply · May 25 at 12:54pm 

its not so much a vote for Corbyn as a vote for HUMANITY & against fascist Tories!

Chris > Craig?? blah blah ?? well theres a Mayggie ignorant style of answer!! i did not insult you, but i could... easily, Craig, I have been doing my utmost to overcome the bigotry and so-called "patriotism" of your comments ..(are u a daily mail editor?)   .its not only "past" "alllied" USA/UK weapons and military and private mercenaries are used to kill people in a "far foreign land" but you do not care about "arabs" .., until , perhaps (and considering the CIa are arguably behind the "militia opposition) when a bus load (NINETY+) syrian kids are blown to bits (YOU DONT post a "love in" on fakebook then do you>>??? ) its likely that karma in the form of revenge comes knocking... YOU mentioned HISTORY and i corrected you, .. u have nothing to say, except the repeated ranting of the ignorant sheeple herd who need someone else to blame than their own stupidity for voting ina fascist war machine... as ! .. for everyone else .....a vote for HUMANITY & against fascist Tories!

Russ CIA gate

there is NO clear evidence of interference in USA or french elections..
and there is plenty of evidence of continual meddling by the self-appointed John WAYNE 
(USACorp)"new world order police"  via various C1a , and secret agencies and their mercenaries) in just about every OTHER nations business & society!

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